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    There is a solution. Face the facts………..the monetary system has run out of steam. However many exotic financial instruments and ponzi schemes they come up with, they are up a gum tree. The idea of oligarchism, and a small group of the elite enslaving a large group of people called cattle, and allowing them to [...]

  • It’s not very intelligent to base a budget on spending worthless money.
    Any money we borrow from the FED is utterly worthless. The money they loan out is valued on the worth of the assets they hold to back the money and all they have is paper that isn’t worth a dime. All their “assets” that back their money is washed up, or spent, paid out in bonuses to CEO’s and hedge fund managers etc. Their investments are all in speculative instruments that usually don’t pan out, which is why all the banks keep on asking for more and more bailouts. How can Paul Ryan keep a straight face when he presents a budget, and this applies to anyone who thinks they can operate a successful republic with money that is not invested in decent projects. Wars are not good bets. Bad insolvent bankers and thie r lousy banks are not a good bet. We need to reinstate the Glass Steagall Act, and shut down the insolvent banks and their Wall Street comrades. We need to open a National Federal Bank that will have Credit issued through it for decent projects, Credit which should be uttered by Congress as per the constitutional mandate they have to do so. We need to invest in projects that will improve the quality of civilization, and put all our people to productive work. We need to engage ourselves in projects that encompass water management, agriculture, infrastructure of all sorts that will increase our productive powers, we need better sources of energy, nuclear fusion and fission power, we need to reinstate NASA and explore the possibilities in our Galaxy, on other planets. We need to help the rest of the world to develop water systems, to increase food production and transportation methods, such as mag lev world wide railroad systems. We need to open up the Arctic and Antarctic regions, and learn how to survive in these environments as a preparation for living on other planets We need to be creative as God made us to be, we are made in his image.

  • We need to have Glass Steagall reinstated globally. That would shut down Wall Street, which means that Barack Obama’s piggy bank would not be filled to the brim any longer. The too big to fail banks would be under bankruptcy protection and there would not longer be the oligarchs money protecting Obama from being impeached or legally removed from office by the cabinet invoking the 25th amendment section 4, both actions that would get him relieved of his duties, and the drive to remain in bed with Al Quada, our sworn enemy in syria, and MEK who is closely linked with Israel our ally, would be elbowed by the citizens of the US.
    No president of ours would be permitted to work in concert with terrorists and provoke a thermonuclear war that would certainly destroy civilization worldwide, killing billions of people too.

    We cannot allow this state of affairs to continue any longer.
    We have to have Glass Steagall reinstated.
    We need to open the Third National Bank.
    We need to have congress start uttering ccredit to be issued by the new Bank in the form of currency money for grand projects that will take generations to complete, and will put all our people back to meaningful work.
    We have to create our future, otherwise the oligarchs will be creating it and that would not be acceptable.

