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    So you don’t think there is any link with the size of government and the erosion of our rights? You don’t think that in the process of attacking these “venal” rich people you will not eventually be sucking the marrow dry from everyone in between?

    You think the government is qualified to service everyone’s needs and you believe that as time has gone by those “needs” haven’t multiplied and the final burden on the system hasn’t become unsustainable?

    You don’t then, I presume, see any link between the governments size, the corruption of politicians, the endless wars, the increasing security state and the increasing cost of living, or the alliance between regulators and those they are supposed to regulate, the bailouts to banks whose employees are also cabinet members?

    I suppose if we had the “right” guys doing the “right” job of taking money from the “bad” people earning greedy profits and giving it to all the “right” needy hard working joes who may not have a job because of greedy capitalists firing them then everything would be copasetic?

    Hey why not just start the revolution and get an awesome caring Politburo of green candidates to tell everyone the right way things should be done. I’m sure it will be heavenly.

    In the meantime, here in the real world, the US is broke along with several other western nations.

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    Exactly, there at least we probably all see eye-to-eye.

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    Pardon OFG, I was just responding to the general string about me being a troll, but thanks for taking the generous position.

    The claim that the BBC article made was that the government “ANNOUNCED the biggest budget cuts…” What they “announced” and what has actually happened are two very different things. Government spending has been steadily rising and the budget gap along with it.

    Ill slink back to my bridge now with all the Randian trolls.

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    Ok so i am a troll. I’ve been reading FDL for its civil liberties issues and for its decent call outs on Obama. But some of this stuff on sequestration is just awful.

    So yes I disagree with all of you I guess that makes me a troll huh?
    As you like.

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    Yes very rugged am I thanks.

    Leaving aside that i take issue with the usual misapplication of the term austerity to mean spending cuts AND tax increases (on the “evil” rich of course and maybe the middle class too if we need it). Austerity is meant to be, in my view reducing the size of government not squeezing every last drop of blood from the tax payers to pay off the governments bail outs to banks and there other cronies.

    The UK is a basket case anyway and it wont matter what policies it tries as fossil fuel receipts and financial flight takes hold (just passed in the EU that bankers will not be allowed to get a bonus greater than their salaries). So people on your side of the pond (like Krugman) can point a finger at the so-called UK austerity and say “it doesn’t work, we must spend more (oh and tax the evil richies).

    Here is your UK austerity:

    Both sides are drunk with endless spending and l;ocked into the Keynsian idea that if they cut the oh-so efficient government and pay off (er even better default) on their debts armaggeddon will come.

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    What austerity in the UK are you talking about exactly? I live here there is none.
    Where do you think all this endless money comes form? The magic printing press of course. 16 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities anywhere between 80 and 111 trillion.

    Hey no matter the US is pretty much doomed and getting your collective nickers in a twist over a 2.5% reduction in an increased 17% budget growth rate isn’t going to do diddly.

    When is that next ratings downgrade coming I wonder?

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    The Sequester is a boondoggle wrapped up in a joke. Real Fisclal conservatives (Boehner is not one) know that there is no real cut going on anyway. USG is addicted to ever increasing budget deficit spending and cloaking itself in the lie that they are trying to shrink themselves. Its like a guy standing in [...]

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    David Looks like a coordinated attack on the protests are on:

    NYC raided last night:

    Cant find it on any other news outlets yet….

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    So 53 Libyans were captured fighting Americans and “

    The un-named council members could be, probably are, members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which was affiliated with al-Qaeda for several years.

    Seriously? What is your evidence that they ‘probably are’?

    Recommended reading for the confused progressives on this site (Pheonixwomen not being one of them): A little Juan Cole:

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    This left-wing trepidation is really irksome. The International community is actually doing a positive thing (far later than preferable) and all the left wingers can do is wring their hands and complain about all the other conflicts that they would have equal trepidation about becoming involved in.

    I have family in Libya, more than i can even name and I can tell you that they are absolutely over the moon that the world has actually done something. Do you not read or look at what Libyans actually have to say about this? Is it always necessary to view the world through the paranoid lense of a anti-American conspiracy theorist? I realize thats the audience here for the most part and I would have counted myself amongst those theoreticians until last night.

    I don’t care what motivates the US, just as I don’t care what motivates the tyrant in Tripoli. What I DO care about is that Libyans who demonstrated like they did throughout the region for freedom got mowed down and attacked from the air frequently by people who weren’t even Libyans half the time.

    You want assurances of what will be there after the dictator is gone look at those who make up his enemies. These are ordinary people fighting for an extraordinary cause and it smacks of deep seated Orientalism to automatically assume that the next in line will be the tyrant-de-jour.

    I expect better from my left wing compatriots than this nonsense drawing parallels with a failed and unpopular war in Iraq does no justice to the cause of the Libyans. Get with the program.

    This is a win for using Western power for good for a change. Such a rare event should be recognized for what it is.

    So Now what you ask. Now the rebels have an edge and it will only be a mater of time before he goes. Where were you people 3 weeks ago? Still wringing your hands and tutting about imperialism probably.

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    FWIW I havent posted here in ages but seeing as I am part Libyan and have been watching this pretty much every minute for the past month, I thought I would throw this in:

    I have noticed that my left wing friends throughout the blogosphere and across the sites are understandably cynical about enlightened humanitarian use of force by the US and/or the West. However, from the standpoint of the Libyan’s indeed for all the Arabs in the region, it is largely irrelivent what the motivation is. If the West does not act the results for progress in the region will be dire. Action is welcomed as long as it falls short of a physical foreign presence on the ground.

    I had given up myself that the West would act due to the two irritating influences upon Washington out of Riad and Tel Aviv.
    Suddenly late last night a sea change from foot dragging to aggressive backing of an NFZ AND possible bombing of G’s APCs and Tanks. What could have changed their minds?

    One possibility, other than the discussions that were held with the opposition leaders and the reps from Tunisia and Egypt, may have been Saudi Arabia’s behavior in Bahrain. I think that this was done without US approval or warning and any agreement made with SA regarding a hands off approach to Libya to prevent protesters in the region from being emboldened (and hence inspire trouble in the Gulf) probably was made on condition of a softer approach to Bahrain.

    I think the embarrassment of the Saudi actions may have convinced the administration that this was a FU and time to take a stand of some sort.

    Ultimately, what worries me slightly is the acceptance of a Russian demand to call for a cease fire in the resolution which is also something Gadfly is asking for. It is possible that, sensing an International consensus against him, he is looking for a stalemate that will allow him to keep his gains and keep the country split in two. I hope for Libya that he will not succeed in this. If the rebels are allowed to fight back they will win.

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    Not to forget Grayson is an AIPAC tool:

    And on DNow starting 1:13 the evasion and ‘apologistics’ begin:

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    C’mon, there’s rhetoric and then there’s statements like that.
    Try Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan, they kissed the ass of the slave states and sat on their hands and delivered Civil War and not so esoteric Glenn Beckian shit your pants “end times” dreaming of it, but the real thing.

    Hmm, I don’t know. Buchannan and Pierce didn’t have the global reach that Obama and modern presidents have, what with the largest military establishment and the most aggressive and violent policies on the planet. Perhaps if you are comparing the old Presidents on a domestic basis you might be able to argue they are worse, but when you factor in the Global, you know globalization thingy, you can’t avoid the fact that everyone, planet wide, environmentally, economically and militarily is affected by this guy’s policies.
    Iraq, Afghanistan and now, in a timely manner (since Iran is too scary), Yemen and Somalia will get gang raped. For these people, I think it is pretty much the end times.

    My vote goes with the Obomber just nudging out little Bush.