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    Ma chérie!

    Come live with me for month and we can walk around my neighborhood.

    Every day, at an hour, when people are about, when we will find neighbors of all complexions, and heritage.

    If we walk somewhat further west, we will find Anglo, African sub Saharan, north Saharan. Arab, Muslim, Chaldean, Hindustani, even Far Eastern.

    My descriptive words fail.

    The only polls for me are of the Census.

    By that, I live in the fourth most affluent county of Michigan. Closely joined to the upper three.

    My counties’ name is stolen from the original people, as is the land itself,

    But in this affluent county, I live in the least affluent sector. If we seceded they would be the richest, and we would be the poorest.

    I have just been to a health clinic here, for my first Medicare annual checkup, of many I can only hope.

    Africans to Anglos: 9 to 1.

    I sincerely hope that that the care for all was equal.

    I do polls only one on one, when I ask a mother how old her baby is.

    All the rest, to me, is suspect.

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    Thank you Iron…

    My definitions before, as apply to the human condition in general, and specifically to the US:

    The working class are so, as they have no authority over the nature of their work (as in unskilled labor), or at best little authority (as in skilled trades). Little or no authority except by collective action, as with unions or better yet, but hardly found, a representative State.

    This working class is eighty per cent of the populace.

    When they achieve a certain amount of financial reward, they are systematically mis-led into believing they are middle class.

    But the real middle class who do have some authority over their own work, are the Doctors, Lawyers, middle managers. They bear allegiance above or below. They are twenty per cent of the populace.

    The capital class. Their money does their work, and the work that they do is with, and for the increase of their money. They bear no allegiance.

    If they observe laws of some governance, they may dismiss them. Or they may seek to rewrite them.

    They are less than one per cent of the populace.

    They are the ownership class, par excellence.

    The Robber Barons. Writ old, writ new, they are the same.

    They have always been so.

    It has been, always in their interest to conquer by dividing the lower classes.

    To divide working class by race, by ethnicity, by heritage of any sort.

    In the American experience of slavery, perceptions of Race was early on the easiest differential.

    Any child born of an African mother was an African. Written into law very early on.

    And in with purpose for the Robber Barons, in general concept,

    Divide the Anglo (shorthand for ‘white’) working class from the African (a more meaningful term than’Black’) working class, albeit slave populace.

    And when the working class of any description became more prosperous: call them middle class. And thus divide their allegiance by income.

    Any expression that the vast majority of the populace, the working class, should be allied to themselves, and a for a greater good, is constantly corrupted by the ownership class.

    Those expressing such are called communists or even worse, anarchists.

    Could I rewrite the Manifesto of 1848. No.

    But I am rather more an adherent of Bakunin.

    Some years ago, circa 2008, on another blog that permitted personal trailers to the name, I commented as Alice X – anarchists unite!

    The contradictions should be self evident, but for me, they still are informative.

    I am sorry if I have not proofread this any necessary last time.

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    Awareness leads to nothing if it is not accompanied by leadership, program, demands.

    We do not need leaders, we need representatives.

    Awareness will fade away like Occupy, originated by anarchists.

    The terms anarchists and communists were well honed pejoratives foisted by the reactionary emissaries of the great robber barons of almost one hundred years ago, and counting.

    Michael Bakunin, as of anarchism; and Karl Marx, as of communism held forth, with, of and after their original great schism of social uplift ideals.

    Occupy didn’t fade away, it was crushed. As were the Wobblies.

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    What has been accomplished?

    We are writing about it.

    No change besides “awareness”?

    For the African-Americans, the understanding of exploitation and subjugation has been keenly lived for going on four hundred years.

    Unfortunately, for so many, awareness comes in the vessel of faint allusions by the MSM.

    Demonstrators have made no demands,

    have no program,

    The emancipation proclamation. The thirteenth amendment. The Civil Rights Act.

    What else did you miss?

    no leadership.

    They have the ‘Black’ mis-leadership class. Or at the top, the non-leadership class.

    I live in a predominantly African heritage district. We understand.

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    It is not seen as one of the top problems face the country. From Gallup:

    Did you mean: It is NOW seen as one of the top problems TO face the country.

    Proofread, proofread…

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    We need a revolution.

    As Russell Brand has it, we need a revolution, not to have this or that ‘-ism’, but to have what they insist we already have.

    A democracy?!

    He is gentle.

    I say, put the banksters in jail and mow down Wall Street.

    And then take care of the rest.

    Abe Lincoln said it best: I fear for my country because the corporations are empowered.

    That was even before they became persons.

    I know corporations are long empowered, I will believe they are persons when Texas executes one.

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    Now I know what Jane did, or had done in her stead. Proofread, proofread, proofread.

    That aside.

    When forty percent (rounding up) of eligible voters show up to vote, and fifty one percent of them vote for dog A, versus dog B, what do you have?

    Answer: a dog.

    This is not meant to disparage dogs.

    What a fucking bad joke this is.

  • Riggit, not!

