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  • There is NO modern Democratic body or party. It is now all Third Way neo-liberals. The identical twin of the neo-cons Republicans. They just could never win an election if they were honest about who they are.

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    Hillary’s worried about the lack of opportunity for the young? Golly, Honduras Hils needs to go look in the mirror. She’s the PERFECT example for everything that’s killing their collective future. Third way neo-liberal who support H1b visas and every trade pact or treaty currently being negotiated in secret. NO MORE CLINTONS!! Poor babies aren’t [...]

  • Golly, with all that Dark Money being poured into politics, what could possibly go wrong?


  • What is wrong with you? No access to the news? Been in a 15-year coma?

    The LAST person you ever want to trust is a cop. I received my Paralegal degree in 2003. I interned with the ACLU. I did ‘intake’ calls, which means I talked to people to see if the ACLU was who they needed, or legal aid, or other types of legal assistance. I learned then how absolutely corrupt, arrogant, and opportunistic our Boys in Blue were. UP to that point I always told my kids if there were in trouble to find a cop. Now I tell them NEVER voluntarily have a damn thing to do with them. Those intake calls were a major education for me. As valuable as any of the Law classes I ever took were.

    And now that police forces everywhere are packed with militarized thugs, it’s gotten a thousand times worse.

    Do the names Rodney King, Kelly Tomas, Juan Hererra, Juan Vasquez, Brian Sterner, Kathryn Johnston, Henry Glover, James Brisette,Ronald Madison, Malice Green, Aiyana Jones, Anthony Baez, Abner Louima, Amadou Diallo, Timothy Stansbury, Sean Bell, Kenneth Chambelain, Sr., Joe Campos Torres, Otto Zehm, John T. Williams, Keith Vidall, Andrew Messina, Oscar Grant III…

    Look them up. Learn something.

    Or are you a cop? In which case you already know that the police are just another criminal organization.

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    It’s not like these people don’t already have a lot to hate us for. They are still living with the misery and loss that they suffered thanks to our freaking imperialsst policies, our arrogance and cruelty. The School of the Americas isn’t a memory for these people. They’re still dealing with the pain and misery [...]

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    There will be icicles hanging from the roof in Hell before that happens.

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    bush** coming out for Obama simply showed the world what kind of man Obama really is. And as for John ‘I fold faster than a cheap suit’ Kerry, I’m surprised he didn’t have a boat to park somewhere out of state or something.

  • She most certainly is NOT pushing the

    “Mainstream leftist progressive viewpoint”

    or anything close to it. I am a multi-decade, never missed an election, female Liberal (Progressive?) Democrat and I can tell you for darn sure that she isn’t even a member of the party.

    She’s a Third Way shill.

  • Yeah. That’s when I realized that the racist in the room was MHP.

  • Disgusting old beast. I wonder if he’s crazy enough to think this was anything but disgusting? Or senile enough?

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    What I can’t figure out is for a party that claims the moral high ground, why are their ethics and humanity factors lower than the depths of the Marianna Trench? Voting for people who want to see such hateful, hurtful policies that hurt only the most defenseless is 180 degrees the opposite of the teachings [...]

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    It is terrorism because the Obama administration says so.

    And if you don’t like it our Peace Prize Prez will just sign a statement saying you are.

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    Ah gee. The I guess me and the people like me will keep paying the rich man’s taxes.

    Even though we never see any of the rich man’s benefits for living in this country.

  • If Obama would have done single pay healthcare it would have been so popular that the republicans could never have pulled this off.

    But it was more important to appease big pharma and the insurance industry. The first real indication that he wasn’t the guy people knew and loved from the campaign trail.

    Now, if you didn’t look up his voting record while in the Illinois State Senate I do believe that it was possible to get confused. He talked about what a champion he was for this, for that, for the other. He voted “Present” 130 times. Not yes, not no. Present.

    Michael Moore said it best. Why would the republicans try to field a decent candidate this election when they get everything they want from the Obama Administration.

    I don’t know what to do in November. I would never vote for a republican. But I’ve already done the ‘candidate of least suckage’ thing. And it hasn’t worked very well. Not well at all. I’m of the level of society (single older working mother)that’s watched my paychecks shrink with each time my hours were cut. I’m trying to save my home. Nothing that this man has done in over 3 years has stopped my continual decline in poverty in my old age.

    I need a freaking bailout.

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    How long do you think this is gonna last? Who’s gonna buy Germany’s goods? They can’t exist in a vacuum you know.

    Merkel may even destroy her own economy. Now wouldn’t that just be some cosmic Karmic paybacks???

    Too bad it’s always the middle classes and the poor who suffer.

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    I wondered how far down the thread I’d have to go until somebody commented on the irony/hilarity of the ‘free world remark.
    Why are so many Americans in prison?

    We ask if the US should reconsider its ‘lock ‘em up and throw away the key’ approach to crime and punishment.
    Do you know were that story is from? Not an American media outlet, oh hell no.

    Back to the point in question, Angela Merkle is not a braintrust. Who does she think is going to prop up the German manufacturing economy if NO ONE HAS ANY MONEY? Germany cannot sustain their economy by itself, it needs trading partners in all of Europe. Merkle’s obsession with austerity will eventually be the death of her own nation’s economy.

  • Anyone with any smarts knows just by listening to Wolfie Ryan that he is a case of failing upward. Nothing he says makes sense. He is too intellectually challenged to come up with a real plan. He’s apparently limited to the concept of tax cuts for the rich, but too damn deficient in the smarts department to understand that we need money coming IN. And we need to get it from those that leech the most out of this country. The Lower and Middle classes no longer benefit from the concept that you can be what you want to be. They’ve set the system up so that we, and our children, and our grandchildren will be nothing more that cheap labor and a fighting force to defend the rich man’s property and liberty.

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    I truly believe that Obama’s solution is to privatize this whole country. Look, I’ll be honest. I cannot stand that man. Rank opportunism does that to me. He’s treating this presidency like a audition. He’s trying to prove that he’s one of them. Like Bill and Hil, his girls deserve a Goldman Sachs boy.

    This man of the people nonsense is just that, nonsense. His beloved grandmother was a banker. The VP of a bank. I think that colors his judgement too much. I have no knowledge of what kind of person she was, but I do understand the kind of people that he’s shielded from prosecution and has let continue to pull the kind of financial treachery and treason that brought our economy and several other nations economies down.

    His defense of his ‘smart banker’ friend Jamie Dimon runs AGAINST everything that we need to do to put this country back on its feet. We don’t need them defended by the president. We need them stopped and prosecuted. But prosecution is for pot smokers and protestors.

    The biggest thing going in Obama’s favor is that his opponent is a first class liar and a bully. Willard Rmoney is a complete moral and ethical bankrupt. Anyone who would cast a vote for him is either soulless, ignorant, rich, or able to delude themselves into thinking someday they’ll do a Zuckerberg (or whatever) and made it into the big time themselves.

  • Barry should send Mamma Obama to an old folks home (or a tent city) and she could do a little dance, wag her finger at everyone about fresh vegetables, and explain how nice it is to have health care. And the tell all the old croaks and croakettes how damn lucky they are to have someone like her hubby looking out for ‘em. You know, healthcare-wise, Social Security-wise, tax-wise. You know, LIE.

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    BP has just been a paragon of virtue and honesty throughout this whole fiasco, right? Never lied, accepted responsibility, and kept their word to the people of the Gulf area to clean up their mess, right? So let’s just believe what they say now or else Obama is going to have to come out and [...]

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