• Your words: It was clear that rebels would not allow the city to be held by Ukraine forces and the fighting had continued over recent days despite the agreement brokered by France, Germany and Russia during an intense diplomatic summit last week in Minsk, Belarus. The Second Minsk Cease Fire talks were unable to come to [...]

  • Did Obama just say “there is no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders.” This from a man who murders the elderly, children and pregnant women in places like Pakistan and Yemen, not to mention Libya and Iraq. No sense of irony. No sense of shame. [...]

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    Thank you for doing what you did.

    I hope more will follow suit.

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    Given that Roberts’s ruling was legal garbage (see Ginsberg’s alternate opinion for a coherent ruling*)

    one can only conclude that everything but law lead to it.

    Remember, these people aren’t chosen because they are the best legal minds (Souter was the last one chosen for that) but because they are the best servants of their masters’ political agenda.

    *Even Clarence Thomas was more coherent in his brief dissent!

  • When you make me pay for others’ health care then I become acutely interested in the choices they make.

  • center left = I’m wealthy, but I don’t really hate people.

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    In the immediate aftermath it appears that

    1) Tsipras was unprepared to govern, and doesn’t want to

    2) Fear-mongering from the EU Elites worked well enough to prevent a Syriza victory

    3) Golden Dawn did better than before despite the entire Establishment being against them (or perhaps because of that…) and the National Socialists have begun their long march back into the pages of history (thank you Goldman Sachs et al.)

    4) Europe will continue to bail out Greece no matter what, all the threats of dumping Greece should Syriza win were total psychological class warfare

    5) The left and progressives need to get serious about governing, or forever be a marginal force in electoral politics rather than the decisive force; apolitical people-at-large are turned off by unserious people with no self-confidence, its a mammalian thing…

    6) Direct democracy = actual democracy, and we need it here in America

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    A chance to see how sinister the elites are:

    under no circumstances are they going to allow Greece to default or leave the EU, they’ll press enter on a computer terminal at the ECB and print more electronic money before they let that happen.

    But as part of electioneering and scare tactics, they equate a Syriza victory with a phoney catastrophe.

    Question of the decade: are Greek voters that stupid?

    If they are, they deserve EVERYTHING that comes to them, if not, they deserve all the best.

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    The libertarians are facing the choice of hitch their wagons to Paul/Romney or truly torpedo the GOP to prove to them how much power they really have to wreck neo Conservatism by supporting Gary Johnson or just staying home.

    Obama, given the sausage grinder of human history, isn’t that bad, but he is just another Oligarch puppet.

    Unfortunately, the Oligarchs are fond of having us cut our own throats by offering the “choice” of Romney, who is a dangerous psychopath.

    Why not self-proclaimed Progressives at least temporarily give Johnson the support he needs to get on the debate forum? Especially if they live in states that are sure to go to Romney in November (Wyoming, Texas etc.?)

    But that would make too much sense…

  • I appreciate you guys trying to nail this one, but a Fed is just too much power in the hand of a few people, who must ultimately bend to the Oligarchs, get fired, or be killed. Only through handing out free money with NO STRINGS ATTACHED can we turn this thing around: look, the Chinese [...]

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    I’m reminded of Euclid saying “there is no Royal Road to geometry”;

    likewise there is no Royal Road to fundamental change in America; it’s F’ing hard and it requires Constitutional change.

    I disdain this attempt at recall as a lot of energy wasted on the wrong path.

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    What does voting cost? A day to register, a day to vote. 2/365the of a year. Leaving 363/365 days of the year to fight for constitutional change of the electoral system; or whatever else floats your boats. If all voting is is a holding action, buying time for your real passion which you devote most [...]

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    This is kinda like the earlier question “why are corporations sitting on lots of cash rather than spending that cash to boost the economy?” Because sitting on lots of cash is the entire point of our economic system; boosting the economy being merely the price of admission to wealth. Likewise with elites, “why don’t they [...]

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    I agree with Matthew Detroit; somethings have to be opposed because they are Evil, not just because they “backfire”.

    Immolating innocent women and children is one of those things.

  • Obama a mass murderer? Oh yes, I’ve said it myself on many occasions. That being said the total amount of death and destruction in the world has decreased over the last 3 and 1/2 years.

    Kinda like the folks who are quick to point out that in Keynesianism, collective finance is far different than individual finance; thus the government should go into ruinous debt to prevent an even more ruinous depression.

    Likewise with Obama, supporting this particular murderer prevents even more catastrophic murdering and mayhem.

    Want an alternative? Put as much or more effort into constitutional reform of elections as gay marriage. Proportional representation leads to better government, which is why the elites hate it.

  • If folks are really committed to an alternative to first-past-the-post; then let’s make it a true priority.

    If folks live in a state where the electoral outcome is a near certainty, they should be able to convince run-of-the-mill people to vote third party as a protest vote.

    Simultaneously, petitions to change state constitutions and even to have constitutional conventions would be appropriate.

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    Ironically, the solution to the Arab-Israeli-African problem is even more immigration. When the youngsters get together and hold hand across racial and tribal boundaries, they will create a blended humanity which is neither Jewish nor Arab nor African and they will live together in peace.

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    Can we get some deep analysis here? The problem is quite simple, there are 7 billion people on this planet and when we try to stimulate aggregate demand we run into resource limitations. The resultant rise in prices act to retard the effects of the stimulus. When I go to the gas station and Burger [...]

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    It’s odd that folks would look at a man who committed adultery against a wife dying of cancer and say “Yup, there’s a man I can trust.”

    If he could betray his wife in her moment of existential need, what would he do to you, a nobody stranger?

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    I would hope that folks in solid red or blue states would vote third party, and that in swing states they work hard against the GOP.

    I’m disappointed and sometimes angry with Obama, but he doesn’t frighten me. The GOP does.

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