  • It’s not really clear from the article about the vote authorizing the austerity measure. The members who were expelled from voting was not underlined nearly emphatically enough in my humble opinion. It is outrageous that so many members of the Greek parliament were not allowed to vote because it was known that they were going to vote against it.
    That is why, or mostly why, the measures passed. If everytime an unpopular bill was passed in the United States, because the congressmen who were against it were not allowed to vote, then there would be an uproar and this would be outlawed. But the interference in the decison making in Greece to basically strangle the Greek people with austerity policies, to turn their own representatives against the people who elected them, knowingly crushing the ability of the Greek people to have any say whatsoever on what they are prepared to stomach in order to remain in the EU, is criminal. The reason they would default is because the debt is not theirs in the first place. It is an unfair debt and structured on the EU policy that allows countries like Greek to share disproportionately in the overall EU indebtedness. It is not fair to force the Greek people to take it on the chin for the oligarchs. It’s disgraceful to reduce Greece, which was once the cradle of classic intellectualism and culture, to a civilization that cannot even feed it’s own children, and puts them in camps, because their parents had to abandon them since they didn’t have enough money to buy food to keep them alive. It’s disgusting.
    We here in America will not be happy when our food supply dries up, which could be the case in a few months from now, because the same oligarchs who are allowing Greek children to starve will allow our children to starve.
    That is if any of us are still standing once Barack Obama manages to trigger off thermonuclear World War Three. He is utterly ruthless, judging by the Fast and Furious thing, he is prepared to let guns walk into a foreign country and fall into the hands of drug cartels who are known to be ready to take down the Mexican Government, and allow Hezbollah and other undesirables to cross our weakened borden into the US, and now is working in concert with Al Qaeda, the sworn enemy of the US after nine eleven, in Syria to overthrow the Assad government, and closely knit with Israel and it’s leaders who work in concert with MEK a known terrorist group to destablize Iran by organizing them to murder four major Iranian nuclear scientists. He will let the US people die on the border from guns that were supplied directly to Mexican drug dealer cartel memebers, and he will align himself idealogically with known terrorists to fight against Russia and China, which is what is the certain resut of his intervention in Syria and Iran, and today the Saudi led Arab League has passed a resolution that would allow three thousand peace keeping troops into syria. Labrov of Russia says that there must be a cease fire in effect before any peace keeping can start, and also there has to be agreement for the peace corps to come into Syria, from the leadership of Syria. This is not what they agree to now, so if the Peace keepers were to start going into Syria, it would in actuality be an invasion. It is widely reported that Obama and Hillary clinton were ready to have NATO troops go in as they did in Libya, and that they are allying themselves with Al Qaeda now and the Somalian terrorist group fighters to cause mayhem for Assad now.
    Obama is allied with Al Qaeda and MEK by association with Israel, that is the president of the United States is now in bed with two terrorist groups, Al Qaeda and the MEK. We have a law just passed by Obama, that outlaws those US citizens who are found to be connected with and working with directly or indirectly, any terrorist organization, to be arrested by the US military, and thrown into prison without recourse to a lawyer.
    Barack Obama tells us he is a US citizen, and he has opening confessed his position regarding Syria and Iran, and is knowing involved with Alqaeda and MEK in this respect, so hasta la vista amigo. Hershey kisses for days, it’s appropriate, tomorrow’s Valentines Day. Chocolate city is melting the heat is being turned up……………….. time to get out of the kitchen Mr President Sir, the pot is boiling over…………. too many cooks are spoiling the broth……………………

  • Well, the truth is coming out, slowly but surely. The Pentagon is covering this up as best they can but they are showing themselves to be as corrupt as the DOJ. Even if this poor man is put in jail he certainly got a lot of attention and it is mosre than sad that the cover up of the front for the opium trade was obscured by his assertion that the reports coming out about progress were not in accordance with conditions on the ground in Afganistan. The drug trade has increased exponenentially since NATO has been overseeing the poppy production and processing of the opium and heroin and the amount “In Stock” is apparently enormous. There has been no systematic bombing of the poppy fields, and the introduction of regular farming for crops that would actually provide food for the peoople to eat has been discouraged. The war is mostly about the herion trade and the money laundering operation that accompanies that trade. The ruinous effect on the lives of the people who are now addicted to the drub in Russia and Iran particularly is tragic. The NATO forces are itching to get at Iran and Russia with thermonuclear weapons and finish them off.
    Russia and Iran have been under attack by the western oligarchical elite for a long time now because of their ability to think correctly. Russia is a predominantly Christian nation, and that will be the deciding factor in the insane drive for World Wat Three by the US president on behalf of the oligarchs. He is in the pocket of the oligarchs, he just gave away the hope that peoople had here in the US and elsewhere, that the banks would be charged with criminal behavior and their CEO’s put in jail for crimes against the American people, but No, Obama has an election to win.
    Whether he gets away with his crimes is not the point now, the point is that he is not ever going to regain his “cool”……………………..
    and even that is beside the point, the point is that God is on the side of those who are repenting of their wicked ways, earnestly seeking his face, and praying that he will heal our land. Elijah got depressed after he and Ahab had chased after Jezebel’s prophets of Baal and slaughtered all four hundred of them, and told God he was ready to give up, and God showed him that he had seven thousand more prophets left to declare the works of the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and that he would send an angel to feed him and show him the way to Elisha’s farm so that he could have himself someone to hand over his mantle. It is discouraging to see all this going on and all the people who seemed to be on the case, like Coakly, like Issa, like Kucinich all get so wobbly in the face of the devil, but it is not wise to laugh at Satan anyway, it is better to know the Word of God, which is the way in which he will be, most certainly, be defeated. The bibles tells me so, and that’s the truth. So everyone, tread wiselyk, and keep on keepin’ on, and above all, Lift up the name of Jesus, he will surely provide us with a ram in the bush. Halleluyah.

