• It occurs to me that the China tariff on US car imports did not happen until we threatened their solar industry. Many have warned of this very response to instituting tariffs. It is known as a trade war. I think we could accomplish more by changing our tax codes to encourage domestic investments. The capital gains tax breaks need to have domestic investment conditions for eligibility.

  • Individuals in management positions determine company actions, not a set of papers constituting an agreement to form a business association. Those responsible for actions are the guilty parties, and until they are held responsible for what they do with the company, then no accountability can be achieved. Company fines are paid by customers and stockholders, and that does little to achieve responsible management.

  • What an excellent idea— some software genius could create a blocking program to disable tracking software, that would be a valuable product to sell for whoever accomplishes it.

  • When a country with a population predominantly Muslim, elects Muslim leaders it is no more surprising than the US electing Christian leaders. There are many in the media using a bigoted one size fits all denouncement of all things Muslim. Like all prejudice, this is ignorant and incorrect. The denigration of all Muslims is a cheap military tactic to remove equal human status of those perceived to be “the enemy”, in order to excuse the mistreatment of them.

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    Wallmart is using the typical corporate strategy to steal money from employees and set it to the top. Examine this story; http://www.alternet.org/story/47224/?page=2

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    I would like to know how anyone living on minimum wages could possibly have money left over to pay for private health insurance? Policies that cost the least amount to almost nothing, as when I worked at a boat factory years ago, their dental plan was more expensive than paying cash because of limited percentage of coverage and inflated list prices for procedures, I would be spending more to have the dental plan than it costs to pay cash for procedures at a lower cost dental facility. It is the same story with the Medicare drug benefit. They cover up to 60% of list price, but compared to international drug prices, the list price in the US is as much as 800% above the international price for the same drugs in some cases with the drugs I checked on. Drug companies can buy their products on the world market, but we must only buy domestically, and the company can charge any price they want for retail sales. This is one reason why our costs are twice as much as Germany or Japan, both which have private health care, but with national health insurance, where prices for products and procedures are negotiated among bidders.

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    So when the people are fed lies, repeated by the media, you would blame the people for not knowing the truth? Those who dared to tell the truth were trivialized, persecuted and attacked with character assassination. How about holding the liars accountable for misleading the public, for murder of innocents, for war crimes of using nuclear waste as bullets, for torture, and false imprisonment without evidence? What about the widespread bombings of civilian targets and public works? All done in the stated cause of removing Sadam Hussein, but instead bombing everyone except the target. Is it not a crime to assassinate a head of state of another country?
    And the subject of immunity to Iraqi law; why should anyone have immunity to the law? Are we such a criminal country that we cannot abide by any laws? that alone is reason for the Iraqi’s to demand our departure.

  • When people are given bonuses even as they bankrupt the company, it is no surprise that they do not worry about making the right decisions. CEO’s who’s pay is a percentage of the workers would be sure that the whole company does well. Any manager knows that happy employees show loyalty and perform well, while [...]

  • Any and all citizens have the right and the responsibility to make government accountable. No one is beyond question. A third party needs to build through local and state offices before making a challenge to the presidency. Many decisions affecting our lives are made at the local and state level. Congress must support presidential initiatives [...]

  • I would like to see any industry that has had no failed companies, as I do not think it exists. Companies fail for many reasons, and the entire solar industry cannot reasonably be disparaged for a few losses, likely due to management mistakes. The renewable energy industry is growing far faster than any other segment [...]

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    During the 50′s and 60′s, when people got paid a fair wage it was not necessary for both parents to work full time and more. Think about the effect on society that lack of parental supervision has, and consider if fair wages are worth more than obscene rich management, with the rest of society steady going downhill. People without jobs do not support the economy very well. The difference in wealth between classes has never been higher than now and look at our economy–something is not right.

  • Perhaps Obama wants experienced judges instead of political plants. When he tries to do the right thing he still gets flack. The Republican tactic of placing friends and political shills in office has not worked out too well now has it?

  • As long as Democrats can personalize their capitulation to Republicans by blaming everything on Obama, they do not have to admit that Democratic Congress did not vote to support the average citizens in this latest debt song and dance routine. We need more independents in Congress that will pass bills to rein in the influence [...]

  • Did they send you the “third party candidates cannot win” bumper sticker as a consolation prize? We need to cram that assertion “down their throat” in 2012 by voting Green Party in high numbers.

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    Once again, the bait and switch technique is brought out by Republicans. One thing to remember is that Republicans have gained ground, not only with bait and switch, but by being consistent liars. They claim to embrace some progressive ideals, but only before the election. They claim to support individual freedom, but only for wealthy [...]

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    When the people are unemployed and desperate, the rich buy everything at rock bottom prices, and wage scales plummet. It is all going according to their plan. Banks foreclose on homeowners without clear rights to titles, supported by the courts, and these properties get sold at auction to those with ready cash. While banks receive [...]

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    I have been checking the news in Japan, and even with a lot of news blocking, some reports are coming out. Nearly half of the children of Fukushima have tested positive for ingested radiation. http://rt.com/news/fukushima-children-positive-radiation/ Agricultural products as far as 180 miles downwind from the nuclear disaster are being blocked form sale due to excess [...]

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    Forget trying to find a candidate in the Democratic party that is against wars for exploitation. They will not be supported by the party. Examine the Green Party platform, for a real progressive candidate. Check this report on the ground in Libya. http://www.gp.org/cynthia/display.php?ID=45

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    On the question of how some blogs become “recommended”, I assume that selection is from the editor, based on content of interest to the community. There may be editor bias, but that is the prerogative of an editor. If a person does not like the editor’s choices, they are free to read from sites that [...]

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    I totally disagree. There are many people who purposely mislead the public with false information and vested conclusions. When these people are called out, they get very upset and demand political correctness. If anyone is to be censored it should be the liars, but that would require fact checking on every line, which is beyond [...]

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