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  • I observe that we share the instructive consequences of choices made by those we have empowered. It’s not a question of culpability by victims as you suggest. There is no blame involved. There are simply choices and outcomes. I observe a group of men, primarily Saudi in nationality, with chauvinistic zeal and passion for their countrymen, sought to get our attention in act of desperation– a 9-1-1 message to the nation, if you will. These men also demonstrated acceptance of an ungracious concept that our nation has pretty much taught the world: acceptable collateral damage. There is no such thing as “acceptable collateral damage” even when given names like “shock and awe”. It should never be confused with personal sacrifice though it often is by those who argue that collateral damage is acceptable for others.
    As for mourning the loss of loved ones, of course that serves a noble purpose and honors their sacrifice as part of a national drama shared. There is nothing that I have written that suggests otherwise and I am surprised that you read it into my comments.
    Those responsible are those who distract, mislead, prevaricate, and generally choose for the nation and others other than they would choose for themselves. They all might have chosen differently. Many hold them above accountability for the events of that day. I do not. We are responsible for hypocrisy as a nation until these men are called to account for their deceits.

  • I lived in NYC from 1978 until September 2000 on Bank Street. Every morning and evening I looked down Greenwich Street at my favorite view of the Towers.
    On the morning of 9.11, a friend living in Boston called me telling me, “Go turn on your television. Don’t talk, just go turn on your TV, now. Any channel…” I turned on the set to see the first Tower burning and watch as the second plane hit.
    The first words out of my mouth that morning were, “You don’t disenfranchise a people in their own land without it coming back to bite you in the ass.”
    During the course of the day, the drums of war beat louder even as I lamented that no one seemed to see the event as I had. It took weeks to hear anyone say that our choices had inspired passion, zeal, anger, and desperation in the men who carried out the deed.
    Rather than re-think the empowerment of tyrants on behalf of ‘vested interests’, the U.S. leadership sought vengeance and retribution even as they lied about what they knew, when they knew it, and what they did about what they knew.
    That afternoon, as every media outlet resounded the drums of War, I took a friend’s dog Shane for a walk on Mount Olympus, a hilltop community here in LA off of Laurel Canyon. My friend’s nickname, I kid you not, was Zeus.
    So,on a beautiful LA day, I was walking Zeus’s dog Shane in Mount Olympus thinking about what was going on all around the country. At the corner of Hercules and Jupiter, I looked up at the sky and asked,” How do I tell them that vengeance and retribution serve no one?”
    On the breeze, I heard these words,
    “Share Misery, I will share Misery. Share Joy, I will share Joy.
    Whatever you choose I will share because I AM YOU and we share what You choose.”
    I had my answer there in Mount Olympus. We might have chosen more “Care Fully”. The less ten years have demonstrated the wisdom in the words I heard that day. We have cared less about the many more around the world we have disenfranchised. We will share the instructive consequences of those choices until those who claim advantage from the subsequent events understand that in a gracious Universe, Advantage arises for only purpose:
    Only mankind has the capacity through the gracious application of Free Will to transmute Advantage into Benevolence. Benevolence is that which might be shared by all; Advantage is that which, by definition, cannot.
    Some in power intuitively understand this. Most do not.

    Even now many in Congress seek to disenfranchise people in their own land without caring about the instructive consequences it invites. They do so to Advantage for a miniscule portion of the population that lines their pockets.
    When will they learn?
    I welcome the voices who look back upon the last ten years and see the instructive consequences of our electoral choices hobbling a nation.
    May we choose more gracious representative bodies in the very near future…

  • The wannabe oligarchs at the Koch Brothers meeting would do well to remember the Law of Revolutions that so many of the rich and powerful of the past forgot to their undoing:
    One does not disenfranchise a people in their own land without it coming back to bite one in the ass.
    You’d think Americans would have remembered this with the events of 9.11 and around the world since. You can be sure that Mubarak is waking up to this as he scrambles to retain advantage in Egypt.

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    What surprises me is that everyone misses that Barack Obama has with this situation repudiated the Kirkpatrick Doctrine set as US policy by Reagan. What the then- ambassador had observed what that vested interests in the US always fared better when dealing with absolute monarchs, dictators, oligarchs, and juntas rather than struggling democracies. Choosing for others other than what we would choose for ourselves has brought us the bitter fruit of Reagan/Kirkpatrick foreign policy in situations like this and 9.11.
    One does not disenfranchise a people in their own land without it coming back to bite one in the ass.

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    I hate the ring of ‘Death Panel Chief Bitch’ Brewer of Arizona. It should stick. No politician has done so much to warrant such a title since Bush the Lesser.

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    Obama should simply announce in the State of the Union that he will not seek re-election and let a potentially successful Democrat win the nomination. With this choice, he cannot and will not win re-election. He bailed on prosecuting Bush administration war crimes, the public option, Wall Street regulation, and now this. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us four times, shame on us. It’s time for Democrats and Progressives to make it clear that we have been shamed enough.

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    I’ve seen nothing to indicate that the president has not settled on being a one term president. I also think his selling out has everything to do with his post-presidency villification sure to follow.