  • “The failure”? What does that mean. Failure is not what this is, this is a deliberate and systematic looting of the citizens of the US and in the process of carrying out this genocidal policy, yes, GENOCIDAL POLICY,
    the Constituion has been flagrantly violated again and again by the current president and the congress. Flowery and vague references to “the heart of the core……” whatever whatever is just beating around the bush.
    The reason they can’t deal properly with the problem is because inspite of all the bailouts and other such futile acts, the FED is bankkrupt, the too big to fail banks are bankrupt, and the austerity measures that are being asked for are just as genocidal as was Hitler and his policy of genocide.
    Think about it, Hitler was put into power by the British Empire and financed by George Bush’s grandfather. So this is nothing new. This time instead of using the US to polish off the enemies of the British Empire, ie the British Royal Family and their Rothschild banking cartel, now called The INter Alpha Group, the Empire, not the citizens of the United Kingdom, they are being squeezed to death just as the rest of us are being squeezed to death, on account of the fact that they are oligarchs, and they believe that they are Gods, the elite, and that the rest of us are slaves or cattle. They want to get rid of the most of us and just keep a few slaves going to do their filthy work, and their plan is to use Barack Obama to trigger World War Three which would be thermonuclear and which would eliminate their three main enemies all at once, namely the US, Russia and China. How? by causing for Israel to attack Iran, and for the new coalition that Obama is talking about now that the UN hasn’t given him the cover he had for his war against Libya, to attack Syria which would cause for a reaction that would lead almost right away of the thermonuclear weapons to be put into use, and we have so many bombs on our submarines all strategically placed in the Med. in the Gulf and in the Pacific that we would beable to anihilate thousands of times greater land mass and people than we did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    Russia has thermonuclear capabilities and so does China, so add it all up and if this planet were still on it’s axis and turning there certainly would not be very much human life or civilization left, you can bet on it.

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    They don’t intend to go after the jugular. Just like Issa was going to get Eric Holder for Fast and Furious and take it all the way to the WH suddenly a slew of Dems. including Denis Kucinich fresh from the Prayer Breakfast that he attended with the president, praying for Eric Holder. This is [...]

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    Yes you’re right. I am just scratching my head though because neither party has a platform or a leg even to stand on. What do I mean? I mean that neither side of the isle has a list of priorities that absolutely have to happen right now, if we are to survive as a species. The human species. We are on the verge of being obliterated, deliberately, by the oligarchs. They have taken money out of circulation, taken away our jobs and our homes, and they have created an imminent food shortage which will lead to millions dying of starvation HERE IN THE US. On top of that they have passed health laws that resemble to a tee the T4 health program of Adolph Hitler, and you know how murderous that became. On top of that we were almost hit again by a large object hurtling through space towards our planet last Friday, the second time in a month, and the sun keeps emitting flares that are humunous, with two of them hitting our atmosphere, which has caused earthquakes and goodness knows what next is in store for us from the Galaxy. So be glad all you want, then realise that Congress and the Administration are like the dinosaurs…………they can’t adapt to what is going on and they are going extinct. The question is, do you want to go extinct with them? If the answer is no, then I suggest you take urgent steps to address the situation. If you need any help to get started why not try logging onto and see what ideas they have to offer. Time is of the essence.

  • Well, back to the drawing board. I just had a great idea, what do you think everybody? Just lately a lot of gays and lesbians came “out of the closet” and things haven’t gotten a whole lot better, money’s too tight to mention and there’s nothing much going on ‘cept the rent. So, instead let’s turn the tide, or go against the tide, however you like the tide to be addressed. Get on your knees, in YOUR PRAYER CLOSET and start praying to the LORD. Tell him that we need help and we are really sorry that we made such a mess of things by just hoping for the best and not checking up on what the banks and politicians were doing, and just cashing in on their bubbles when it suited us which has now caused untold misery for million of people world wide. Ask him to forgive us and help us to live up to our job description which is to behave like we’re created in the image of God, which is how we got here in the first place. Now is the time.
    The enemy is just about to blow us all up by launching thermonuclear World War Three, you can check it out, it’s advertized on the Jeff Rense blog even, they are planning to start it in May………….I kid you not, it’s on the internet and we better take heed. You like being the human species, then get a move on otherwise we’ll be the extinct human species.
    Remember the dinosaurs, they just went on and on and eventually they weren’t able to deal with the increasing demands for energy placed upon them by the Universe, well, that’s what’s happening to us now, except we’re able to come with ideas that will help us to survive. Like getting on your knees and asking God for help.

