• Looks more and more like the proponents are going to have one hell of a time trying to defend this heinous violation of human rights as anything but religious animus against a group of citizens in federal court.

    Could it be an ingenious plan by the Republicans to get all such laws and amendments struck down by the SCOTUS? Or are they truly so stupid that they can’t understand that the more they try to oppress a group of citizens, the more the oppressed citizens win?

  • “The anti-choice fanatics are a clear example! The Commandment states “Thou shall not murder”, yet these twisted degenerates, hopped up on rhetoric and hate, believe it’s perfectly fine to murder doctors and clinic workers because it so “save the babies”.”

    They have a direct line to their “god” who has told them to forget what his only begotten son said and has given them special dispensation to be his judge, jury, and executioner on Earth. Real Christians really should stand up and take back the good name of Jesus Christ that has been usurped by these charlatan cultist.

  • Standard I’m not a lawyer caveat applies here, but it seems to me that the anti-gay marriage forces are slipping more and more to religion to advocate their position as they have no other legitimate reason for such discrimination. And in doing so, they are opening up the opportunity of Equality supporters to challenge such laws and state constitutional amendments on a federal level by citing religious animus in violation of the US Constitution’s 1st Amendment guarantee of religious freedom. Was this not why NOM advocated using junk science instead of religious arguments to support their anti-gay agenda?

  • Was thinking about checking out WoW again…until I saw those commercials featuring Norris. Not putting any of my hard earned money into his pockets, same as I will never buy his “exercise” machine.

  • I just diagnosed a beautiful, silver 9yo Pit with hemangiosarcoma. He’s a great dog and it makes me absolutely sick that there’s very little I can do to treat him. Thankfully, he has a great family who are spoiling him.

    Pits are among the best dogs that walk into my clinic. I have to muzzle more small dogs than large dogs to keep everyone safe from bites. Pits are much safer to work with than Chihuahuas.

  • My 8th grade accelerated Algebra teacher (an EX-nun) was exactly like that. Called students stupid to point of reducing students to tears at which point she would further deride students, would accuse me of not turning in my homework (to the point that I actually did stop turning it in), would tell those of us in the gifted program that “you’re smart, you should know how to do this” (How? By osmosis?) and refuse to help us when we were confused telling us that if we were too stupid to do the work we didn’t need to be in her class.

    When my parents (and others) complained, they were informed that she had tenure and, short of a lawsuit, the law prevented the school from doing anything. The Principal was concerned but was always undermined whenever he tried to do anything, the Superintendent was not…his good friend was the best teacher at the Junior High, after all.

    Knowing what I know now, we should have sued the school and gotten rid of her for bullying students (and the pathetic Superintendent). Fortunately, we all survived by supporting one another and teaching ourselves algebra.

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    So, NOM wants all kinds of laws passed to restrict my Rights and would yell and scream if I violated those laws, yet they willfully violate laws (Copyright, financial disclosure, etc) that they find inconvenient.

    Jim Young, and every other photographer who’s photos have been stolen by NOM, should be suing and not just for cease and desist.

  • I don’t wish his family any ill will, but no sympathy either. To paraphrase a poster on Towleroad:

    I’ll show him and his family as much respect as he has shown me and mine.

  • Haven’t been able to follow the discussion in the NC kangaroo legislature. I’ve just glanced through what you have written here and have a question. Since I am clueless about NC law, just wondering if it would be possible to block (and overturn) this amendment from going to the ballot in Federal Court based on the parliamentary procedures (i.e. the lack of public/legal discourse and/or possible illegal procedures) used to pass the bill?

  • David Blankenhorn was one of the two expert witlesses for the proponents in the Prop 8 trial under Judge Walker. Here again, as during the trial, he makes the case for Marriage Equality. He essentially states, as does Professor May, that the definition of marriage is evolving and changing as society evolves and changes. He even says:

    I would add to the issue of more poverty in the high divorce states, you also have younger people, people with lower levels of education and higher rates of geographical mobility. And all of those factors, plus low-income correlates, with more family instability.

    He does NOT include Marriage Equality or same-sex marriage/relationships as a factor causing divorce. Seems like Blankenhorn is trying to distance himself from his Prop 8 fiasco.