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    Once again, we can point right back to pay-for-play, where corporate interests are able to pay so much to big media and donate so much to campaigns and lobby so much that the public interest is completely crowded out. It’s kind of a waste of time to talk about fixing the CC or NCLB without [...]

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    Easier said than done – from the highest levels, Democrats support charters as well as standardized tests, plus some philosophical accountability that they say is possible through measuring Pearson’s test results. But the tests are arbitrary and then the states have sliding cut scores anyway. What a waste of taxpayer cash, saying test results measures [...]

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    Anthony, I might be deluded but I hold out hope that Maddow and Hayes are trying to get more on the air. I’ve followed closely what they have and have not put on the air: Here we discussed her Iraq War special , which was tame for you and I but was bold for TV. Here we [...]

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    Bear, we’re seeing a similar tactic we saw during the Iraq war when they said if you oppose the war that somehow you are against the troops. Today, we have many well-intentioned Democrats buying the line that to oppose Common Core means you oppose high standards. So they need to learn that standards don’t drive [...]

  • Thumbnail Last fall, I asked whether MSNBC hosts like Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes (my two favorite) are pressured not to cover issues like hydrofracking or GMO foods by their bosses (see ” Is Rachel Maddow Going Easy on MSNBC Advertisers? “). No one knows whether or not they had to sign confidentiality agreements governing editorial control of [...]

  • I wonder if Kevin or someone can clarify whether Snowden revealed how far back the snooping on Merkel began? I heard only that it was ongoing originally, and then later that it had begun under Bush. Were both those facts from the same source, or was it another leak?

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    Hydrofracking is creating many more jobs than we think, long into the future. The problem is they are unpaid and they’ll be needed long after the gas was extracted and sold. Fracking wells require a concrete casing to prevent leakage. These casings are typically over a mile long. Concrete does not last forever. This means [...]

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    To “liberal” psalongo that would rather see Hannity in the White House over Obama, the ACA does suck, but is it better then for-profit death panels, lifetime caps and cherrypicking customers? The current fight is not comparing it to what could be, rather what we had before. Is the 80/20 rule better than the 100/0 [...]

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    INFOWARS??? anarcritees, with all due respect, Infowars believes fluorodated crocodiles from Mars are living in our sewers. Seriously, we are citing Consumer Reports as mainstream fact-checkers showing Hannity lied to discourage sick, poor people from joining cheaper health exchanges. You give us Alex Jones in response? But wait, it’s not fair to dismiss your link [...]

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    anarcritees, you left out Consumer Reports – was that a mistake or intentional? If you are saying “well it’s okay as long as both sides are doing it” (an admission Hannity is guilty), then let’s go there – when has Maddow or Politico ever been so provably wrong, rebuked by a large consumer advocacy group? [...]

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    Thumbnail No amount of fact-checking by the media, consumer groups and the public affect Hannity’s assault on the US public interest In a galling display of disregard for the public interest, Sean Hannity has been broadcasting provably false information on radio and TV about the Affordable Care Act. Salon’sInside the Fox News lie machine: I fact-checked Sean Hannity [...]

  • Still this is very awkward for state Attorneys General. A simple lawsuit, filed in every state would put powerful elected officials on the record. History has already found the Bush Iraq War intel to be entirely flawed. Eric Holder is probably even worse than Obama on Bush era crimes, so forget the DOJ. But…

    Lt. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson has said he is WILLING TO TESTIFY multiple times in the media, after describing specific deception – whether intentional or negligent – that is materially criminal no matter how you slice it.

    As Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff, Wilkerson says he knows George Tenet and sideman John McGlaughlin withheld notifications that mobile bio-weapons claims were known to be fabricated by the German BND. This was backstopped by the relevant principals involved – Tyler Drumheller on the CIA side and Joschka Fischer on the German side.

    To say the Iraq War hinged on this account is no exaggeration, it was specifically cited by Bush in the SOTU and by Powell to both the Congress and UN. That is enough evidence to charge war crimes. But it’s far worse.

    Wilkerson says he would take responsibility for his part, and has described how he helped coordinate stories between agencies. But he also claims Cheney was breeching protocol by having CIA agents answer to him, in order to deceive the public, and frame Saddam Hussein’s regime.

    I wonder how awkward it would be for Eric Schneiderman or Kamala Harris, or Beau Biden to have to point out that Obama is not doing his job steering the DOJ, just as we saw with the top cover he’s granted to Wall Street.

    The Iraq War era is a sad time that killed and maimed a lot of people and broke up a lot of families. In the long term picture, it’s wimpy, wussy Democratic cover for Republican misdeeds at the highest levels, in an environment in which Republicans would impeach Obama at the drop of a hat – and indeed will if Obama invokes the 14th Amendment in budget debates.

    Quite a time to have lived through, and sickening if you have been following it in any level of detail.

  • Thumbnail One of the editors involved in publishing “gun maps” in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting massacre was recently laid off by NY’s Journal News, along with dozens of other staff, according to the  Rockland Times . The article clearly states  there is no evidence to suggest the firing was related to the gun map , or any [...]

  • It is definitely a ploy but I doubt there is a ratings clause in the contract because they probably would have exercised it by now. Also, all of talk radio has dipped, so it’s not like there’s anyone better to take Rush’s place if they bounce him – maybe cheaper, but not better. Another angle [...]

  • To Lincoln and OH Barbarian, I’d like to clarify that I only think that Rush should be “shut down” if he continues to betray the public interest by refusing to allow open debate. You play into the hands of the right by saying he should be censored. He should not – instead he should be [...]

  • Matthew, Limbaugh will be replaced once he’s gone – Hannity was lined up since Rush’s stint in rehab when the bosses weren’t sure he’d make a full comeback. The replacement will also be the #1 syndicated show in the nation. This is not about Limbaugh as the messenger, it’s bigger than that. No, we don’t [...]

  • To Rod, the bar is very high for proving slander when you can be considered a “public figure”. You might say Limbaugh is exploiting the First Amendment akin to the Westboro Baptist creeps, because the second Sandra Fluke testified in Congress, she fit the legal definition of “a public figure”. But Limbaugh is even worse [...]

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    No question the gov was spooked when OWS popped up in almost every major city. You never saw such bipartisan cooperation and fast-tracked legislation as the NDAA and Trespass Bills passed in the dead of night (including New Year’s Eve). The NDAA gave the federal government license to round up anybody, anytime, simply on the [...]

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    To Inoilfieldhell, doubling the thickness of cement casings will only prolong the time it takes to erode, crumble and compromise the well. All this means is that instead of forcing your kids to spend all their time and money inspecting and repairing leaky wells, it will be your grand kids. The process itself is what’s [...]

  • Thumbnail Rush Limbaugh sure knows how to get folks to talk about him, but he’s hit a new bottom  on his website  with a venomous smear of “mommies” who are ”too educated” and have become bored by their children. Limbaugh surmises  “…if all you’re going to do with that education is be a mommy, you are headed for white wine” “they [...]

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