  • Hi everybody. What about facing everything in the criminal organization that is commonly referred to as Congress and the Presidential Administration HEAD ON. What are they going to do? Throw all of us into a FEMA Concentration Camp? Who would the MSM have as an audience then?
    Who would advertize on a channel or in a newspaper or magazine that didn’t have an audience or readership. Who would they pull the next fast “one” on? OWS is pitifully small, and as you can see by the numbers they got in Oakland, the protestors are tragically ourmanned by the force and hideously unamerican tactics of the armed men in Darfeda outfits that call themselves police. “To serve and protect” Who? The banksters? We have to stand up ALL OF US, because whether you like it or not, the next step they will take, the elite, the oligarchs, is to trigger World War Three.
    Over what? The oil and the gold in Iran and the progress that is being made in Russia China and India to a lesser extent The oligarchs are so jealous, and so greedy, that they can’t bear to let another day pass without grasping at what they perceive is getting in the way of the
    ownership of power. This attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the American People and get away with this foreclosure scheme is disgusting beyond words. Any president who would entertain the notion, let alone the representatives of the organizations who did this to ruin our beautiful republic and the lives of our citizens, is part of it and must be dealt with accordingly. We have laws and we have rights and we have the Constitution, and above all, we have God’s promise. THUS SAITH THE LORD
    If you will repent and turn from your wicked ways, and SEEK MY FACE, I will hear you and I will heal the land. So instead of pointing fingers we have to do some soulsearching and repent for all of our sins, of comision and omission, all the way back through all generations all the way back to Adam and Eve. God really isn’t asking for very much, then we have to turn from our wicked ways, which shouldn’t be hard because even if we wanted to do go on sinning, none of us have any money now so it’s almost impossible to imagine how to bankroll sinful stuff any more.
    Then the LORD promises that he will hear us, and he will Heal Our Land.
    Meaning Heal>

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    The problem I notice when reading the comments above, and the article itself about the Democratic Party, is that there are some fundamental errors that are being made generally, that make this subject confused.
    First of all we have to determine whether people know the difference between ideology and affiliation. Ideology in this case is either liberal or conservative and affiliation is to do with who and why type of people you have always been associated with. So if you are a black person then you might be affiliated with the Democrats yet be ideologically conservative. Or if you are white caucasian, then you might be affiliated with the Republicans yet ideologically be a liberal.
    To be a liberal, you have to swing that way intellectually. This position was a political tool to make fascism fashionable so that people could be brainwashed. So to be liberal is basically wanting to be brainwashed into becoming a slave to the oligarchs. It is a diabolical tool. So it’s a nono. Then being a conservative is basically being A Zionist, someone who is part of the Jewish lobby, and who hate JESUS more than anything. This is contrary to what most self styled conservative think, because if you asked them they most likely would describe themselves as Christian. So you can begin to see that these terms are very misleading and the thing to cling to if you don’t want to go nuts is to cling to the Constitution for dear life. The principles that are embodied in the Constitution are to have a sovreign republic that is governed in such a manner that it is to promote the general welfare of We the People. Meaning in the truest sense, to provide a platform for the citizens that allow them to be what they were created to be, in the image of God, that is creative beings. In the highest possible sense.
    So unless you are consciously working to become as much like the image of God as possible, then you have missed the point of being a member of the human species. Which leads to the confusion I described just now. The oligarchical principle is diametrically opposed to the intention that caused for the War of Independence to be fought, and the creation of the US Constitution. The best examples in recent history of presidents that understood this were FDR and JFK. So rather than worry about the Democrats as they are today, study JFK and FDR and get your congressman or woman to follow in their footsteps. Get rid of anyone who isn’t in tune with the Constitution and who will not exhibit the courage that FDR and KFK exhibited.

