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  • aldorossi commented on the blog post Thursday Night Basset Blogging

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    I look worse than that after one too many martinis.

    Yes, including the tongue thing.

  • aldorossi commented on the blog post Those Are People Who Died, Died

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    Look folks, this is bigger then we all know. Since Obama took office, over 10 million Americans have died! Do you really think they died in car crashes, or from cancer? Ha! You fetus eating islamo-commie libs will fall for anything.

    And my cat died, also. Lets look into that while we’re at it.

  • aldorossi commented on the blog post Fear And Fapping On Campaign Trail 2012

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    If you visit his blog site, it says “Coming Soon”

    For God’s sake, dude, how long does it take?

  • “Schnatter” is also the sound you hear from the bathroom the morning after enjoying a delicious Papa John’s “Pizza”.

  • aldorossi commented on the blog post Light ‘em Up And Let ‘em Go

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    Oh, and avoid Times Square at all costs. It’s tourist Hell. I liked it better when when it was hookers and peep shows.

    Call me old school…

  • aldorossi commented on the blog post Light ‘em Up And Let ‘em Go

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    To repeat what others have suggested: learn the subway. Get a metro card and ride ride ride.

    Once you get the hang of it, take the L train from Union Square to Bedford Avenue in Willamsburg. It’s low key and young and reminds me a little of North Beach in San Francisco.

    And you can walk back to Manhattan across the Willamsburg Bridge.

    When you get back to the Manhattan end of the Bridge, stay on Delancy until it turns into Kenmare, take a right on Elizabeth, and stop at Lombardi’s. Yeah, it’ touristy, but you can brag that you ate a coal fired pizza.

    Make your way up to Washington Square where they have beds planted with Upstate NY natives like wild roses and Black Eyed Susans; it’s quite beautiful. Fantastic people-watching.

    Find your way to the N/R train at Broadway and 8th; take it uptown back to Union Square. Stop in at Strand Bookstore and see if you can make it through all 18 miles of books.

    If you have to shop, go across the street to the Shoe Mania at Broadway and 14th and have a shoegasm. They’re open late.

    A nightcap at the W Hotel bar and…

    That would be a good day in New York for me.

  • aldorossi commented on the blog post In Which Fred Thompson Sets Up The Punchline…

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    I simply do not know what all of this snarky sarcasm is about. I think it is wonderful that a kindly old gentleman like Fred Thompson has such a a close relationship with his lovely granddaughter, as portrayed in the photo above.

    Uh, what……..?

  • aldorossi commented on the blog post If This Is Monday, We’re Pissing Off Palestinians

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    The health care comment was incredible; am I the only person who is starting to think that Mitt’s kind of…dumb?

    There is the great line in “The Barefoot Contessa” by the character Alberto Bravano:

    “To make a hundred dollars into a hundred and ten dollars – this is work. To make a hundred million into a hundred and ten million, this is inevitable.”

    …which would therefore explain Mitt’s wealth, I suppose.

  • aldorossi commented on the blog post Wednesday Morning Coming Down

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    Forget about politics; I need to know how come the ears don’t get mixed up in all the chewing and tugging. Quite frankly, that would be my strategy.

  • aldorossi commented on the blog post God Finds You Dull and Jejune Too

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    You have the temerity to say that I’m talking to you out of jejunosity? I’m one the most june people in all of the Russias!

  • aldorossi commented on the blog post Men To Match My Molehills

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    Thank you for the picture of that nice lady, which cancels out the photo of High Beams Hugh Hewitt you foisted on us the other day.

  • Just when I thought I had brain-bleached that image away, you go and whip out ‘ole High Beams Hugh again.


  • aldorossi commented on the blog post Airborne Pompous Event

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    I clicked. I read. And now my brains are oozing out of my eardrums and I may not be able to speak proper English again.

    I know I should be offended at an essay entitled “What are Women For”, but I don’t read Gobbledygook so I came away confused and disoriented…

  • I took some time this afternoon to watch the Denver game. A few observations:

    Tebow appears to be physically awkward. What is that funny twitchy-step thing he does in the pocket? He does not run with any sort of anticipation or grace; he kind of throws himself forward and hopes for the best. I did not see him throw one nice spiral, complete or incomplete. Based on only one game, Denver simply does not seem to have any break-out offensive potential. They managed to suck the life out of every possession, score or not.

    In the end, Denver wins because of Denver’s defense. They went into the half without scoring a point; they won in OT on a forced turnover. He’s a place keeper and if Denver commits they better hope he he’s got some potential for growth as an athlete.

  • I’m sorry, I haven’t been following this “scandal”. What exactly is supposed to happen if us God fearing Americans end up eating Halal meat?

    Because someone says some magic words while dispatching a turkey?

    I seriously need to know, because this is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read.

    Wait until she finds out that the numbers we now use were brought to Europe in the 10th Century, by, that’s right: ARABS!!!! No wonder I have trouble balancing my checkbook. It’s poisoned by Hilal math.

  • aldorossi commented on the blog post Pearls Were Clutched. Sphincters Were Clenched.

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    As the son of a Teamster from the Jimmy Hoffa/Frank Fitsimmons era, I’d advise Mr. Snuggy wearing Brentwood-living no-lipped dickwad to back the fuck up.

    What a douche bag.

    (With all due respect to feminine hygiene products)

  • aldorossi commented on the blog post There’s A Hole In Daddy’s Head Where All The Money Goes

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    If this wasn’t so infuriating, the utter lack of self awareness would be comical.

    This business of “negotiating a minimum settlement” is precisely why the cost of health care is skyrocketing. And I am sure this tool not only rails against the Insurance Mandate, but will continue to assert that he is living a self sufficient and libertarian lifestyle.

    While our insurance premiums go up.

    Douche Bag.

  • aldorossi commented on the blog post Thursday Night Basset Blogging

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    A girlfriend once told me that her ideal man has a 12″ tongue and can hold his breath for 20 minutes.

    I know, thoroughly disgusting in this context.

    Blame it on Mr. Grey Goose.

    (Remember kids, don’t drink and blog!)

  • aldorossi commented on the blog post “Six” Is The New “Sold Out”

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    Call me a masochist, but I’m thinking midnight movie at he Nuart in West Los Angeles. Sneak in a hip flask of Stoli, double bill it with “Plan Nine From Outer Space” and I’ve got Saturday night covered.

    But then again I have no life…and I drink too much.

  • aldorossi commented on the blog post Thursday Night Basset Blogging

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    You know when they say “Yeah, but it’s a dry heat”?

    Up here in El Lay, we know what that means.

    I’ll take 120 dry degrees in Palm Springs over 85 soggy LA degrees any day!

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