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  • agourabum commented on the diary post No Safe Haven for Obstructionists by Walter Brasch.

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    Is it really that annoying for the Ds to be treated as they treated the Rs? The Ds have most of the press on their side. If the idiot in office were a R, there would be huge back lash for current policy. As a D, there is little accountability from the media. And yet [...]

  • It is obvious that holding the Palestinians accountable for their actions is not possible here, as there are endless excuses, if not complete disregard for their actions. There have been dozens of articles chronicling how Hamas has used women and children, and their deaths, for their war effort and propaganda–what people here readily support. The [...]

  • There is an interesting correlation between supporters of a government that promotes the death of innocent women and children as human shields, and blaming America, Capitalism and Western Values for most problems in the world today. After years of denying that women and children were used as mere fodder, there was a slick move recently [...]

  • agourabum commented on the diary post Noam Chomsky: The Fate of the Gaza Ceasefire by Tom Engelhardt.

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    Chomsky makes a great living with his Palestinian propaganda campaign. The “poll” is probably as reliable as their counting of the casualties, which has always proven to be false when describing all the “civilian” deaths. The Palestinians living in ruble can cling to Hamas if that is their choice. After all, that is what created [...]

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    So the land offered isn’t good enough? Have you been to Gaza? It is a $hit hole. But when Israel gave it back, it was blooming. Most of the area is a desert wasteland–and it is a matter of what is done with it. I know that doesn’t fit the do nothing but complain crowd…..well, [...]

  • agourabum commented on the diary post Why Does Fox News Side With Abusers Like Ray Rice? by spocko.

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    I hope there is more to the story than the short clip shown, or saying FOX supports violence based upon that clip is as dishonest as those involved in the cover up. I don’t understand why those abused stay around, but the comments here that it doesn’t matter, as with Nicole Simpson, makes sense. Although [...]

  • It is widely understood that the Palestinians do use their woman and children as human shields, fighting a war purposefully from schools, Mosques and public areas.  Hamas executes those it “accuses” of wrong doing by grabbing them, dragging them to the street and executing them–just like ISIS. The argument that the Palestinians simply want land [...]

  • agourabum commented on the diary post Video: Russell Brand Reads My Article on ISIS Out Loud by David Swanson.

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    Looks like Brand’s fame will continue to diminish at increasing speed. Certainly has some points. After all, if not for terrorists fighting the British monarchy, we would not have America. What this group fails to want to see is that ISIS and the like from “there” have an agenda far different than the Brand’s of [...]

  • agourabum commented on the diary post Anti-Capitalist Meetup: “Do NOT Let Them Get Any Ideas…..” by Diane Gee by Anti-Capitalist Meetup.

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    Very strong opinion, and on one point I firmly agree: Americans are stupid, and the anti-capitalism group is a firm leader of the pact. It isn’t that there isn’t truth to the fact that capitalism has limitations and major faults. European nations are small, and as such, much easier to maintain compared to America. Their [...]

  • agourabum wrote a new diary post: Hamas deserves your support?

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    Hamas, the freely democratically elected leaders of the Palestinian people in Gaza. I have seen many argue here that Hamas is justified in launching weapons from among civilians.  Others deny they used Mosques, schools and other public places to wage war.  Some even justify they are entitled to wage war as they like, that is [...]

  • Note:  this post won’t limit itself to just blaming Jews and America.  Please move on to that insightful post quoting the Daily Socialist(?) that someone who had a cat that overheard from his barber that his cousin heard the Western and American backed regime blew up the Malaysian airliner. Being given proof that Hamas intentionally [...]

  • agourabum commented on the diary post From Ferguson To Palestine Occupation Is a Crime by Dennis Trainor Jr.

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    The slogan mill is in full swing. It is hilarious that the liberal view is to condemn based upon perception, not proven facts. When the right does this, the liberals scream, stomp their feet and take their ball and go home blaming Jews and America for all the evils of the world. Palestinians have their [...]

  • agourabum wrote a new diary post: Hamas uses civilian deaths as propoganda

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    There is a great divide between proof Islamists sacrifice their women and children, and those willing to believe it as they prefer to focus on blaming Jews and Israel at every opportunity.  Although the evidence of Islamist behavior is overwhelming, many prefer to blame the sticks growing that block their view of the forest–obviously because [...]

  • An Indian TV Crew Filmed Hamas Bombarding Israel — And Lived to Broadcast Militants’ rocket launches rarely appear in the media

    What a strange conflict Gaza has been. On the one hand, countless videos and photos have depicted Israeli soldiers, Israeli tanks and Israeli Iron Dome missiles in action. And especially Israeli bombs—and the Palestinian homes these munitions destroyed [...]
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    I think you should go and take every precaution for your safety. It seems to me you have some preconceived notions, and I am sure you will find the validation you seek. It shouldn’t be that hard getting into Gaza. Getting out would seem to be the real problem. On the way in, tell the [...]

  • agourabum commented on the diary post Missile defense – alive and well, and eyeing Ohio by danps.

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    It is understandable to view the entire program as needless, a waste of money, and without merit in stopping an attack. Those points of view are as valid as any other, including let’s just pray for G-d to help us when we are under attack or the attack will never happen anyway. We see support [...]

  • agourabum commented on the diary post VIDEO: We Are Gaza, Look Into Our Eyes. by Dennis Trainor Jr.

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    You may be Gaza, and I may sympathize with the death of innocent people. But I am not Gaza, a territory that has hired terrorists as representatives, islamists as leaders. Where buying rockets is more important than feeding and sheltering its people, jihad more important than compromise and peace. Egypt has closed the border, but [...]

  • Just because you are big, doesnt mean you are good. All life is sacred. And the willingness of anyone to deprive another of life is wrong. There are better ways to solve lifestyle differences than genocide.

    Yet only Israel and America is held accountable.

    I think I saw this exact same argument on stormwatch. Amazing how similar these groups are in their position. Nation of thieves? Classic.

  • agourabum commented on the blog post Walmart at the Trough: Billions Scammed from Your Tax Money

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    Expecting Walmart (like all companies, and people–although I am confident most here give generously April 15th) not to take advantage of every possible tax loop hole is naive. The problem, your problem, lies in the tax code–the government. Walmart is like every other company out there, but is in the bulls eye of the slogan groups to be demonized.

    Don’t shop there. They go out of business. Your problem is solved. Thousands of workers lose jobs, but “we” want a socialistic state that pays for everything so eventually the workers will be ok.

  • As in the Warsaw Ghetto, the story actually starts with inhumane policies: the policies of ethnic cleansing in 1948-1949 for “a lasting and radical solution” of the “most vexing problem of the Jewish state” — the Palestinian Arab minority, or, in fact, an original majority within the 1949 Green Line, as of 1947, before the [...]

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