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    Can we reinstate literacy tests? Or stupidity tests?


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    Mitt Romney is the GOP’s best bet. Yes, he is not terribly warm and fuzzy, and appears a bit awkward at times. But I doubt that he would walk the beach in wing tips.


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    Blue skies turn to black
    The Sox reach the end of day
    The sun has gone down


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    Rick Perry Suffers Lasting Damage On Vaccination Mandate During His Second GOP 2012 Debate …..
    “Most significantly, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) went hard after Perry for his 2007 attempt to mandate vaccinations of sixth-grade girls against the human papillomavirus, the most common sexually transmitted disease and a lead cause of cervical cancer. ”

    But there were no complaints against the Texas law requiring women to undergo, prior to an abortion, an unwanted, unnecessary medical procedure, a sonogram.


  • We got the bastard! Hooray! Congratulations to President Obama, the intelligence community, the operation planners, and to those who executed the mission so bravely and efficiently.

    It was heartening to how so many of our citizens were celebrating excitedly and patriotically last night – at ground zere, at universities, at the White House and other locations.

    Morning pundits noted that so many of these celebrants were young people. Of course, like me, the old people were asleep in bed.



    Last Wednesday, President Obama delivered an excellent address on the deficit, budget cuts, and American values. As part of his solutions, he proposed tax increases. But he didn’t say “tax increases”. Instead, he referred to:

    “reducing spending in the tax code”

    I consider this linguistic atrocity to be an impeachable offense.


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    Raising the Debt Limit -Non-negotiable

    President Obama should declare that the Democrats will not negotiate on this issue. The question is whether the increase is necessary – for the country and world markets. The question is not what concessions or spending cuts the Republicans can wring from the President.

    Why? Once he begins to bargain, there is really no limit to what Obama would be obliged to concede to save the country from default. He cares. Make the Republicans vote up or down on the issue.

    A difficult position to take, but the President should be absolutely firm. The place for negotiation is the 2012 budget, not connection to action the nation must take.


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    Federal shutdown barely avoided

    Now on to the big game – the 2012 budget and Paul Ryan’s spurious deficit cutting proposals.
    The budget fight will include the need to fend off the assault on woman’s health, including the right to choose the legal medical procedure, abortion. And the need to preserve and extend efforts to deal with carbon pollution and climate change. Ryan’s proposal includes the false claim that tax cuts for the wealthy reduces the deficit and creates jobs and the plans to move Medicare from the existing efficient governmental operation to the more expensive, profit-seeking health insurance companies.

    Let’s hope that some Republicans will put country ahead of politics.


  • For Medicare “reform”, the GOP proposes ” a ‘premium support system’ for Medicare. In the future, older people would choose plans in the marketplace…”

    Not only does this shift more burden to the individual but also it transfers more of the operation to the wasteful private health insurance companies whose administrative costs (and profits) far exceed the expense of the Medicare s ystem.

    This makes no sense.


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    related fake news


    Some of the News
    That may be True

    Meant Obama’s Youth in Atlantis, not Kenya

    On Meet the Press this morning, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee explained that he misspoke when he referred to the influence of President Obama’s father and grandfather during his childhood years in Kenya. Actually Mr. Obama was born and raised in the island nation of Atlantis.

    Mr. Huckabee added that since Atlantis is a matriarchy, run by Amazons, this explains Mr. Obama’s deferral to Michelle Obama on affairs of state and smoking.


  • These attacks on abortion providers and even on other health services provided by Planned Parenthood and other institutions are an outrage. Abortions are legal in this country and the many restrictions imposed or planned by state and federal governments are unjustified. In fact, it is difficult to see any reason for denial of any federal funds for this legal medical procedure.



    Today, Republicans will indulge in a torrent of Reagan worship. That’s OK. A likable man, Mr. Reagan did a number of good things as our President.

    But let us not forget that, in addition to Iran Contra, he took a minor action that may well have had a far reaching effect. Mr. Reagan had removed from the White House the solar panels that Jimmy Carter had installed. Thus, Ronald Reagan played a role in the Republican denial of the facts of climate change and their continuing opposition to measures that are needed to save our planet.


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    “Egyptian Opposition Plans ‘March of Millions’ for Tuesday”

    If King Tut were alive today he’d be rolling over in his grave.


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    Tea Partiers and those that support them should realize that depicting a person as a Hitler could be only a short step away from thinking that it’s OK to kill him.


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    Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repealed

    But not effective for 60 days while the military works on implementation. So, what happens now? Let one gay per base or brigade come out? Or anyone can come out to one friend every other week? The discrimination is over. Gays are already serving their country. Let the truth be told.

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    “Government Workers Ordered Not to Read Cables”
    This is U.S. government? If a worker has already read some, must that worker undergo electric shock treatment in order to forget?


  • Whatever happened to audacity? Win or lose, stick to your guns and make the Republicans vote against middle class tax cuts. Make them vote to protect unaffordable cuts for the rich while they rail against government deficits.

    Word is that the White House will agree to extend all cuts for a year or two. Do they think that Congress will then be more responsible?

    As E.J. Dionne Jr. of the Washington Post put it “Any wholesale extension would be a shameful and abject capitulation that would just prove how easy it is to bully Democrats.”

    And posted here a few days ago: “During the lame duck session, Democrats should not capitulate, nor even compromise. It certainly does no good to have a short extension of the Bush tax cuts; that just puts them in the hands of a more Republican Congress. Why not just let let all cuts expire as the law specifies and introduce in this session a slightly reduced tax reduction for the middle class?

    Let the Republicans vote against that. With the richest 1% of Americans now taking home about 25% of all income (compared to 9% in 1976), let the Republicans justify more benefits for the rich.”