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    For a progressive blog this article was plain FOXY. I thought you guys were pro OWS, they are all out in the open with police arresting them and getting thrown out of places and generally being described as retards by most. He didn’t mention them did he. I thought the OWS was the main preoccupation [...]

  • It’s time for one of our patriotic Congressmen to get impeachment articles served on this president before he makes one more step in the direction of starting another attack on yet another country. His speech tonight was not reassuring at all, he looked quite manic when he got to the part of “all options are open” and Hillary Clinton looked wretched because she must know that the next bad move he makes will lead to thermonuclear World War Three and you can tell by her demeanour that she is sick to the stomach and that he, Obama, is drunk with power and his pride and bloodlust knows no boundaries. HE HAS TO BE CONSTITUTIONALLY REMOVED FROM OFFICE RIGHT AWAY so we can survive as a species.

  • The aims of the Founding Fathers were not compatible with what went before them. Obviously there were things that didn’t stop the second they “founded” the USA and drew up the Constitution. They were looking ahead and laying down mandates and principles for us to use as a guide and get things to work in the future. The slaves themselves, in many instances, didn’t know they had been emancipated for about two years after the proclamation was made, so there is no harm in facing reality.
    I don’t know how the Tea Party envisions that history will be written if the drive for thermonuclear World War three isn’t arrested immediately.
    Worrying about the way the effects of slavery is recorded at this moment in time is a waste of precious energy. Our focus must be upon shutting down the oligarchs once and for all by reinstating Glass Steagall, by passed tHE RETURN TO PRUDENT BANKING Act introduced by Marcy Kaptur D Ohio and then to have Congress to start uttering Credit for worthwhile projects like NAWAPA and NASA. If Obama doesn’t like these suggestions, then he is not a true patriot, and should be served with his pink slip. Under Constitutional Rules of course. No more games.

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    What is this all about. Are you just playing around with words? Who cares if the headline is contradictory, it’s just another waste of time. We have to get Obama out of the WH otherwise we will be finished as a sovreign republic. If we don’t reinstate Glass Steagall, and place a firewall between legitimate [...]

  • This could be helped greatly if foreign countries would stop funding the insurgents, and or, supplying the insurgents. The war in Libya was a total disaster, and NATO thought they would be able to breeze through that and finish off Syria quite easily, but hey, wait a minute, who and what is NATO exactly? It is an army that is mostly funded and suppled by the USA.
    So the Commander in Chief of the United States is behind all this?
    Why, what in the world is going on here. We, the US, are involved all over the place in these civil wars, and yes, there will be casualties, were there no casualties in the American Civil War, or the American War of Independence. There were many many casualties, and yet, we gained our independence, and the slaves gained their independence. Now there is a fight going on in Syria, and if it were just about independence then it would be one thing, but it is just a prelude to war with Iran, and then thermonuclear war with Russia and China.
    It is leading up up a gum tree.
    We should pack up our bags and leave the wars behind us.
    We should use our military to do what it’s meant to do, take care of our nations infrastructure and man spaceships and send satelites into the Galaxy to make sure we are ready for bad weather and rogue asteroids, and build a Moon Colony so we can launch a manned mission to Mars from there, because the gravity isn’t so intense, and the fuel for the rockets to get us to Mars is Helium, and that is to be mined on the Moon.
    This Assad thing is just one of the oligarch’s plots to overthrow the Chinese and the Russians, out of sheer jealousy, because they are doing so much better than the oligarchs are. The USA has the Glass Steagall Act in its hand, its the Wild Card, the Joker, the Ace in the Hole, time to play it.

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    All the power humgry women who hang around the oligarch scene are riding for a fall. There is no future for them, and no future for anything they touch. Women have been deceived ever since Eve was deceived by the serpent in the Garden of Eden, but by now, six thousand years later, you would think that we would all of us gotten hip to the jive.

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    Passing a bill to spend one trillion dollars that doesn’t exist is utter crap. How we can sit back and watch this nonsense every day and not raise heck, and I don’t mean OWS, is beyond comprehension.
    The first step towards the resolution of the global crisis that we currently are experiencing, is to REINSTATE THE GLASS STEAGALL ACT.
    A bill which would get this done is HR 1489 “The Return to Prudent Banking Act” introduced by Marcy Kaptur D Ohio. Once that is done then the too large to fail banks will have to undergo bankruptcy protection measures.
    The legitimate debt would be recognized, and the fraudulent gambling debts, the toxic debts, the derivatives debt, would be handed to the banks to figure out for themselves, and would no longer be the responsibility of citizen taxpayers. Glass Steagall would provide a firewall separating these two very different forms of indebtedness.

