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    what manning did took an enormous amount of courage. im not sure why she came out, but if it were me, i would feel like, hey, i’m telling the truth about all this social stuff, but still lying about who i am. time to demonstrate the integrity i expect from my superiors. here is what biting the bullet looks like.

    if you think she didnt try hard enough to get the military to help her you dont know shit about rape culture in the military. a trans is the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the barrel. shit gets more attention.

    And as far as I can see, the author is a coward who resents their ability to hide being threatened. And to be threatened by someone not taking any responsibility for the outcome of those who have chosen to hide rather than to come out and fight for their identity seems like insult to injury maybe, right or wrong, everything is changing now. be like manning. dont think about the consequences, just TELL THE TRUTH, DO THE RIGHT THING, let the rest work itself out.

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