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  • In the Ferguson situation there were many news images of an officer sitting on top of an armored vehicle pointing a sharpshooter weapon at the crowd. What was absurd about the image was that the officer was in no way trying to take or use any sort of cover or protection from return fire. He would have been an easy mark for any opposing sharpshooter (like the guy on the highway overpass during the Bundy confrontation). But then that wasn’t a possibility and if it had been it would have initiated a blood bath from the overwhelming armored police force.

    It’s about letting “people” know that they have no real say in their lives – or else.

    Note that where armor would have been useful (Bundy situation) it wasn’t used. I wonder why.

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    I’ve seen comparisons of the movie with “Saving Private Ryan” in its portrayal of the realism of combat. “Good guys” get killed, brutally, as well as “bad guys.”

    My complaint is with what was the likely “poetic license” used. The entire disaster was based on the group’s unwillingness to kill some supposed encountered civilians and leave the area without disclosing their presence, which led to the chase by hundreds of murderous fanatics – and the violence of the film. For me it was a stretch to believe that the “civilians” weren’t killed. “Rules of Engagement” were invoked to spare their lives. The problem is, who would charge them if they did kill the civilians? The military? Please. Oh, their consciences. Right. Also, the “civilians” had a satellite phone which they could use to inform the Taliban of anything of importance they might find. That would make them something less than innocents and more like military scouts. So much for any basis for concern about “rules.” Even given that, why not take the “prisoners” along for two or three mountains distance and then release them, giving the group more time to escape?

    I described this as “poetic license” in that the basis of their deaths was that they wouldn’t kill to save their own lives. Moral heroes of the highest order. Hey! Bob Kerrey got a Bronze Star for killing more than a dozen women and children, so believing this part of the story and its sacrificial suicidal morality was more than a stretch.

    The hard to kill aspect of the American super military men was standard. The back from the dead final scene, trite cliche.

    These people died for a failed mission. They didn’t deserve to die but then most people don’t “deserve” to die. And the failed mission was and is much larger than this single one and those responsible will never be held to account. That’s the real crime. Not some rah-rah USA! flick.

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    I’m surprised. You people are supposed to be very smart and discerning. Digby had a post like this and she seemed as clueless.

    But look at the reality. We’ve got Republicans who are clamoring to gut Social Security and Medicare and whatever else keeps average Americans from desperately clawing to survive at multiple points in their lives, and we’ve got the other side, a President who keeps pushing for a “Grand Bargain” where no one, at least certainly not average Americans want such a piece of bullshit, that will slice and dice the very same programs the Republicans want to gut.

    How did we get here after Bush got slam-dunked trying to privatize Social Security?

    - by Republican wealth “moving the goal posts.”

    We’re supposed to be thrilled with Obama and his attempt at a Grand Bargain (also his institutionalizing of the major corporate parasites of health care with his copy of Romneycare). Attacking foundations of Democratic policies and principles is OK, since it’s only a slight slice and dice where the alternative is establishing tax free effective House of Lords for people worth more than a billion dollars.

    Hundreds of millions are spent to project radical wealth transfer policies and the left is left with traditional Republican conservative policies as a supposed happy alternative. The fabulously wealthy aren’t losing because the likely winner is Obama. He’ll do their bidding with the blessed relief of most of the people, considering the alternative. Haven’t you read enough of that sentiment in the last few weeks if not the years of Obama disappointments?

    They’re not stupid. Their money has been and will continue to be well spent.

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    I happened to be checking the basis for corporate “personhood” recently and its relationship to the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which gave citizenship to slaves freed by the 13th Amendment. Not being a lawyer I didn’t have that much interest in the details so forgive my quoting Wikipedia on this but ..

    “Others argue that corporations should have the protection of the U.S. Constitution, pointing out that they are organizations of people, and that these people shouldn’t be deprived of their human rights when they join with others to act collectively.”

    In comparing this “logic” with the recent rejection of the class action suit against Walmart one can see yet another example of the political bias of the Supreme Court. People cannot “collectively” bring legal action against a corporation and must do so individually, but “shareholders” must be given the right to “collectively” do almost whatever they please as a special corporate person. The phrase “corporate shield” has many menacing aspects in its protection of the powerful and often evil individuals in our society.

    It’s not a little ironic that the amendment to the Constitution that made American slaves Americans has after all these years made the vast majority of us little more than chattel to our corporate overlords.

  • When I saw the image of Obama gnawing on his hand while allegedly watching some sort of ‘live’ video of the raid on bin Laden’s compound, I couldn’t help but think that his major concern was in becoming a Jimmy Carter like president after the fiasco of the raid to free the Iran hostages. (I don’t see Obama as caring much about anything other than his political future and what he, personally, can get out of a situation.)

    Now there’s that “heat-thinned air” condition that somehow wasn’t anticipated.

    Really! Does anyone remember the commander of the Iran hostage raid who kept calling reporters who asked about the raid “candy assed” and yet only succeeded in killing Americans and guaranteeing that the hostages would never be freed without some sort of concession to the government in Iran? Heat was the problem. They didn’t anticipate the much greater difficulty in landing, taking off and flying under desert heat.

    “Nobody could have anticipated …”

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    I am amazed that anyone that isn’t to the right of Attila the Hun is giving Obama praise for a speech. Yet another speech from the great speechifier.

    Remember, this is the man that told a joint session of Congress that he wanted a “public option” in his health care – long after he had assured the mega corporate parasites of the American health industry that he would never allow the public option.

    I could mention his call for ending the Bush tax cuts just before his election contest – nahgonnahappen, but what’s the point? Obama has had more than two years to demonstrate that he’s something other than a conservative Republican.

    He hasn’t and another speech is just another example of hope-a-dope.

    It’s long past time to stop being a dope for a douche.

  • I think you can go back a little farther to a similar situation.

    Remember Mars for $5 billion? And “he forgot” Pell grants!!!

    But let’s “win the future.”

    Except we’ve got to freeze it first.

    The man is a pure speechifying bullshit machine.

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    Maybe someone has done it already. If so I’ve missed the news, but if it hasn’t happened someone should pull a “Slap Shot.” Do a striptease for these sickos. Make the humiliation go both ways. Sure they’ll claim you’ve committed some crime but the reality is that you’d only be doing what they demand of you.

    The finishing touch should be a goatse. Goatse for Obama. He demands it of America. No one deserves a goatse more.