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    On the one hand, I can’t say this event was meaningless to me. The manner of Bin Laden’s death was exactly as I would have originally envisioned it; a small surgical strike based on painstaking intelligence. I salute the patient, painstaking men that relentlessly tracked this man down and finished him. In the end, the wars were just a sideshow, as we knew.

    And yet, this man was completely successful in what he wanted to accomplish. The economy is in decline, the banks are insolvent, and American lives are still being lost as a direct or indirect result of his actions. Even more sadly, the United States has betrayed its most cherished freedoms and surrendered its moral leadership in the world, and right now I don’t see a way to recover from that.

    He is dead, yes; but he won because we were stupid.

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    What we are having here is a tactical discussion, not a strategic one. The question of whether we should ever have become associated with the Yemeni government to begin with is a different discussion, and I can tell you I am no more happy than you about the friends we have in low places. I’m not sure that this would be the best time to reevaluate that relationship in the public square, as it would appear the US is simply bending with the wind, rather than standing behind whatever promises we made to these scoundrels. It would make us appear even more mendacious than we actually are.

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    To present a slightly divergent view . . .

    I would say that the US silence on the Yemeni uprising might actually be an implicit endorsement of the people there. If we were seeing the Administration taking a strongly pro-government stand, that would mean one thing; but by making no statement at all, we accomplish a couple of things. If we came out strongly supporting the uprising, we not only risk our relations with the current Yemeni government, we might also poison the chemistry of the uprising itself, creating divisions among the demonstrators between pro/anti American factions. In this situation, the people cannot be divided. If it turns out that there is a change in leadership there, we can deal with that then, and I’m sure there are uses for US cash there beyond purely security concerns that a fledgling government would appreciate. Cash forgives many sins, as you know.

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    Ronald Reagan was shot. There was an attempt on Gerald Ford.

    Please don’t start sounding as ignorant as your opponents.