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    Dick Eiden, an exceptional independent progressive candidate for the House of Representatives in the NEW District CA-49 http://www.Eiden4Congress.net – FB: Eiden for Congress.
    Mr. Eiden’s focus is on ending the wars, taking corporate influence and big money out of politics, investing in education and infrastructure to rebuild our economy and elevate our society, furthering equality for LGBT, women and the disadvantaged; his background as a criminal and immigration lawyer, poet and as a political activist throughout his life prepared him well for public service.
    Dick Eiden will be one of choices on the Primaries ballot next June 2012 for California 49th District and he will win Darrell Issa’s seat – with your help!
    his campaign of volunteers is looking for the opportunity to work with you and connect with voters in Southern California. I would appreciate very much to be in direct contact with you all in CA 49. I think you’ll like to hear how Mr. Eiden plans to address your concerns and interests.Thank you!

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