• Hey, Just to be clear. As I stated earlier, I am an African-American. The DI, initial Constitution, and Bill of Rights were all huge problems for black people. And whether they were church goers, Christian, devout, or otherwise, many were either slave owners or benefited from the institution of slavery. So you never have to worry about me defending the character or integrity of the Founding Fathers.

    And that’s just it… At most points of human and civil rights evolution, there were those who have interpreted and preached scriptures to both support and refute it. This is why it is so scary when people pass laws based on religious beliefs alone. Although they think they are adhering to universal and timeless principles, time and time again we have see that they are truly slaves to their culture’s norms and whims.

    Pam, thank you for writing this article.

  • Stevie:

    I agree with your sense that Deist would not be considered christian, especially to the likes of Rev. Wooden. I would also add Unitarians and Quakers to the exclusionary list as well.

    However, my assertion still stands that most of the founding fathers who signed both the DI and the Constitution were affiliated with some major Christian-Believing Denomination. There were more than enough Christians to have pull the separation of Church and State wording from the document, but… Thank God… they didn’t. LOL…

    Wikipedia gives a breakdown, showing a vast majority as being some type of Protestant and a few Catholics, with the few notable exceptions that you raise:

  • Pam:

    Yesterday I had this same discussion with my mom who is a pastor and it made us both, quite sad.. First, I am an African-American, transwoman, who was raised in the church and hid my trans ideations until I turned 41. At that age, I reached a point where I either had to come out or quit life…

    She asked me to sit through a black TV evangelist who laid out their argument succinctly:
    1. Christians fight a battle on the spiritual realm, not with flesh.
    2. Demons “infect” (my word not his) humans and operate by confusing their human hosts into thinking things that are not of the lord.
    3. Logic, reason and emotion are tools of these demons and it is only the perfect will of God that is truth. And Gods truth never changes.
    4. If you are operating outside of the will of God, you are under the influence of demons and your opinion is invalid.
    5. Being gay, trans and an alcoholic (his list not mine) are prime examples of behaviors outside of god’s will and therefore are sure signs of demon possession.
    6. Christians need to do everything they can to fight the demons even if that means hurting the confused people who are under their influence.

    She was so happy, she thought this would change me. I said well mom, I love you but I am not in agreement with this. Thought number 3 is why there are lots of people who believe you can’t teach science and evolution because it supposedly counters God’s truth. If God’s truth never changes than why do we have so many denominations. Catholics are miles apart from Protestants. Which group of people are demon filled here? With thought 5, I had already laid out the huge difference between gay/trans and being an addict earlier. And the combination of 1 and 6 really scares me because if you hear it coming from the mouth of a Muslim extremist, I said to her, you know it is time to run.

    The problem with their logic is that it is so tightly bound there is no potential for change. They know that God is against us through a series of scriptures that they have repurposed and they can and some feel must use any means necessary to stop us…

    I grew up in Providence RI. Most don’t know how it got its name. Well, believe it or not, After the Puritans were persecuted for not being religiously pure enough and ran away from England, risking their lives to travel to America, they decided that only their way of practicing religion was right. A guy name Roger Williams came along with some followers and said, “we should do it this new way. “ Well the Puritans hated him and they kicked him and his followers out of the “civilized areas” with good soil and banished him to a hilly, swamp-land, region hoping he would die of starvation or be killed by the Native Americans. Keeping a good attitude, he named the place Providence… A gift from God… And survived.

    So many people today think that the separation of church and state amendment was put in place by a bunch of atheist. The sad thing was that it was put in place by a bunch of Christians who knew how badly Christians could treat each other over the smallest of differences. I now believe that many Christians are so against gays, because we are an easy enemy that most Christians can hate or at least pretend to hate. There are so many serious issues in the church… The black church especially… that most Christians wouldn’t know what to do if they didn‘t have the gay, demon, zombies to torture…

    I would skip the lunch. Knowing men, I bet he thinks if you had him you wouldn’t be a lesbian… Don’t give him the chance to try to convert you… LOL…

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