• So the FBI has never heard of OCR?

    The ATM machine my bank uses can decipher hard-to-read handwritten checks I deposit. You can buy a scanner/printer plus high-grade OCR software for about $400.

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    I disagree with the assumption that the Democratic “leadership” would be that much difference in there response if a Republican was in office. Since before 9/11 and certainly since then they would all lockstep vote for and support ANYTHING rather than being called “soft on terror” or some other bullcrap. None of them are to [...]

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    Isn’t this exactly what J. Edgar Hoover did for four decades?

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    The best thing Assange could do for Manning would be to leave the protection of the embassy, let the brits extradite him to Sweden, then call their bluff as to whether they really are acting on the behalf of the US or not.

    If the US does do the extradition thing, the whole Manning prosecution will be exposed as a farce. The theory is that the whole Manning overreach was just a step to try to get to Assange and that would prove it. If they don’t then he will have is mobility back. Assange does not have any real risk of being disappeared the way he says — he just has too much visibility for the U.S. to risk it at this point.

    It would be tough on Assange, but I don’t see how it would be much worse than it is now.

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    And people are still -making- donations?

    Sad but true — enough of them to keep her on this lucrative gig.

    But is it really that surprising? Huge swaths of people still vote Republican even after years of getting screwed by the policies they put in place. So if you can figure out how that keeps happening this wouldn’t seem so strange.

  • It would seem there are a lot of misconceptions about Bitcoin here. I am no expert but have spotted a few here.

    First, there is no central authority for Bitcoin. When you see someone typing the phrase “those who control Bitcoin” that is an indicator they don’t know what they are talking about.

    Second, Bitcoin has the same value as any other currency, which is what people are willing to trade for it. The current Bitcoin exchange rate to USD is fluctuating because of speculation and cyber-attacks on the major exchanges, but any currency is susceptible to that. (Remember how the USD was supposed to crash because of the 9/11 attacks?) It has nothing to do with the fact that Bitcoin is not “real.” The US Dollar is not real in the same way either.

  • This is just one more confirmation of what we already knew — the House Republicans past and present are just a bunch of dressed-up gangster thugs. This activity — where you enter a business with a gun and leave with $8M — is something that should be investigated as a violation of the RICO act.

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    GWB lied no less during his campaign in 2000 and with the collusion of media he not only gained legitimacy but got elected to a second term on the prowess of his military record over John Kerry’s. Why would you think Romney’s campaign would be any different?

  • How are they performing all these abortions if there are no doctors at the clinics?

    Or does the receptionist do it?

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    I think GWB’s numbers on this were considerably lower and it didn’t seem to hurt him getting re-elected.

    A more nuanced online poll can be found here.

  • Now if this guy was a whistleblower, would the Obama administration be all squishy and soft with him?

    Jeepbus — this is on par with a Rear Admiral refusing to follow orders from the JCS. Is this what we have come to?

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    Looking at the results here, I think ACA actually has a lot more base support than articles like this one would lead you to believe.

    To vote on this poll, you can click here.

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    I am convinced that anyone who ever advocates tax benefits as a way of creating jobs has never had anything to do with running a business.

    Just try going to any investor, venture capitalist or upper management with a business plan that says basically “lets start with your pot of cash and hire a bunch of people and we’ll get those tax credits!” and see how far you get. If your business plan doesn’t have a strong sales projection in it you can just forget it. Unless the investors are idiots they will not only not give you a dime but chances are you will never get another appointment.

    Yet politicians still seem to get votes with this idiotic canard.

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    This poll shows that if it were up to white voters, Romney would win over Obama by 15-25 points!

    I don’t believe it. The nation is racist, but not that racist. The nation is stupid, but not that stupid.

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    The problem with most polls is that they don’t show any nuance. What shows here (online poll) is that there will be many people who will vote for Obama even if they don’t like a lot of what he does.

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    I see a lot of support for Obama, but most of it is tepid. Data here. Obama’s main political asset is that the alternative to him is so horrific. He’s aware of it.

    You can vote here.

  • I’m not one of those “be civil to our conservative friends at all costs” types, but I have to wonder if FDL is well served by using contemptuous monikers like “Mittens” in the headlines. There is no fact or opinion in the article itself that I can find fault with.

    Also I am not a concern troll. I don’t like the Obama-based pejoratives frequently used on other sites as well. It just tells me more about the copy editor than it does the supposed object of derision.

  • Second try:

    I have given up predicting whether Obama will take a stand or not. As a progressive you are always bound to be disappointed. I can’t even count the number of times I have heard “I don’t care if he loses if he would just fight on this one.” But that’s no-drama-obama.

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    Click to review.

  • I have given up predicting whether Obama will take a stand or not. As a progressive you are always bound to be disappointed. I can’t even count the number of times I have heard “I don’t care if he loses if he would just fight on this one.” But that’s no-drama-obama.

    (click to vote in new window)

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    China has always had a big underclass of effectivley slave labor. Foxconn is nothing new. Over history every foreign national government — Britain, Germany, France, Japan, the U.S. and others always sought to exploit China’s seemingly endless reserve of wealth. This is why the treaty ports on the coasts of China still exits. Before WW [...]

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