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  • Many of us saw through the Obamacare scam from the beginning:

    The only thing that will deliver decent healthcare to everyone at an affordable cost is some variety of government single-payer health insurance. I wrote the above diary (and many others, here and elsewhere) after Obama’s killing of the public option made it clear that there would be no relief for anyone but corporatist healthcare-denial companies.

    I am hoping-against-hope that we as a nation have learned our lesson about corporatist 3rd-way-to-ruin Democrats, and will run a true progressive instead of Hillary “Love-a-Bankster-Do” Klintstone. Considering what a goatfuck O’Bushma’s administration has been since he was installed by Goldman Sachs, I doubt there’ll be much left of the country if we have another 8 years of this insanity.

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    Yeah for Dolan, sex is only moral if it’s with underage boys.

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    “The louder they scream, the more we know that we are getting something done.”

    Same thing the torturers at Gitmo said. Same mentality, I reckon.

  • I’m with ya, Crow: 5 yrs Fed for 10 lb of small MJ plants. (I also lost everything else too–40-acre farm, all my possessions, my health, and my law license…long story.) That was nearly 20 years ago–and yeah, it is sweet to see everyone finally waking up to the truth us old heads have known 4ever.

    What’s really funny is how everybody, including the terminal prohibitionists I’ve known for decades, are now saying “Well I’ve been for legalization the whole time!”

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    Republican demands to kill the Gravestone XL? I’m not sure about that. If it comes down to it–either approving the thing within the 60 days or letting it die–my bet is that O’Bushma will approve it. I believe he intends to anyway, and that the punt was only to fool what’s left of his progressive base. But he really serves the fossil fools, not We the People, and I really doubt he’d cross them about one of their biggest goals.

    We’ll see–but I’d bet that O’Bushma will “cave” on this one too…

  • More civil charges. In other words: More chances for the thieves to pay a little money and otherwise totally escape their just deserts.

    I’ll be impressed when I see some long-overdue criminal indictments coming down. Otherwise it just looks like more gameplaying by the O’Bushma administration–who, from all appearances, is doing everything it can to protect the banksters and shove the costs onto We the People.

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    AFSCME endorses O’Bushma?

    In the old days, a public official who so readily and completely sold out progressives in general and Labor in particular would be spurned and worked against. O’Bushma has been as bad on labor issues (and practically everything else, from healthcare to overseas wars) as Bush the Dimmer. It is a sad commentary that AFSCME should support someone who has worked so assiduously to promote the corporatist thieves and cut labor to pieces.

    And they wonder why Labor is falling to pieces here in the USA.

    SHAME on AFSCME! They should be thinking 3rd-party:

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    Here’s the original “Obama Deception”: It’s from Alex Jones, so it necessarily has a bit of crazy in it–particularly the last half–but you got to give it to Alex: He saw that O’Bushma was a tool of the banksters early on. I first saw this shortly after O’Bushma’s election, and its central thesis–that O’Bushma [...]

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    Why WOULDN’T the individual mandate be unpopular?

    The ACA (“Obamacare”) is a fraud. It is not the wording of a law, or promises as to how it will work, that are important; it is the all-important implementing regulations, which determine how the law will work in the real world. And these regulations are being written by healthcare-denial lobbyists, who are furiously watering down and neutering the positive points in the bill to the point of unrecognizability. The one thing the thieves really like–the individual mandate–will survive, though, since it means millions of people being forced to give the criminals hard-earned money for crappy, useless health “insurance” [sic].

    Yet another sellout by O’Bushma. If the ACA is ultimately thrown out, it will mean the pressure for real healthcare reform will resume again, giving us a chance to get some form of single-payer. If it survives, though, the pressure will be stifled for perhaps another decade or longer, until it becomes obvious (as it inevitably will) that it is unworkable as anything but a tool of corporatist thievery.

    Here’s hoping this wormy piece of legislative shit will get repealed or declared unconstitutional.

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    “Alexander goes on further to point out that this ‘Secret Infinity Group’ lacks transparency and that it attempts to allow those with money to have a greater influence in the direction of the movement and names Michael Moore as one of those people.” Is this all the evidence you have? It wouldn’t be admissible in [...]

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    Oh it does make sense. Successful government programs like Social Security and Medicare are a clear and present danger to the corporatist oligarchs: They show that government works. And effective government programs must be funded; and the logical place to find the money is where the money is–with the corporatists. So it does make sense to destroy the programs from their point of view–even if they are not paying taxes at the moment because the money to support the programs is being borrowed–because, so long as the programs exist, they eventually must be funded by taxes.

    There are other reasons, though: A poor, desperate people is an easily-controlled people. It is much easier to force people to follow orders if they must depend upon the order-giver for their very sustenance. A strong middle class is a notoriously free-thinking, independent bunch, people who can think for themselves and will readily stand up to the kleptocrats. Destroy the middle class, reduce the people to subsistence level, and they no longer have the means to resist the authoritarians. The result: Feudalism–which is the endgame for these thieves; a few rich autocrats, everyone else in some sort of slavery. And if We the People don’t stop these criminals NOW, it won’t be long until that’s all there will be.