    The United States has the unique and very human oriented US constitution to lean on, and this would be the next step. Article 1 Section 8 mandates that CONGRESS UTTERS CREDIT. This is the fundamental principle undergirding the intention of the founding fathers, to reinforce our sovreignty as a nation. Because the wealth that was created under FDR and to a lesser extent, under JFK, has been steadily eroded since his assassination, the wealth generated by the real economy, the human economy, the productive power per head per square kilometer, it will be necessary for Congress to utter credit to not only refinance the collapsing states but to guarantee large infrastructure platform projects, such as the NAWAPA, a water management program, a mag lev railroad system, the reopening of the US tooling capability and to fund FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers right away, so that we can replenish our farmers, and rebuild the agriculture industry, the livestock industry, so that we can avert a world wide famine. At the same time we need to revamp NASA, so that we can rush forward the research required to study the precursors of the turbulent weather conditions and their results, that we are experiencing recently, owing to the position of our solar system right now in the Galaxy. It is no use looking to the utterly discredited Chicago MERC for comfort and prompt companies wishing to purchase fraudulent carbon emission credits to do so, because that is only the basis for another bubble that is bursting before it’s even gotten going. Another scam is not what is required at all.
    Glass Steagall first, then the NEED ACT OF 2011 introduced by Denis Kucinich second. This would get Congress cracking with the Credit.
    We don’t need to pamper the oligarchs any more, the banksters, the Wall Street Crown and the wanna be leaders of the EU Governance. We need to regain our own sovreign currency. We need to say Bye Bye to Helicopter Ben and the FED. President Obama and them, the Obama Administration have no right to have anything further to do with the presidency. They have proved, leaving no shadow of doubt, that their policy is not American, it is directed from abroad, the Oligarchs headquarted in the City of London.
    The last gasp remains of the old Roman empire, that reincarnated as the British Empire. Their intention is to use President Obama to trigger World War Three, so that their perceived “competition” i.e. the Russian and Chinese economies, will be crushed.

    This is not good politics. Good politics is to form a treaty with Russia and China to forge ahead with projects that will benefit mankind globally.
    The NAWAPA principle can be applied world wide, to irrigate good fertile soil and to cause for the temperature to drop by two degrees in places that experience drought and fires associated with drought, and to calm the massive hurricanes that are spawned by hot winds etc that blow across oceans, like Irene for example or Katrina. We can change the weather and make living conditions better by using our God given creativity. We don’t need to cause more desertification by building wind farms, or by masses of solar panel groupings. These two ideas are from the pit of hell.

    By now you will be thinking along productive lines I hope. Let the House pass the RETURN TO PRUDENT BANKING ACT. Declare a bank holiday a la FDR and reopen a new national federal bank a day or so later with credit uttered by Congress, and get the ball rolling. We could put millions back to work immediately with the NAWAPA project, and the wars and rumors of wars would have to be shelved because we would be willfully constructing a productive future for mankind, making history, instead of willfully self destructing, of anhialating mankind, becoming extinct as a species, DEAD DEAD DEAD in case you are not getting my drift, which will not be recorded because there will be noone here any longer. No internet, no nothing.
    Life as we know it will be over. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let’s do the right thing, reinstate Glass Steagall, form an alliance to get scientific projects underway with Russia and China, develop the North Pole, and go to Mars already.
    The alternative sucks.

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    What in the world do you mean???????????????
    Governance is what the oligarchs are talking about in Europe.
    The New World Order, when the Banks run the world, and governments no longer have a say in anything, and sovreignty has been subbordinated to
    to the supply of money from Lord Rothschild and the empirical lords of
    financial wizardry.
    Please don’t impose “governance” upon the USA. We still have the Constitution and the Congress and the Administration are not following the principles of the Constitution. Denounce them, and write about how we can
    get back to sanity, please thrown the idea of the US having “governance” into your trash can. We are better than that, inspite of what eveyone is saying about the passive baby boomers and the “lost generation”. When the chips are down, the cartels will choke on their own vomit.

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