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    All of the above. The wonders and mystery of life and the Creation are beyond any of our words or concepts.

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    Thank you all, for sharing on this Christmas Eve and Morning. My own beliefs are not important, except to say that we are all Children of God and, therefore, deserve love and respect. If each of us committed to acting to others as we want others to treat ourselves, the world would be a much better place. However, I fail at this very basic task many times a day and my spiritual practices are reminders to me about how to live.

    I cannot say that any religion or set of spiritual beliefs is better than any other. Fundamentally, they all say the same thing. For the last 19 years, I have been a follower of Amma, a saint from India who hugs everybody who comes to her. That is as many as thousands a day and that is documented. She oversees a huge number of charitable projects, primarily in India, but also elsewhere, that feed the hungry, provide houses for the poor, a hospital and other medical care, etc. etc. Jane Goodall, wildlife biologist who studies chimpanzees, said of Amma, “She is God’s Love in a human body.” I say all this not to get anybody to do anything. I see her as an example of what I am striving for.

    For those who want to know more, her American website is at http://amma.org/

  • Thumbnail Will California’s Jerry Brown fight for the right to steal homes from the elderly? Due to the expansion of Medi-Cal under ObamaCare, my wife and I are now covered by that program. But because both of us are over 55, Jerry can steal our house after we die to cover Medi-Cal’s expense of paying for [...]

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    I tried Duck Duck Go and found it inferior as a search engine. It did not produce the most relevant material.

  • I have lived in Richmond for 15 years. First, there is absolutely no chance that the city will back down on the threat of seizing the mortgages. There is a Richmond Progressive Alliance that has enough electoral clout that the Mayor (who is a Green Party member) and the City Council will hold firm.

    Second, in response to the person who said that large parts of Richmond should be emptied out because of proximity to the Chevron refinery, that will never happen. Richmond has had a serious problem with foreclosures and, over time, the foreclosed houses have been bought by new owners because they are cheap. I am one of the people who bought a foreclosed house that had been empty for several years so I should know.

  • Sequestration for “defense” (really war) spending is a good thing. Anything that reduces our capability to start a war at this point would be of benefit to all people and all other forms of life as well.

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    I do not live in Texas. But I remember that Ronnie Earle, DA of Travis County, had the integrity and the guts to investigate and indict Tom Delay. Ultimately, his tenacity forced Delay to resign.

    I doubt that any state level investigation will do anything. And I have equal doubt that Obama’s and Holder’s Justice Department will do anything worthwhile either. Is there anybody in Texas now who is equivalent to Mr. Earle who has the authority and standing to do a real investigation of this scandal?

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    David, I thank you for all that you have written. You write well and your analysis is nearly always right on. What you have said about (non)-regulation of the banks and the foreclosure crisis has been very helpful.

    I will miss reading your blog posts. I wish you the best wherever you end up.

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    Yet another reason why paper ballots should be the only way to vote. Will it be even more possible to electronically rig the vote in any of these states? I can only guess that it is. What about Pennsylvania which is now run by Republicans? They attempted to skew the vote with a restrictive photo ID law that they openly admitted would throw the state to Romney. Did they give up when that law was not allowed to be fully implemented? I would not be surprised at all if something like what happened in Florida in 2000 or Ohio in 2004 now happens in Pennsylvania this year. If the Presidential vote in Pennsylvania does not match with the exit polls, they can just say that it is because some people did not show up because things were disrupted by the hurricane. It is a perfect excuse.

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    I understand the reference to Make Believe when viewing Obama’s progressive bona fides, but please do not insult Mr. Rogers by comparing the two. Mr. Rogers has done so much to promote compassion and peace with his TV show.

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    Baby Step. Nuclear power must go, but Obama still touts his support for fossil fuels. If something does not change soon, in 50-100 years all of our coastal cities will be underwater, our farms will be deserts, hundreds of millions will starve, and half of the plant and animal species on earth will go extinct. [...]

  • Warren will be giving a prime time speech at the convention and I suspect that she will wow people. After she beats Brown, the speculation about her running will go into overdrive. She is not perfect, but she will fight the rich which Cuomo and O’Malley won’t.

    The overriding issue, however, is going to be climate change because the drought, floods, tornados, food shortages, power outages, and monster hurricanes are just going to become worse. It is highly likely that having all of them happen every year will be the new normal and it will get worse from there. I do not know if Warren will take on climate change and, even if she does, it will be hard to beat the oil companies, right wing lies, and the denial of most of us.

  • Stupid to have the law pass in 2010 and put off implementation of the biggest changes until 2014. I know that big changes take time but Medicare was up and running a year after it passed. If the law were totaly in effect, it is unlikely this lawsuit could have happened.

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    I would not be surprised if the Occupy National Gathering has more relevance to creating a progressive political future in the USA than the recent Netroots Nation convention.

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    Of course I have car stories. But reminiscing about cars is not unlike slave owners reminiscing about their happy slaves. Cars are one of the worst sources of carbon dioxide and, as such, are driving us to global warming, the worst eco-disaster since before the arrival of humanity on this planet. In fact, there is [...]

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    Feel similarly.
    Lots of people who comment seem to know little about what they are speaking about. It is not worth my time to read or respond.

    I do like a lot of the stories as the writers are either well-informed or have an interesting point of view or both. I appreciate the support of Occupy and of the “democratic wing of the Democratic Party” that occurs on this website. That is why I read.

    Every once in a while I am moved to comment but it is rare. I do not often feel that my comments are really a contribution. And that is not self-denigrating. If most of us would spend a little bit of time considering what we are about to say before speaking (or in this case writing), we would realize that in most cases it has already been said or is not really contributing anything. I include myself in that group as I am no better.

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    Obama is also an Etch-A-Sketch politician. As a candidate he said he would renegotiate NAFTA, champion the right of workers to organize, tackle global warming, close Guantanamo, and protect civil liberties. On these and many other issues he said one thing and then after elected, he did the opposite.

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    Thank you for sharing. Little Momma was a special person. (So was your dad.)

  • I had no idea who Stein was until I looked her up on Wikipedia through a Web search. Now I know she is running for President as a Green. I am fed up with the Democratic Party and there are many on firedoglake who are in the same boat as me. We are not Greens [...]

  • Why is there silence from all the groups that are working to support homeowners who are underwater and/or threatened with foreclosure? Why aren’t they demanding better terms for the “settlement”? Why aren’t they picketing Donovan’s office and Iowa AG Tom Miller’s office? Why aren’t they asking us to call all the state AGs demanding a better settlement?

    By sitting back and waiting for the terms of the settlement, we are giving the big banks and their flunkies the edge. If all the AG offices were being flooded with calls, there is still the possibility of improving the “settlement.” From what I read, it is likely to really be a bailout by taxpayers as money from HAMP is supposed to go toward the cost of the writedowns.

    If nothing is said during this period, we all lose. If a ruckus is raised, maybe things will get better.

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