  • Yeah I was just going to comment on exactly that. Unbelievably great picture; caught Pope Pedophilius X’s character exactly…

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    “…two unidentified police officers (we don’t even know if it includes the pepper spray wielder Lt. John Pike) have been placed on administrative leave…”

    That’s PAID “administrative leave”. In other words: In return for brutalizing peaceful students, these swine get a paid vacation.

    I’m sure that’ll TOTALLY deter other brownshirts-in-blue-shirts from doing similar outrageous things.

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    That is the problem all of the Western world is experiencing: The ruling “progressive” [sic] parties, themselves corrupted by bankster money, have caught the heat for nonsensical austerity measures; but the alternatives, being turned to in desperation by the populace, are rightist parties who are worse. Exhibit 1: O’Bushma and the Blue Shit Democrats, who sold We the People out in order to french the asses of Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, and other criminals who rightly should be serving long prison terms instead of getting billions of taxpayer money as “bonuses”; yet the alternative is Repig’s, who are completely captured by corporatists and who want to put one of their own (Romney) into the top position.

    Prosecuting and imprisoning banksters is the only solution, but the banksters rule, and have no intention whatsoever of being prosecuted (or even of stopping their massive frauds and thefts). The system is paralyzed by the death grip that corporatist money has on the leadership of the Western “democracies”. I see no way out of this mess but a massive collapse; and it seems to me likely that it’ll be sooner rather than later–watch for the Euro to go under in the next few months, followed by a general collapse of the world’s financial system.

    After that–who knows? We’ve never been here before.

  • Actually, no, not all of “the left” is more concerned about Cain’s sexual misconduct than his, you know, being an idiot. Many of our best presidents (FDR, JFK) were philanderers, and it did not affect their performance in office. Not knowing an effing thing about anything, on the other hand, has been disastrous, regardless of [...]

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    The really ironic thing about this whole mess is that the corporatocratic regime built on “free trade” mythology is fundamentally unsustainable. By using money as the only measure of value, and permitting sociopaths to define how economies are operated and whom they benefit, the system guarantees its own demise: Ignoring externalities such as pollution, human [...]

  • Great set of quotes.

    O’Bushma is a corporatist tool, deliberately picked by the banksters and war thieves to continue the destruction of American democracy and the middle class. And you have to admit it was a brilliant move: Run in a black former “community organizer” who promised We the People all manner of progressive change; then, when he gets in, he promptly stacks his Administration with banksters and Clintonists, and proceeds to break every promise he made. Got to give it to South Park; they spotted right away that O’Bushma was a big fake:

    I would rather any Repig win this coming time that O’Bushma. If O’Bushma wins, the Democratic Party will be paralyzed in 2016 by the 3rd-Wayer Blue Shits, who will point to the Democratic “win” in 2012 as the reason why we must continue to hand over the country to the likes of Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon. On the other hand: If O’Bushma loses, then the Democratic Party will be so shattered that it will be available to be rebuilt along truly progressive lines.

    I worked for, donated to, and served as a county delegate for O’Bushma–in large part due to his apparently sane positions on cannabis. Shame on me for falling for the lies. But Never Again; under no circumstances will I support this lying liar next time.


  • The problem with these torture aficionados is that they miss the threshold question: Is the person whom they want to torture actually guilty?

    That’s the point of due process of law, the presumption of innocence, and procedures designed to enforce them: Until legal processes have been followed, there is no way to know with any reliability who is guilty. To take any other position–that there are “some people” who do not “deserve” due process–is to give some authority figure the power of an autocrat: To declare, for any reason or no reason, that someone is to be tortured or killed. The United States of America was founded on the Enlightenment belief that the only way to ensure justice is to make sure that due process is followed, that the person upon whom the power of the State is to be inflicted actually deserves punishment. Otherwise it’s the Red Queen: “Verdict today, trial tomorrow”–the very definition of arbitrary and capricious power which we fought a revolution against the British monarchy to overthrow.

    Hiatt, Thiessen, and the whole neocon crowd are un-American traitors engaged in a full-on assault against limited government and Constitutional law. I suppose that makes them “terrorists” who need to be waterboarded.

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    Yeah this really is the problem from hell. AIPAC and the other pro-ethnic-cleansing forces supporting illegal Israeli expansionism have so sewn up the discourse that it is almost impossible to discuss the matter without being accused–loudly–of being “anti-Semitic”. The charge is preposterous; after all, Arabs are “semites” too, and a large percentage of Jews are [...]

  • Another paradigmatic example of O’Bushma’s loyalty to corporatist warmongers and financial criminals at the expense of We the People.

    If the Democratic Party is ever going to be a force for progress again, it MUST run the Clinton/O’Bushma Blue Shits out of the Party. And that means that O’Bushma MUST be defeated in 2012, so that the Party will be available to be rebuilt along progressive lines. For those who are, once again, tempted to vote for O’Bushma in the name of lesser-of-two-evilism, just remember that, if O’Bushma staggers back into office, then in 2016 the Party will be firmly in the hands of the Blue Shits, and it will be nearly impossible to field a truly progressive candidate for president. On the other hand: If O’Bushma gets beaten in 2012, then there will be no base for the Blue Shits to keep obstructing progressive resurgence, and no reason to listen to their claims that 3rd-way neofeudalism is the best way to “win”.

    “Anybody But O’Bushma 2012″

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