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  • Do the female members of these households suffer any mental anxiety at the thought of their “guests” trekking over the border into Afghanistan at night to kill American troops? Does Fahim Qureshi have any compunction about hosting terrorists in his home? Do we ever hear diatribes on FDL against the thousands of innocent lives lost to car bombs directed against Shiites in Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere? No, it only counts as a crime when it the bombs are launched by America, otherwise it isn’t worth reporting.

    Look, civilian casualties in these strikes are certainly distressing, and accountability and oversight are certainly questionable at best, but these accounts are so full of holes as to be meaningless. Why didn’t the CODEPINK folks go and have a visit in North Waziristan, where the vast majority of the strikes have taken place? Why not have a sit-down with the beleaguered freedom fighters in Mir Ali? Oh right, they would kidnap and behead the poor ladies on sight.

    I suppose the United States should wait until after the next mass-casualty attack to defend itself? And what would be an acceptable course of action then? Ask them nicely to stop? Maybe if we all convert to Islam and pledge fealty to Osama bin Laden (Allah praise his soul), we could end this war? Give me a break.

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    I do not understand why the fdl community allows its comments to be overwhelmed with preposterous conspiracy theories and apologism for obvious war criminals. This nonsense needs to be smacked down, though I realize most of the energy here is reserved for passive-aggressive Romney-hate and pretending we won’t all vote for the black guy anyway because the supreme court, duh.

  • At the risk of feeding the troll.. the picture is funny. Sarah’s primary political draw is her physical attractiveness. It’s all she’s got and she knew it from the time she was in “college.” One of the half dozen third-class community colleges she attended. Nothing against attending a half dozen third class junior colleges, that’s a fine career path for lots of confused young folks, but in the case of this perpetually confused public figure, it gives a particular insight to her, ahem, talents, and her background. But yeah, elitist Yale liberals or something like that.. I went to a community college and then a state university myself, but that’s neither here nor there.

    And the t-shirt is funny, simple as that.

    Not surprised the humor is lost on you though.

  • The bill is dead. Keep up the pressure, but rest assured, this will not pass in this session. Not after all this fuss, not in an election year.

    I’ll give Wikipedia most of the credit here; of all the sites that blacked out today, Wikipedia is the one that got the Average Voter’s attention and forced all of these statements and press releases. Fact is, once you pierce the bubble of the corporate media’s mind control, even so-called Tea Partiers are amenable to such novel ideas as not censoring or destroying the open internet. Funny to see the rats scurry when you shine a light on them. Turns out they ARE afraid of the voters, but only to the extent that they can’t rely entirely upon the corporate media apparatus to mold their feeble little minds sufficiently to cover their little tails.

    So Big Content tried the under-the-radar approach, pulling levers to get a “bi-partisan” group of supporters lined up, and squashing any news coverage of the bill, simply hoping it would pass unnoticed. Maybe some Orwellian FOX coverage would serve them better next time? Make it a tribal issue? Couch it as being good for Job Creators and really pound away at that message every day?

    I refuse to believe that the bills’ congressional supporters were simply unaware of its onerous provisions. They may not have realized that it would end up being so controversial, given that they would be shielded from negative media coverage for their positions, but they know full well their purpose. They know whom they serve, and they frankly do not care about the consequences. These assholes are set for life. They have nothing to worry about, except carrying the water they’ve promised to carry.

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    Yeah, yeah. Former Club member here. It feels like a really bad hangover. Of course it’s possible Obama gets the message on this one, as I have seen now in the Times and the Post mentions that many supporters are voicing their intention to jump ship if the tax cuts for the wealthy are extended. [...]