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    Yeah the Dems sure do have a monopoly on Brains, just look at the fiscal State of Dem controlled entities, California, Illinois, NY, NYC, Philly, SF, LA etc… All going broke or are already broke. Genius! Today I read SF is taking an axe to its homeless assistance budget, what a brilliant way to save [...]

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    I’m astonished that intelligent people are critical of the Catholic Church for repeating a position well known to all…. What will you geniuses think of next? Forced circumcision in Muslim Hospitals? Steak dinners at the Hindu Hospital? Free morphine at the Christian Scientist Clinic? Newsflash… Catholic + Abortion do not go together well, no mystery [...]

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    By the way who here thinks that Reid’s Constitutional drafting mistake was really an innocent mistake?

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    the problem with your analysis tejanarusa is that the food safety bill isnt really all that much about food safety, You actially should look beyond the title of the bill. Do you know who sponsored it? How much money did your Senators get from Agribusiness? Monsanto? Archer Daniels? Sponsors outspent the Dairy industry and outspent the Organic Farming Lobby by a factor of 10-1. Monsanto annd Co liberally doled out $100,000 – $500,000 to every Senator Repub and Dem alike. Why? Well for starters Farmers generally wont be able to reseed with their own seed as they have for 10,0000 years they’ll have to buy from Agribusiness genetically modified seed supplies. Also the FDA will have police power to do warrantless search seizure and quarantine. There are a lot of serious problems with the bill from the Codex to the clampdown on local farmers markets to the transfer of legislative authority on food supply to the UN. None of which is calculated to make any of us safer fron the 1,000′s of deadly food poisoning epidemics that sweep our nation every month, killing and maiming helpless citizens … Obviously our existing legal infrastructure is inadequate to deal with the mayhem caused by evil farmers and the public outcry to stop these horrendus epidemics mandated Instant and immediate change…that only took 25 years to move thru Congress to solve this Natinal CRISIS OMG!!!!

    So rather than ask why the Senate won’t re-vote in an alleged Food Safety Bill ask what’s in it, why do we need it, who stands to prifit and what problems does it solve? And btw where does the avg upper eschelon FDA exec come from ? Monsanto and Archer Daniels. Hmmm and as the family farms of California go bankrupt due to Fed Water Policy … Who stands to benefit? Agribiz. This bill simply legislates new methods to close down any small farm for any pretense with NO JUDICIAL REVIEW…. is this what you stand for?

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    Shouldn’t this be the Obama – Reid Bill? After all Reid endorsed it and in fact Reid Voted for it. He’s still the Senate Majority Leader isn’t he?

    I’m really glad to see that a vast majority of Democrat Senators believe that tax cuts for the Wealthiest Americans are an excellent way to grow the economy.

  • I wish I had a geiger counter $ 44.95 (used) $169.00 $899.00

    Seems to be most Xray techs wear a lead vest at the hospital…hmmmmm what should we who wait in line or the TSA Agents be wearing?