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    I can’t be sure what the subject is, but I’m willing to be instructed about Facebook’s cultural placement among our usual arts.

    As for my reply to Knut @14, I found his commentary remarkable and the portion I quoted especially preposterous.

    It happens that the Knut person is regarded highly and well by very many at firedoglake, which I now find troublesome. My membership dues ($120) will automatically renew at the end of this month unless I cancel.

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    [American] Jews are a minority … whose first loyalty is to [Israel].

    Comments close after three days. You have time to revise and amend your remarks. Your lawyer would doubtless advise you to retract.

  • Useful questions to be sure. There happens to be a code of law, so the issue is complicated even if the Executive Branch can do this or that with a pen stroke. Yet, the Senate Judiciary Committee just voted to move a bill to alter mandatory sentencing of nonviolent drug-related crimes and to give greater latitude to judges. That is, the code of laws is being changed. It seems that the three branches of government are involved, even if a modification could be achieved by unitarian decree.

    As for benefits of doubt, Jon Walker has a book to hawk. Have you read it?

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    Japan is already a full-fledged negotiating TP Partner. US trade reps like to point out that for every US built car that Japan buys, the US buys 130 Japanese cars.

    It’s China who wants to join. China has the world’s first and sort-of-only DNA genome decoding facility, incidentally.

  • Coincidentally or oddly enough, the woman who filled HRC’s vacant Senate seat in 2009, Kirsten Gillibrand, ran in her 2010 special election and then in the 2012 general to the right (Blue Doggish), but she has voted and debated to the left of most of her Senate colleagues. She’s a curious phenomenon. “Gillibrand was the number one recipient of money from Goldman Sachs in 2011 to 2012 for all sitting congressmen. JP Morgan has been her second biggest corporate donor from 2008-2013″ (Wikipedia).

  • I hope Nate Silver will keep track of how many grassroots contributions she gets, especially those in the form of cookie recipes.

  • Only someone like Jon Walker would imply that someone like former Governor Don Siegelman or former County Coroner Dr. Cyril Wecht is too stupid to game the system and get away with it.

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    Last I recall, when Brand was asked, “How do you think we can persuade most people to join” in change, he said he’d leave the solutions to more competent thinkers.

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    What you call ‘sex’ in advertising isn’t about sex or its imagined pleasures. Its function in advertising is of course for attention, but its effectiveness relies on the target’s feeling deprived, envious, and sufficiently inadequate during the moment the ad is being ingested. Buy the fucken product and you won’t feel deprived (for about 15 [...]

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    Reminds me of A Man For All Seasons when Sir Thomas More says to his betrayer, “Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world… but for Wales?”

  • Okay, New Jersey’s Lt. Governor has publicly denied what Mayor Zimmer alleges the Lt. Governor had said, which included “… I will deny [delivering the Governor's threat to withhold federal relief funds]“.

    At that very high level (and what US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald referred to as expected and not always illegal political “horse trading”), it always goes without saying that the extortionist will deny any allegations of being an extortionist; so there’s no need to identify yourself as an extortionist by saying ‘I will deny it’, is there, when it goes without saying so?

    Or is it true now, that all the professionals have died off and only amateurs hold public office?

  • Hey, k In Illinois, the feds listened in on Governor Blagojevich, probable cause and all, and Fitzgerald said they had to arrest him because he was shaking down a children’s hospital renovation project and the clock read 11:59 on the funding. I’m all for the kids, just like everyone else, but you’d think this federal [...]

  • There will be change. Congress will step up and pass laws that will alter the present structure, and there will be provisions for prosecution and imprisonment — perhaps under a new kind of special court that isn’t so secretive — if it’s ever discovered that those laws have been violated, undermined, or bypassed.

    It’s really in their best interests, and every day now they are being reminded of that. Apple, Google, Facebook, AOL, Yahoo, among others, have already organized to lobby Congress on their behalf. I imagine many corporations will be doing the same. I know that writers (for Hollywood, TV, and independent authors, scholars, and reporters) have said they have been chilled, that they simply will not search on the Internet the way they once had, won’t make phone calls as they once felt confident to make, and so on.

    Many of those people are part of important organizations, guilds, and unions. They will strike.

    The pressure is on.

  • This is a remarkable piece of writing, Kevin. The concluding paragraph is magnificent.

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    It would save a lot of money, resources, and grief if they only tapped Santa Claus, who keeps a complete list and even checks it twice.

  • The “bill” is the legislative renewal of giving the president the so-called fast-track authority. Without it, the trade agreements would be voted on by the Senate only and require a 3/4ths majority ratification, as a formal treaty. That seems improbable or impossible since a treaty has to be between two or more parties who agree on every piece of language. A compromise would modify fast-track and provide appropriate time and opportunity for Congress to read the texts of the agreements.

    On the other hand, the agreements themselves appear to comprise thousands of pages. No one in Congress will read them all in the 90 days or so that fast-track permits. Not at this time, an election year.

    We will be told that we will lose our economic competitiveness, lose more jobs, pay higher prices for everything — the usual shots fired to stampede us.

    If we have good enough lawyers who advocate for the public (I don’t think we have them), the Supreme Court will be busy with TPP/TTIP stuff for like ever after, and that’s how it will be fine-tuned.

  • My doctor told me he was given a fine for not using the computer and its mandated software for writing prescriptions.

  • I get it. The 22nd amendment (limiting a president’s elected terms) in 1951 had the effect of transferring many of the powers for policy from the president to the nascent NSA (formally named and established a few months after the amendment’s formal ratification), which was informally — and perhaps permanently — ratified in Dallas.

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    We ceased being a society, as such, in the 1970′s when we agreed to become an economy and its populace began to self-identify as consumers instead of as citizens.

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    On the back of the glossy Impulse record sleeve of John Coltrane’s 1966 release of Ascension, among nine wallet-size photos and their captions, under the album title and John Coltrane’s name, in rather large and bold type, is an excerpt from his review (as Leroi Jones): “… Trane is now a scope of feeling. A more [...]

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