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  • Rahm is the perfect embodiment of the modern Democratic Party.
    Run, Karen, run!

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    Long but worthwhile essay at InsideHigherEd:
    Education Is Not Like Eating at the Olive Garden

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    They use their spare change to create institutions and groups and pay their favorite writers and academics to justify whatever they want.

    And on cue, one of the performing monkeys at Mercatus chimes up:

    We have evolved a political debate where essentially nationalistic concerns have been hiding behind the gentler cloak of egalitarianism. To clear up this confusion, one recommendation would be to preface all discussions of inequality with a reminder that global inequality has been falling and that, in this regard, the world is headed in a fundamentally better direction.

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    In a Subprime Bubble for Used Cars, Borrowers Pay Sky-High Rates

    Rodney Durham stopped working in 1991, declared bankruptcy and lives on Social Security. Nonetheless, Wells Fargo lent him $15,197 to buy a used Mitsubishi sedan.

    “I am not sure how I got the loan,” Mr. Durham, age 60, said.

    When this ends badly, and it will, who will Rick Santelli blame?

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    He’s baaaack, tanned, rested and smearing:

    John Schindler ‏20committee

    The tragic loss of #MH17 should serve as a reminder of exactly what sort of regime #SnowdenOp & its whole cast of characters is in bed with.

    No, really.

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    Yes. Go to and check out the long-haul traffic over both
    ISIS controlled areas and Afghanistan.
    Of course, neither ISIS nor the Taliban have high-altitude AA missiles. I hope.

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    From the the NYT:

    The Malaysian plane was flying on an active route used by commercial airlines every day. Hours before the crash, Russia closed four airways near the Ukrainian border, including one that was a continuation of Flight 17’s route.

    Look at the closed routes.

    1. It looks like someone in Russia knew that something bad might be about to happen just over the border and communicated it to the civil aviation authorities.

    2. Long before approaching Eastern Ukraine, the pilot should have known about the closure.
    What exactly was he planning on doing when he got to Russian airspace?

  • A Dutch man is feared missing by his Facebook friends, after posting a joke as he boarded a plane in Amsterdam saying “if the plane disappears, this is what it looks like”.

  • Yes, that was my point.
    You have a “research fellow” who says that the non-regular forces
    don’t have weapons capable of reaching that flight level.
    And you have “Associated Press journalists” who say that they,
    or at least someone operating in areas they control, do have them.

  • More, offered without comment since this is above my paygrade:

    Igor Sutyagin, a research fellow in Russian studies at the Royal United Services Institute, said both Ukrainian and Russian forces have SA-17 missile systems — also known as Buk ground-to-air launcher systems.

    He said Russia had supplied separatist rebels with military hardware, but he had seen no evidence “of the transfer of that type of system from Russia.” The weapons that the rebels are known to have do not have the capacity to reach beyond 4,500 meters. (14,750 feet)

    A launcher similar to the Buk missile system was seen by Associated Press journalists earlier Thursday near the eastern Ukrainian town of Snizhne, which is held by the rebels.

  • An Associated Press reporter on Thursday saw seven rebel-owned tanks parked at a gas station outside the eastern Ukrainian town of Snizhne. In the town, he also observed a Buk missile system, which can fire missiles up to an altitude of 22,000 meters (72,000 feet).

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    An angry old man, shouting at clouds. But this time it’s not McCain or Scalia:

    Rupert Murdoch says business has a right to speak out on public policy matters, even on issues not directly related to their area of operation. …

    Murdoch said businesses should be involved in shaping public policy and also suggested governments needed to loosen constraints on business.
    “You should be leaving the public, by the normal processes of demand, to provide business with the opportunities to get on with life and get the governments to take a back seat,” he said. …

    Murdoch, who was part of a panel discussion on the role of business in shaping public policy, said he held a lifelong belief in free markets and strong libertarian ideals. …

    Murdoch also defended companies which have been criticised by the US government for relocating to lower corporate-taxing countries.

  • I’m all in favor of an endowed chair for Yoo –
    at the University of Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib campus.

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    With all due respect to Fed Chairwoman Yellen and Paul Krugman,
    near-zero interest rates lead to cr*p like this:

    Rupert Murdoch Said to Have Made Offer for Time Warner

    The bold approach could put Time Warner in play and might again ignite a reshaping of the media industry, prompting a new spate of mega-mergers among the nation’s largest entertainment companies. …

    Together, Fox and Time Warner would become a colossus with an array of television networks and channels like Fox, Fox News, FX, TNT and TBS; the premium subscription channel HBO, movie studios like Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Brothers and other high-profile outlets. It would also combine Fox’s growing sports business with the broadcast rights that Time Warner owns for professional and college basketball and Major League Baseball, among other sports.

    The combined company would have total revenue of $65 billion.

    But surely this would be stopped by Eric Holder’s trust-busters, amirite?

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    It would be irresponsible not to recall that Jon Chait was one of the great water carriers for the ACA, mocking the sanctimonious purists who pointed out its many flaws.
    How’s Hobby Lobby working for you, Feminist Chait?

  • The sole email, which is undated, was written by an unnamed Citigroup trader

    Otherwise known as The Theory of Immaculate Deception.

    This is beginning to look like AG Holder is auditioning for his next job on Wall Street,

    Beginning? Surely you’re joking, Mr. Wright.

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    The “gig economy” comes to education.
    Underfunded schools and neoliberal policies are burning out teachers:

    “They’re making it really hard for people to become career teachers,” she said. “They’re heading to a model where people can only teach for a few years,
    and then leave.”

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    High deductible health plans vex patients, providers

    … High-deductible plans are creating a growing bloc of underinsured families in the Rochester region and elsewhere, local providers said.

    That means, in some cases, that patients can’t or won’t pay the medical or dental bills their high-deductible plan demands of them. And that leaves many doctors, the non-specialists in particular, with serious cash-flow problems.

    “It’s a huge issue,” said Nancy Adams, executive director of the Monroe County Medical Society. “We’re sending out a survey to our members to determine the extent of it.”

    She said accounts receivable for some doctors — patients with unpaid balances — is now two or three times what it was in prior years.

    Adams said that the other side of the high-deductible coin is people delaying or forgoing medical care and treatment. …

    But surely Jonathan Gruber proved that this can’t happen.

  • … destroyed accidentally when they became soaked with water…

    An early frontrunner for the 2014 Rose Mary Woods award.
    Although there’s sure to be plenty of competition.

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