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  • Well, I guess I can finally give up on FDL … TBogg was the only reason I kept coming back. Place really hasn’t been the same since TRex, ReddHedd, and Marcy Wheeler all moved on. Good examples of why most of the rest of the site has become intolerable at #130 and #131. Good to see so many familiar handles paying respects / saying farewell here … I’ll miss those commenters as well. And what really sucks is that if TBogg ever does come back out of blogging retirement, I’ll only find out by accident (if ever).

    TBogg, thanks for years of entertainment and laughs, most of all the laughs. I live in a state that sent knuckle-draggers like John Cornyn and (worse yet) Ted f#ck!ng Cruz to the U.S. Senate, so Dog knows we need the laughs here. I will now go down a 6-pack of Ballast Point’s finest while contemplating various GIFs of Shakira’s ass; seems a fitting way to mark the Opening Farewell. Oh, and bassets … my regards to the boys, if they will accept such from a cat person.

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    Wait, wasn’t that in a Cheech & Chong bit?

  • Gee, why didn’t Morgan Wright cite the death of Michael Hastings as a well-known example of how this is possible? /s

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    Luckless, hello and let that not be your last comment. I think it is not the problem of overpopulation of cats and dogs that is at issue. I think it is the approach in this instance. If you really want to engage someone about the problem, would you really expect anything positive to result from yelling at them that they are irresponsible? Speaking up is one thing, yelling at total strangers is another thing entirely.

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    Beat me to it … that was my exact thought as soon as i saw that sign.

    Mistah Kurtz Breitbart, he daid.

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    Jesus H. Christ on a Cupcake, there is actually a book with the title “Molon Labe!” and the listing on Amazon carries this little gem from the publisher:

    Molon Labe! nominated by the Libertarian Futurist Society for 2004 Best Fiction Prometheus Award!

    On the “Frequently Bought Together” section I half expected to see a can of Crisco and a box of tissues. Sheesh.

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    Exactly, but JennOfArk beat you to the punch in her original comment:

    “No, I’m not trained in urban combat techniques, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!”

    And in some circles (see for example: House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology [Republicans]) aggressive ignorance and disdain for “experts” is evidently deemed a high qualification.

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    the Dunning-Kruger Effect that makes people who don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground assume that they’re every bit as competent to …

    Fill in the blanks! Pick just about any field that requires a certain amount of skill and/or technical knowledge and you will find in any crowd a number of people who just know that hey know more about it and could do it better than the people who trained to do it for a living. Often it is people who have been financially successful in something – selling insurance comes to mind – who believe their success and money make them experts in whatever else they care to opine about. Although in this case, I don’t know that Godelstein has actually ever succeeded at anything other than being a member of the lucky sperm club.

    So yes, this does strike a chord with me, and all I do for a living is manage an airport.

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    No, they can’t have that song. I like Camper van Beethoven too much to give it over to these clowns.

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    Plus infant mortality tends to decrease and life expectancy increases, but remember that conservatives don’t want you to keep having babies that you cannot afford because WELFARE STATE!!! and anyway yours probably have too much melanin.

    First with the RMoney Boo-Boos and now with the Don’t Douthats. Really, thanks TBogg, you’re aiming a cold firehose at the sexytimes of your readership.

  • Well, perhaps Money Boo-Boo and family can console themselves by filing an amended tax return to claim all those deductions they passed up as part of the price of being elected. Since they did not receive the promised prize, they should not need to pay more than a single-digit percentage of their super hard-earned job creator income in taxes that would only go to support the 47% moocher class.

  • Looks like Silver is the new Gold Standard. Hooray for objective reality!

  • Where is the former economics editor of the Atlantic to ‘splain all these maths and such to us when we need it (if only for sh!ts & giggles)??

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    In other news, I saw that Michael Brown was criticizing Obama’s response to Hurricane/Superstorm/Apocalyptoblow Sandy … which is like Joe Pisarcik criticizing Eli Manning’s game-ending kneel-down technique. Although in fairness to Joe, handing the ball to Larry Csonka Herm Edwards was not his idea.

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    Meanwhile, Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia is in need of heavy ridicule. How is it that someone like this sits on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology? This is seriously wrong.

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    This epic NFL QB twitterfight was linked at emptywheel earlier this weekend. It’s worth your time.

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    No, this is “The Kenyan Usurper” vs. “Money Boo-Boo” in a steel-cage death match!

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    I think we could let our esteemed host hang it up when we inaugurate President Dr. Jill Stein. Because then all would be well in the world and we could all ride our sparkle ponies off into the sunset together, singing kum-ba-yah.

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    So let’s do the math on the marathon running thing. (I love math.) To run a sub-4-hour marathon, you have to average slightly better than 9:10 per mile. That’s pretty slow, really, but still very commendable if you can keep it up for 26.2 miles. To run a sub-3-hour marathon, you have to average faster than 7-minute miles (about 6:52 per mile or better) which is a pretty good pace. For comparison purposes, that works out to about 20:17 for a 5k, a distance a lot more of us have run. Doing that over 26.2 miles is very impressive. The difference between running a marathon at a 9-minute mile pace and a sub-7-minute mile pace is profound. Nobody who runs would make that kind of mistake: it is true, runners know how fast they can go over what distances. So yeah, Ryan is pretty much an LSS (lying sack of sh!t) on this one. And if you lie about easily-checked stuff like this, yes, you will lie about pretty much anything and everything.

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    It’s kind of a drag around here when TBogg gets front-paged. Reminds me why I haven’t spent much time on the remainder of FDL since TRex was running Late Night. OK, so here it is: Obama kinda sucks, he’s done a lot of things I don’t like and hasn’t done some things — prosecuting the banksters comes to mind — that he really should have done. (Yeah, I know, that’s Holder’s job. Fine.) But I’m still going to vote for him, because all of the alternatives — including wasting a vote on Jill Stein, who is probably a terrific person, but so what? — are worse. I guess I’m just a “glass is half full” kinda guy, even if it’s half-full of piss. Here, ackack and UnEasyOne, have a drink on me!

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