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  • Welcome to Authoritarian America, where the Rule of Law does not apply, where there is one standard for the powerful and wealthy and another for the rest of us, and where power justifies its own behavior. This increasingly authoritarian culture goes hand-in-hand with the growing wealth (and power) gap, and the takeover of the U.S. mainstream media by the forces of international corporate power.

  • This is also in part a problem of our allowing our media to become almost solely a right-wing propaganda vehicle. Democrats can shout til they’re blue in the face about what a crime this is, and the media will either ignore it or minimize it with brief, dismissive articles about Democratic complaining.

    The more the rules are rigged to inhibit the truth, the greater the need there is to overturn the whole system of rules.

  • I believe the filibuster itself has its intended use, but it is certainly being abused.

    That’s a symptom, however. The REAL problem is that our Congress is owned and run by extranational and national corporations and special interests. Why it is that an Australian like Rupert Murdoch and his Saudi partner Al-Waleed bin Talal have so much influence over American politics?

    And each individual Congressperson is to blame. While the system may be broken, these are the people with the power to fix it. Some simple rules excluding foreign nationals or front organizations from foreign nationals from lobbying Congress would be a good start.

    And each VOTER is to blame, for not demanding that their representatives make these and other changes.

    I don’t think changing or eliminating the filibuster will make any difference. The real problem is money in Congress and public tolerance of this criminal and anti-American behavior.

    And then there is the singular responsibility that each Republican hampering the Zadroga bill faces. To that they must answer to their constituents and consciences (if any). But they couldn’t get away with it if they were not supported and enabled by a corporate propaganda media that refuses to expose them to criticism, a foreign-owned corporate propaganda media that doesn’t care about America or its people at all.

  • That’s a lack of change you can believe in. Yes, we can’t!