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    Hey Ben, The zoo called. You’re due back by six.

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    Recall both Cupp and Loesh were on Maher around the same time – both gussied up and looking fairly attractive – call me cynical but I’d say it was entirely to get the rank and file thinking with head #2. God knows any hetero male, or homo male for that matter, given a choice would rather listen to Karl Rove’s horseshit being spewed from a pretty talking head than, say, Karl Fucking Rove’s dough-ball noggin. They’re going to play it for all it’s worth, and there is literally nothing the thugs will do to pull one over.

  • A whole evening devoted just to you and what your mother, dad, brothers and gauddam sister-in-laws think you’ve been fucking up lately.

    As someone quipped over at BJ (and/or Wonkette) – “And now for the airing of grievances…”

    Where’s the aluminum pole? Frank and Estelle would fit right in.

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    Very nice. Shamelessly stolen and I can’t wait to unload it on an unsuspecting free-marketz-rulz ape.

  • I’ll add you and the spouse to my “cool” list. Also too, lived in AZ for a while… My condolences…

  • I beg your pardon.

  • I was going to ask what a werewife is when not a wife… but I really don’t want to know the answer.

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    No, I think that second part is apt too – if only figuratively.

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    Well, I’m with you in I consider myself an Independent, and I am incredibly disappointed in BHO’s performance but I’m a realist. I’m sure you know where this is going… I’m not trying to be combative here, but I’d really like to know how we can get back to the left in this country. Total revolution? Apocalyptic catastrophe? A supervirus that only enters through the Wingnut propaganda uptake cellular receptor (okay, this one is over the top, I digress)

    What I hear from your camp is “BHO isn’t progressive enough in my book for my concerns. In fact he is indistinguishable from the RMoney alternative.” (please correct if this is entirely off base)

    Okay but recently he’s scored points with Women, Latinos and LBGT’s. As a misanthropic, WASPY/pasty, y-chromosome possessing, straight, citizen of “flyover country”, on paper I’d have little reason to support Obama and the whole crooked mess of DC – why do such a thing?

    I have sisters and nieces.

    I have a lesbian cousin.

    Uh, no Latinos anywhere near here, but I don’t want anyone of any skin color shipped back to “where they came from” if only to feebly preserve the illusion of our white, pasty, WASPy, majority.

    So short of those highly improbable examples of total overthrow I gave above the only way of any change is just how the Right started doing it all those years ago – gradual, insidious, relentless pushing of an agenda. We have an even tougher row to hoe with all the money and power against us, but any further creeping right HAS to be stopped with any means possible.

    It’s a shit system, and IMO people that put their lives on the line for whats right (Greenpeace, War Protestors, Amnesty International, Whistleblowers…) should have their likenesses set in marble and placed on the DC mall – It ain’t gonna happen. All we can do is our part, as small is may be, to push back, even when it doesn’t directly effect us, even when it’s not a pet cause. Throwing your vote behind a nobody if only in protest may seem fruitful to you, obviously I don’t.

    Okay, this is getting into manifesto territory here, but I am truly interested and I don’t think we’re far apart on where we’d like the country to go, so I’d really like to hear how you envision us getting back to sanity.

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    Yet another tale from flyover country that I can identify with too well. Funny thing about Montana is they got a pretty cool Guv who should be a model for the Dems dealings with the psycho-right.

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    She should have went with “Tighter, Hotter, Wetter…” Now that’s a campaign slogan. Course there’s the whole Rent-boy contingent, so six of one half-dozen of the other…

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    Of course it helps to remember that Romney doesn’t have the charisma and appeal that Walker does.

    Uh, you have seen Walker speak – correct? Not that Rmoney is any competition.

    I can’t look at the koch-twit without seeing the scene from Blazing Saddles where Mel Brooks is fooling around behind the curtains with the redhead then sticks his head out all cross-eyed and incoherent.

    Repugs did lose a state senate seat though I’m sure they’ll be pissants and challenge the results. In any case I hope we can hold them off long enough for the feds to indict. It never ends, this shit…

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    With his bare hands too, dude! Tore their heart out of their chest to show to ‘em before they died. He’s a ninja…

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    When we can no longer speak to one another in somewhat rational terms, and instead scream dogma about the f’in “Judean Peoples Front – splitters!” we really have set our fate in stone, haven’t we? Course, that’s probably the trolls’ entire point. No matter the outcome of any election, 50+% of the population is displeased, many of them certain of impending doom as a direct result. Meanwhile, a seemingly larger proportion of the extremes on both sides lob as many bombs as possible towards everything and anything not of its own tribe.

    We’ve lost the ability to even consider rational discussion, circled the wagons, and turned off our minds – both between ideologies, and within them. This will not end well.

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    They say art captures the true essence of a soul… Breitbart was an infant in a man’s body and a mind suited for the middle ages… -ahh!-… magnifique!

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    Four K for something that looks worse than a WoW dork’s avatar? …and Jon McNaughton kicks self for not thinking of this first…

  • If I had to take a stab at it, I’d guess Romney would be better at bringing about the complete disenfranchisement of enough people to cause a complete societal breakdown. Unfortunately, it appears it will have to get a hell of a lot worse before we pull our attention away from Kardashians, NASCAR, vampires and all that other dross that keeps us so mindless of the world around us.

    So I guess the firebaggers might be on to something in a chaos worshiping, mayhem orgy kind of way.

    [...Pours a snifter of scotch and puts "The Flight of the Valkyries" on the hi-fi...]

  • Try it with a Julia Child cooking sherry slurred accent:

    Aaand wee hal’ve a lightly-lee poached egg in Béarnaise sauce, sautee’d mushrooms in hashed broun’d poe-tay-toes… and finally a ginger topped ham slab on the side…. oooh! Such a delight!

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    That dicks twitter feed reads like a meth binge, alternating between Breitbart-esque frothing rants, and obsequious toady cockslobbering.

    What I wouldnt give for the ability to hit these psychopaths in the finances. It seems to be the only way to get them to ever so slightly consider their words having consequences. Course theyll cover any pain inflicted with the usual bravado and bullshit.

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    Well that promo pic is klassy with a capital “K”, just needs a trucknutz silhouette an it’s ready for the Louvre.

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