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  • Thank you so much for this–I look forward to seeing the film.

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    You’re right, Jane, as tough as it is to hear. Bernie’s votes on so-called health care reform and the Fed were horrible. And there really seems to be no reliable liberal voice anymore; this White House is indistinguishable from the right wingers–imagine what they damage they could do in a second term. I will never, ever vote from Obama or any other faux Democrat–which right now is pretty much the whole bunch of them. Thank you for your courage and clarity, Jane–so needed!

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    Klein first showed me what a tool he is during the so-called health reform debate. He slavishly shilled for the insurance companies and the administration. One thing he is not: a progressive.

  • Pieces like this one are why I read FDL and why I will be donating right now. The corporate/plutocrat donors are buying whoever and whatever they can; in contrast, you have earned grassroots support from the progressives who have not bought the “Obama is a liberal” and “Always compromise to the right” memes. Many thanks to you and Yves for providing real, alternative, progressive views.

  • Thank you for this. I would agree with one of the posters above that no true progressive would defend the individual mandate, except that, more and more, so-called health reform is being accepted even by those who should know better. And I see even liberals incorrectly stating that it is universal coverage, which even its backers did not claim. Progressives need to push back strongly against this Democratic-in-name-only law.

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    Someone can be politically motivated or psychologically unsound, but, as long as guns are so incredibly available in this country, there will be countless episodes like this. I know the hopeless Republicans will never support any curb, but the long-standing silence of the Democrats speaks to their complete political cowardice and lack of leadership.

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    The staff is not the problem; he can clean house or not–the president is doing what he wants to do. He is a Republican in everything but name. He lied over and over again in the campaign. He has not pursued a progressive or even traditionally Democratic agenda; his policies and outlook are clearly right wing and deeply contemptuous of liberal alternatives. I was as fooled as anyone, but it’s time to acknowledge the situation refuse to support either wing of the single corporate party.

  • Very true–very sad and terribly disappointing, especially issues like health care and the war. Well, all of it….

  • The video’s premise that he’s doing this to strengthen the central government is flawed. Your premise that he’s a pawn of the plutocrats is what I believe.

  • I’ve been thinking this for awhile–thanks for pointing out the video. There are only two possibilities: he is the worst politician in the history of the world, or this is what he wanted all along. I believe it’s the latter.

  • “Negotiated” surrender? How about just a surrender? The other side knew the administration would cave–as they have over and over. Actually, there is no other side. As Gore Vidal said years ago, there is only one party, the property party, with two right wings. I voted for Obama in the primaries and the general election. I was wrong. I’ve supported Democratic candidates exclusively for years. No more. So-called health reform that enshrines the current horrible system, sham financial reform, increased commitment to a hopeless war in Afghanistan–that’s not change I can believe in. I don’t know who or what the alternative will be, but radical, to the root, change is the only kind I would vote for now.

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