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  • Big Al commented on the diary post Laura Poitras and Tom Engelhardt: The Snowden Reboot by Tom Engelhardt.

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    That’s prevalent in the vaunted alternative media. I think some of it is trying too hard to be like it’s big brother.

  • Big Al commented on the blog post Hating the Other Party Really Drives Turnout

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    Boycott the electoral process, demand direct democracy. How long are we going to play this game before we realize it’s all rigged? Or do we realize it’s all rigged but just keep playing anyway thinking we might hit the jackpot like in Vegas?
    At the very least, anyone who votes for those who voted for H.J. Res 125, needs to shut up now and go join the Army.

  • What about rum cake? What about liquor filled chocolate candies? What about the punch at the county fair? Come on man. If it’s being sold in a marijuana store then it should be fair game. After it leaves the store is another story, just like alcohol.
    Again, we have hypocritical people reaching for more ways to stick their heads up their asses.

  • Big Al commented on the diary post On Killing Trayvons by David Swanson.

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    It’s very frustrating to see and hear how many people still in this country that are flat out racist. Relative to the narratives and stereotypes I’m not sure we’ve progressed much at all since the sixties. Considering we haven’t progressed at all, actually we’ve regressed, in other areas of humanity, that shouldn’t be surprising. Maybe [...]

  • Big Al commented on the blog post State Dept Says I Shouldn’t Write This!

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    Technically, the State Dept at the highest levels is a criminal enterprise with a foreign policy agenda of committing international and national crimes against humanity. Every SOS since they invented it has been an international war criminal. Therefore, outing the State Department’s illegal and inhumane actions and practices isn’t prejudicial to the foreign policy interests of the U.S., it would be prejudicial to the imperialist ambitions of the ruling class.
    So you’re fine, keep on writing.

  • If a drone bomb tears apart ten children, with their arms over there, and legs over there, and head over there, isn’t that worse than a beheading?

  • The narrative is wrong, the U.S. is not “attacking” ISIS. It is attacking Iraq and Syria.
    We can’t continue to use their false narratives or it just gets ingrained, like it is.

  • Big Al commented on the diary post Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Wall! by patrick devlin.

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    Obama surely isn’t going to tear down anything except the 99% and the rest of the planet to benefit his controllers. So we’re stuck with this absurd process where each state slowly but surely uses DIRECT DEMOCRACY to determine whether medical mj and recreational mj should be allowed in each state. This along with gay [...]

  • Big Al commented on the diary post Laura Poitras and Tom Engelhardt: The Snowden Reboot by Tom Engelhardt.

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    If Snowden hadn’t come along, we would still know fully well enough what’s going on. We did before he came along and it hasn’t been hard to figure out with our without Snowden. “In the end, the system they’ve created doesn’t lead to what they describe as their goal, which is security, because they have [...]

  • Big Al commented on the blog post Not Even Thomas Duncan’s Fiancee Contracted Ebola

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    This disease is obviously being used as a cover for something or things. The same people, the same Madison Avenue media onslaught, the same scare tactics, etc., that we see with war and imperialism. I think this was a purposeful event from the imperialists, creating a crisis and taking advantage of it.

  • Big Al commented on the diary post Sometimes you just gotta take a break from fear of ISIS & Ebola! by Jane Stillwater.

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    I have worried not one iota about Ebola since I’m one of those conspiracy theory nuts who thinks it’s all bullshit. It’s a great insulator, ignorance is bliss sort of thing. Thing is, I’m right every damn time, it all really is bullshit.

  • Big Al commented on the diary post Shadow Facts About Shadow Government by David Swanson.

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    9/11. Amazing how successful the CIA and who/whatever else works on it, at limiting discussion about 9/11. All they had to do is start that “Truther” nonsense, label in a CT, then start threatening, criticizing, and banning people from websites. Sociologically, it’s a fascinating thing. Everything going on now can be traced back to 9/11. [...]

  • Big Al commented on the diary post MENA Mashup: Inherent Resolve, House of Saud, and Petrobuck$ by CTuttle.

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    Something man, anything. Agree, we have to stop the bastards.

  • Big Al commented on the diary post MENA Mashup: Inherent Resolve, House of Saud, and Petrobuck$ by CTuttle.

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    Protests don’t work in the winter. Not that they work at all. What can we do. I was for an election boycott but that won’t work for 2014. I think we need to consider that strongly for 2016 however. We don’t live in a democracy and our country is controlled by crazy people. I hate [...]

  • Big Al commented on the blog post The Washington-Oregon Marijuana Tax Inversion Point

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    Good place to review this is the Portland/Vancouver area. I’d imagine plenty of Portlanders coming over to Vancouver so far to buy their weed, just like many from Vancouver zip down to Portland to get their cigarettes. Vancouver is as close as another suburb of Portland, right across the Columbia River bridges. Cigs in Portland are about a third less expensive than in Vancouver. Not sure about alcohol.
    Also, there is no sales tax in Oregon (personal income tax) while there is in Vancouver. So there’s a long history of people from Vancouver going down to Portland to buy big ticket items like TVs, etc., so they don’t have to pay sales tax. Doesn’t work on cars. So there are already plenty of differences that the politicians seem to live with.

  • Big Al commented on the blog post Obama Appoints Ebola Czar, Third Health Worker Isolated

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    The Czar. The Czar of zee Ebola thing.
    This is absolutely amazing that other humans are willing to pull this shit on the rest of the human race. What chutzpah. What balls. What fucking assholes they are. Man.
    Why oh why do the people still believe?

  • Big Al commented on the diary post Conclusive evidence that two Ukrainian fighter jets shot down Malaysia Airlines MH-17 by operationmindcrime.

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    Never a doubt. As with war and imperialism, the people arguing against this are using the same arguments and narratives provided by Obama and his government, as well as the Ukraine govt, the Israel govt, and the neocons and their thinktanks and organizations. That never seems to tell them anything.

  • Big Al commented on the blog post Obama Administration Wants New Fantasy Rebels In Syria

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  • Big Al commented on the diary post How Crazy Is Too Crazy to Be Executed by cchwang.

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    Perhaps, it’s crazy to execute people. Perhaps we’re all fucking crazy for debating on who should or should not be executed. If our government is going to execute people, like they do in Saudi Arabia and North Korea, then maybe it should be only the crazy ones. Maybe it’s better to not fully understand you’re [...]

  • Big Al commented on the diary post “Help us, Michelle Obama!” Berkeley’s still under attack from Big Soda by Jane Stillwater.

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    What does the tax do, where does it go? I hate that we solve our problems thru taxes. It’s like with the weed, the biggest selling point, especially to politicians, is that “we can tax it”. Then we can give the money to the schools and all that. So in effect those people who smoke [...]

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