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    What I inferred from Jeff Kaye’s comment @ 20 was that Bushcheney did not heed the Clinton warnings about the threat from al Qa’iada . The other inference could be that Bushcheney by not acknowledging the threat posed by ‘the Base” furthered the likely success for the attacks on the Twin Towers . When you think about why the search for the Sheikh was called off – if it was – one must also think about Richard C Clarke runnnig around the Bushcheney White house ” with his hair on fire ” warning of an immeninent terrorist attack ” .
    Its still very troubling to me that Bushcheney chose not to vigorously pursue UBL – then we wind up with Camp Nama after the GWOT is instituted .

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    Way off topic – but I just sent an email to with to bmaz in the header
    Its an attachment with a working outline for how to set up returning veterans for success in their very own charter service here in Austin . Did not know how else to get this to you . In an earlier post you said this might be a good idea .
    Thank you for your consideration

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    Thanks bmaz – I tried linking to the site you provided- but it would not let me connect . The other piece of this might be to try to do a before and after documentary . That is the veterans are interviewed about difficulties of finding work & then after– how the charter services being stood up helped these women veterans . I could see other services such as catering , also being used to help our veterans start businesses . And perhaps when the money gets paid back from the intial investors -it could be used as seed money for the next veteran owned enterprise.
    Can you maybe just give me Mr Sifry’s email address ?

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    This OT and maybe not the way to go about this. But its has to do with job creation and middle class values- and supporting the net root nation . Its a business plan that would target returning women veterans especially those without work and homes.
    Basically it would stand up five to ten charters services in Austin ( think taxis without meters -the veterans are the owners ) The charters would support ten to twenty veterans . The funding would range from five charter services for $ 250,000 – to ten charter services for $ 500,000 ( 50k per charter service ) I would also like to look for progressive returning women veterans -as I see potential for these charters to help other groups in town – The investors would be paid back in three years principal plus ten per cent interest .
    I just joined Emily’s List and left a similar comment
    What do you think ?

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    bmaz @ 15
    Thank you for your kind words .
    I do not whelch on bets -once the grand jury is completely over and even irrational hopes for Principals being indicted is totally dashed – pls then tell me where to send the two hundred dollars

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    bmaz@ 3
    PS.. though I do admit that this hope is fading if not irrational .

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    Have had elder care issues and working longer hours due to a marked slow down in ground transportation business to contend with bmaz – so not much time to spend with you all. But I will honor our bet – if you think that the time has passed completely that no Bush Cheney principals will ever be indicted by Durham . I myself still believe that an indictment could happen . The Durham grand jury is still convened yes ?

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    Timmy Geithner & Maiden Lane – Timmy is not on our side.
    It is class warfare -and they are at this point winning.
    At least PappaBush put some of these wall street looters in prison back in the day . Keating went to jail. Monzillo skated away with a fine that was chump change compared to what was looted from us .

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    Judith Miller was just nominated for the 2011 George Goebbels Award for AgitProp to further overseas violence against Other People’s Countries who have stuff we need to rip off – Surely this NewsMax gig will make her be the shoe in for this year !
    Hey Judy don’t trip over any of those entwined Aspen Roots .
    1984 Knocking at Our Collective Door

  • When we will have accountability and punishment for the banksters

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    jaxxur@ 67
    Yes we are growing further apart because we can as a People no longer agree that allegations of detainee homicides and torture( ie slicing of a penis with scapel )are war crimes and need to be investigated but are not -they are covered up . And yes we as a People are growing further apart because many of us said the Irak Occupation was and is an illegal aggression & a war crime . Our former leaders such as President George W Bush willingly sell us falsehoods such as Saddam kicked out the WMD inspectors so we had to go to Baghdad ( but El Baradei’s team was still in country as the first sorties were flown ) – Yes we are growing apart as a People when many of us do not get on the Orwellian crazy train to xenophobic fascistville .
    Finally it now appearsto be totally clear that Barry has decided to look forward not backward so it appears that the Crazy Train has begun to really pick up speed .
    And Jaxxur for all the Blood & Treasure we spent on the illegal occupation of Irak we could have fixed and destroyed all the alQaida networks that now still threaten us – maybe we could agree on that …
    Jaxxur the middle ground is the return to rule of law – why not test first whether or not the Irak War was a war of aggression – and go from there.
    That might be one way to derail the crazy train -and help us collectively regain our Comity

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    1984 knocking at our door
    Why are Israeli terrorism experts here helping make it safe for the Oil&Gas corporations to destroy our drinking water supplies in order to get heretofore unrecoverable natural gas /
    Its the Stassi meets the Pinkertons here in the these United States .
    Where is the Holder DOJ on this subversion of our most basic freedoms ?
    This is not the change we voted for in 2008 .

  • Bmaz former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega states that the Patriot Act keeps torture and other war crimes from having a SOL expiration date. In your opinion is that a wrong read of the Patriot Act -that Ms dela Vega is wrong in asserting the Patriot Act prevents an expiration of the SOL re torture and other war crimes ?

  • Bmaz does this mean the investigation is over and there will be no final report or findings issued by Team Durham ? Does this mean you have won our bet ? Wasn’t there some amendment introduced by Sen Durbin that passed that extended the SOL on such war crimes as the Durham investigation was to encompass ? Btw you ask where the media is now that the SOL has run out-also where the heck is Sen Whitehouse and the other legislators that over the years have demanded accountability for the bushcheney torture and other war crimes ? Or we missing something here as we declare the investigation a dead letter ?

  • Paul Wellstone was a true patriot.
    I hate to even conjecture that his death was anything but an accident.
    But then I think of that GOP operative that was the IT genius that allegedly fixed the code in the 2004 voting machines that made sure that Dubya took Ohio – that dude was supposedly going to repent of his sins . Wasn’t he killed in a amall plane crash too ?
    1984 knocking at our door !