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    I would say this is better than the “anti-agencies” described by Thomas Frank in The Wrecking Crew, which gave businesses a direct line to the White House to complain about (and receive help circumventing) “unfair”/”burdensome” regulations and enforcement, but then I’m not sure the culture in the Obama White House is any different. Obama seems to believe in “reasonable” regulation, which seems to mean any regulation that doesn’t piss off his corporate overlords. Of course it’s only “shrill, unreasonable, partisan extremists” calling to regulate things like ISPs, mountain-top coal blasting, military contractor fraud, financial derivatives, etc., so it’s a good thing we have a mature, serious president who can rise above the Beltway-insider mentality and regulate like an adult!

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    I would not argue that Wikileaks is indeed a Mossad front, but any political counterintelligence operation (which Wikileaks in many ways REEKS of) is going to throw out a few solid bones for bait. To argue that Wikileaks is not a disinformation operation because it has released some creditable information is to misunderstand the function [...]