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  • ally commented on the blog post Karen Santorum Wants The Homos To Quit Beating Up Her Husband

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    “I wouldn’t be surprised if all this ultra right-wing religiousity were entirely an adaptation to discovering that he could win votes that way.”

    People in PA know that he was Not always a Religious-zealot-nutjob — and the logic goes to until he got to DC and was “Recruited” by The Family. He always had a big ego and I suspect that the Religious-zealot-nutjob Groups offered him “Great Power and Money” so he went with it, and then drank too-much of the Power-Crazy-Religious-zealot-nutjob kool-aid.

    Someone I know who worked on his senate campaign said that the wifey Karen was not a very happy person. Now after reading about her past affair, it seems she seriously traded-down with the Rick Blah guy.

  • ally commented on the blog post FDL Movie Night: The Blob

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    and if you are in PA – go to annual BlobFest

    more info BlobFest –

    and even a “Blob” tour map from 2008 – the 50th Anniversary (PDF) -

  • I have written to White House, Congress, and Medicare – to question Why my mothers asthma inhaler costs Medicare and US consumers = $320, but the same exact inhaler in Canada = $90, and John Aravosis says in France = about $80.

    No one ever responded to me. Think what that savings to Medicare costs would be.

    I’m so disgusted that Big Pharma gets away with this in the US Govt.