    Thank you!

  • America was founded as the land of the free.

    The free, of course, were those who held the land.

    Well, the land stolen from the original inhabitants.

    As time progressed, the mantra was: go west, young man.

    You, serfs you all, have your women to follow. You can have land for your own and maybe even slaves.

    But first you must blunt the tomahawks of the people you might displace from there.

    And they will object.

    But after some time we will send in an army for cleanup.

    Imperialism on the cheap.

    The rewards paid to the titled Conquerers proved enormous.

    Theirs remains the advantage.

    We of the commons, though we benefited at times, are meant to be befuddled.

  • Observe the notion of health care.

    In WW II the most mobilized nation was ‘Great Britain’: England at large.

    Mobilized beyond all others.

    Despite a nominally conservative government, all were conscripted.

    Even aristocrats bound for the coal mines.

    Even women, which no other nation did.

    Health care was provided, paid for by a conservative government.

    Health of the commons was an absolute necessity.

    The most completely socialized state ever.

    To conserve then could only mean a uniform united front.

    For a singular notion of the conservation of a nation.

    Health care was afterwords written into law with the National Health Service.

    Without a health insurance (the concept) for all in the war, England was doomed.

    It was the conservation of the nation.

    The US allowed health insurance (the concept) via employers as a means around the then national wage freeze.

    This was health insurance purposefully not counted as a wage increase.

    There is the conflict.

    Today England is privatizing the NHS, while Scotland is not.

    The US, with the demise of unionism and its therein provided health insurance, is a befuddled mess.

    Where can there be a united front in these United States today.

    Certainly not with this corporate handover legislation of the so called ACA.

    Where? and when?

  • I never intend to adjust myself to Economic conditions that will take necessities from the many to give luxuries to the few


  • But the system has been so distorted that such a case could [NOT] be today.

    Sorry, proofread, proofread.

    Even then you need an edit button, which here seems to lacking.

    This is the point: the enormous inequality of income, and the less easily observed much less understood, inequality of wealth, which is the ultimate goal of ‘them’s that got, who gets more’ that has charted beyond the early seventies, is what underlies this debate.

    Those that have mean to extract all from those who have less.

    Let Freedom ring for the profiteers. Fuckers.

  • Such is the nature of healthcare.

    I am now 65. I paid ‘into’ Medicare my entire life. I was paying for a system (though incomplete and inadequate) that went towards healthcare for those then at and above age 65.

    I paid though I had no ‘health insurance’ for myself.

    I was fortunate as I only occasionally needed health care.

    The ramifications of universal health care, and the lack of it that require cognition.

    A society that values the health and well being of all does not play to ‘me-ism’.

    Alas that is the nature of the American experience, from rather early on.

    In those nations that have more of a sense of commonality, common health is valued as a good for all.

    It is and it will be, viruses, bacteria and the pitfalls of life versus us, as a common good.

    It is the human condition versus the forces that that take us down, one by one, and ultimately in all.

    This nation was founded on slavery and genocide. It was and still is the property holders (who have their own) versus the the many other components of humanity.

    The elite of the health care Mafia here make out like the great bandits that they are.

    In other nations, that is not the case.

  • As of this year, I have Medicare/Medicaid. What is not mentioned is that those with Medicare are excluded from ‘expanded’ Medicaid. Even where available.

    Traditional Medicaid, means tested, based on the FPL, with an asset cap of $2,000.

    And the reporting requirements are really something.

    The FPL. Itself is way to low. I make it barely because I own my home.

    Even so, I may be on a dial up at some point, given the plunder of Comcast.

    Or without my sixteen year old car with its original tires, given the plunder of the car insurance.

    My original plan was to die on the curb of the emergency room.

    I may stick with that.

    So far my health is good. I hope I know when the last hour is up so I can get to that curb.

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    Be well!


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    Did I mention torture.

    Did I mention a national surveillance state?

    Did I mention perpetual war by the sole hegmon?

    Well, my bad.

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    The[y] have a point.

    Jim Crow died a thousand deaths. But not enough, he lives on still.

    Where were you when that cross was lit afire, again?

    I ask myself the same question. Over, and over again.

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    The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

    Richard Wormser

    The Book:

    Buy it from anyone else before Amazon.

    The video:

    Available, perhaps, in your public library, my own from which I had my viewing.

    Buy it somewhere.

    I watched it twice.

  • COINTELPRO is alive and well.

    The FBI’s War on Black America
    Deb Ellis and Denis Mueller (Director) Format: DVD ©1989

    If you can buy it elsewhere do. Amazon says it is a manufactured one off print by purchase so there is that.

    Meanwhile though the video is cribbed and poor

    Howard Zinn: You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train

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    I am talking before the suburbs had developed. The freeways destroyed old neighborhoods. Those people were forced to resettle. The conditions for buying a new house were much more favorable than for an existing house. And of course with the destruction of the neighborhoods the existing housing stock decreased. As Detroit’s tax base deteriorated its [...]

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