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    “Look Mitt, this is going to be the World War Three, take down the United States watch. You don’t really want to be in the White House at that time. Bush can handle it. We don’t need you in the way. Just let it be”.

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    Thanks shootthatarrow. It’s about as intractable a problem as there can be.
    Ike’s warning over fifty years ago couldn’t be more glaringly true.

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    “Generals gathered in their masses Just like witches at black masses Evil minds that plot destruction Sorcerer of death’s construction” War Pigs – Black Sabbath The Pentagon and our elected “representatives” worked together in a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting to lay the propaganda groundwork for continuing the U.S. military empire full speed ahead. They focused [...]

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    Unfortunately it’s not so easy to blame it on the existence of a republican president now, even if/when we get another one. The wars and U.S. imperialism have become immersed into society, into everything. The War OF Terror is in our TV shows, movies, it’s everywhere. Actions that used to be crimes are now terrorist [...]

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    Too bad the U.S. capital is so far away for most of us. For me it might as well be in Europe or South America. Too bad we can’t figure out a way for people that don’t live on the East coast in the D.C. area a voice. Until then, I think a lot of [...]

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    “I was nothing but a gangster for capitalism”. General Smedley Butler I will say it appears that most on the left also believe there are just wars, at least among the left that supports the democratic party. You won’t convince many that WWII wasn’t a just war. Take this current war against ISIS. Many of [...]

  • Boycott the election if you don’t agree with the system. If you do agree with the system, caste your vote for whichever representative of the plutocracy suits you fancy.

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    American Sniper shows who are still ignorant serfs versus who are the more enlightened serfs.
    We still have way too many ignorant serfs.

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    IOW, the U.S. must continue to “control” Yemen for geopolitical purposes. Since they lost their puppet, they need to squash the opposition to install another puppet.
    U.S. imperialism in action. This “civil war” is another in a long line of manufactured conflicts in Africa for power and greed.

  • Need to be careful here. We’ve all been brainwashed, literally, since we’ve been old enough to talk. The television, the corporations, the schools, and our government have conditioned all of us to behave, think and act in certain ways. “I pledge of allegiance to the flag” “God Bless America” Some of us are enlightened earlier [...]

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    The problem with calling everybody a terrorist is that it plays right into the hands of our rulers and their Neverending War OF Terror and all the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, Totalitarian Spying, and Police State measures they pretend to use to fight against something that used to be criminal acts. Sure it meets the [...]

  • Wealth inequality or not, we’re not in a democracy. Electing a small group of people to make all the decisions is an oligarchy by definition. Years ago, I decided on plutarchy, a combination of plutocracy and oligarchy.
    Those at the top are running a criminal enterprise, it’s not legal what they’re doing. Some of it is, but much of it just plain isn’t. It’s like the Mafia at the top, they murder, kidnap, bribe, extort, everything in the book.

  • The point of the NSA is to keep us safe from terrorists and other cruel, bitter, human beings who hate us for our freedom and democracy and probably, quarter pounders with cheese. The point is to pave the way for glorious lives for all Americans, free from any worries. Those that criticize the NSA are just jealous.

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    So would that indicate you support the status quo, or just don’t support a revolution? A revolution does not have to be violent. It’s just a word.

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    It’s good to stay connected. I’m thinking of going back to work, I’m not yet 60. You have to keep moving in life. Maybe part time at a national park or an ocean resort. :)

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    Ya, got lucky on that one. It does provide freedom, strangely even after over five years I’m still not quite used to it. It’s something everyone should be able to enjoy in the older years. It’s enabled me to finally have time to read and learn about this country and world of ours.

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    So have I, 30 years with the fed, kids, grandkids.
    I’m not sure your point. I was just riffing off the disobedience thing and how I view it. We need to refuse to participate in things, refuse to conform. That’s the problem, we hippies became mainstream and lost the battle. I myself did it, I admit. I did the family, career thing. Just saying if we really want to get disobedient, there are many ways to do it.

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    Americans have to own it man. We allowed it to happen. Just like the Germans, just like the English, just like the Japanese. There’s no excuses.

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    I wonder if Tim Wise watches the mainstream media. I wonder how many of the people who are always saying “we” need to practice civil disobedience have credit cards, or shop at Macy’s or smoke weed? I wonder how many don’t wear ties, don’t cut their hair, are willing to discuss 9/11, grow their own veggies, grow their own weed. I wonder how far they go? Civil disobedience takes many forms.

  • Maybe we finally got the evidence we needed regarding this whole charade. We had Bush, then Obama, two seemingly totally different people from different parties, different ideologies. But we got the same shit, and even worse shit.
    I think Obama was a gift from Gawd. He was saying, “here you idiot serfs, maybe now you’ll finally get it”.

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