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  • I suppose the biggest mystery is how Thomas Friedman is not embarrassed to show his foolish, corrupt, fat face. If my writing were that trite, if my predictions were that wrong I would hole up in my 100 million dollar mansion that his wife owns and never go outside. In Japan, I would be expected [...]

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    What divining rod does michael Moore use to “know” what Obama really believes? Obama speaks several positions within the same sentence. This is why people think they know what he thinks or believes. He says what they want to hear and they discard what they don’t want to know. Clever tactic but a stupid thing for people to believe anything Obama says or ever said. Michael Moore was a big Obama supporter early on. He believes what he wants to believe. And I always use to like Mr. Moore. He can not face the fact that he was duped. He wants to believe that Obama really wanted single payer. The only thing Obama ever wanted was to fool all the people all the time. Hopefully, he can’t fool any of the people, any of the time. But hope for some does spring eternal.

  • And just who released the info that the press had there phone records spyed on? The press had to be told so they would know enmass to toe the line. One can not be intimidated unless you are told what the punishment will be! So I expect the obsequious press to pretend outrage and then put their well worn knee pads on and proceed as before!
    What good is information of this nature if you don’t tell them you have it? All the better to intimidate with!

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    It does delight my sense of things to see the “GREAT” New York Times having such a difficult time financially. How much of that falling from grace was a direct result of the bull shit reporting? The Judith Millers, and Howell Raines etc. All inflicted fatal blows to the integrity of the once great newspaper. Remember the Downing Street Memos that were never reported on for a very, very, long time and then only reluctantly. The Washington Post pulled the same stunts. And both are only shells of their former selves. It is so fitting but we still have these wars going on and our economy gutted from the expense of the wars and corruption has never recovered and may never recover. There is no escaping the foolhardy manner of the Times and the Post that has ruined their papers and the country. SHAME on them. If only shame were not so outdated and “quaint”.

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    Kerry will never speak out. I believe the last 3 elections were stolen. Bush stole both the 2000 and the 2004 election and Obama stole the 2008 Primary election. I expect the party in power wants to do their own stealing of the election, hence, all the flaws to steal an election were left in [...]

  • I do not believe this poll. It reeks of disinformation. I expect the results are just the opposite. Obama is behind in Ohio, Pa and FL

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    Well, the only action is NOT to vote for Obama. I will not vote for him even if Santorum is his opponent. I will withhold my vote from an evil man, no matter what party they pretend to be in. Obama is no Democrat. He was in charge of a coup in my party. He [...]

  • As I recall, everyone said there was nothing illegal in what occurred in financial meltdown in 2008. Of course, how would anyone know unless an investigation was undertaken. Just wondering!

  • I have a sneaky suspicion that these lawsuits are a way for the Obama campaign to extort money for the 2012 campaign. I have read that the banks are not pouring money into the coffers of Barack Obama re-election campaign as they did in 2008. I imagine with a bit of money contributed to Obama and to no one else, the lawsuits will magically go away. I am cynical, but one can not be too cynical.

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    I think he is rather stupid. Everyone always talks about how brilliant he is, but I have never seen evidence of this. I need to see his grades and papers he has written. When he speaks without TOTUS he sounds like a stammering fool. I have heard brilliant people. He is not brilliant. I have never heard anything but pedestrian drivel from him.

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    Obama can only win if he can fix the primaries, again. That is his MO. Cheat in the primaries and have the weakest candidate possible. If Obama duplicates his GOP inspired campaign and tactics, we deserve to have him hanging around our necks again. Hope and change. What a joke! Imagine if we had heard those words from GW Bush. Nobody would have fallen for that line. Remember GHW Bush’s words, compassionate conservatism. People are such fools.

  • I didn’t visit, but I did call a number of Senators and Representatives. I also called the DNC. They can only say they support the president… doesn’t matter what he does they will support him. Time to get another candidate. I would rather have a republican, at least a few would oppose what he does. This way, Obama has no opposition from the left. PUMA’s were right after all.

  • I would be happy if that CIA POS Markos was banned from all media. I have never gotten over the Great Keith’s felation of Obama in last election. Have not been able to forgive yet.

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    What happened to that stupid idea that Obama wanted the “Left” to “MAKE” him do the right thing? Wasn’t that just a BIG lie or wishful thinking of all those who drank the kool aide? Obama just wants us to shut up and he just wants to play golf. Just leave him alone and let what happens, happen. He deserves to be thrown out on his ass with the biggest landslide imaginable. I would take Sarah Palin over this fool. And I don’t think much of Palin.

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    How else can Obama and his cronies get enough money for his campaign….or should one use the term bribes? The Obama campaign gets the bribes and then they funnel some of the bribes into the MSM to assure fawning coverage. How much does a John Harwood cost from NBC? Or many more. Word is that [...]

  • I firmly believe that Obama is worse than Bush. He has destroyed the left and the Democratic Party. He can manuever to the right at will and there is no pressure from the left to force him left or even center. He is shameful, incompetent, narcissistic, corrupt, lazy, and a right wing corporatist who allows the right to label him a socialist. What a joke that is. He and Axelrod got all the money to promote the Chicago Olympics, the nuclear power industry, the bailout money grab and to destroy the Democratic Party Brand so there will be no opposition. And there is only token opposition. The media are totally corrupt too.

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    I think it is better to threaten the DNC by saying you will vote for a Republican instead of the co-opted Obama. I voted for McCain because I knew what Obama was. And I knew the Left would be neutered if Obama was President. And NEUTERED they are. Defanged, emasculated, screwed, diminished, deconstructed, demolished, destroyed …just to name a few.
    I personally have called the DNC several times and told them to throw Obama out of the Democratic Party. I call the White House and ask when Obama is changing parties. I call and write my Reps and demand they threaten Obama with mutiny. Time to throw him back to the Repulicans. He ain’t no Democrat…PERIOD!!!!!