• ThumbnailFirst published at  Truthout . Is a $15/hour minimum wage coming to the rest of the country? For 100,000 working people in Seattle, a newly passed citywide minimum wage of $15 per hour will mean an increased standard of living – and recognition of their contributions to the local economy. “It’s going to help me and a [...]

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    Originally published at  Truthout.
    Albert Shanker Institute executive director Leo Casey talks about community schools, public education, teacher evaluation, standardized testing, Common Core, the political dimension of corporate education “reform” and what policies are needed to revitalize public education. A look at how Arne Duncan and Obama’s education policies get it wrong. Maintaining and directing the [...]
  • Amy B. Dean wrote a new diary post: Will the Next Labor Movement Come from the South?

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    ThumbnailPublished originally at Truthout. Saket Soni is Executive Director of the National Guestworkers Alliance and the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice. Corporate America — especially in the American South — doesn’t seem to know the proper way to treat a guest. Guest workers have long been one of the most easily exploited segments of the [...]

  • Amy B. Dean wrote a new diary post: Protecting Classrooms From Corporate Takeover

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    ThumbnailWhat Families Can Learn from Teachers’ Unions Teachers have always held a cherished role in our society—recognized as professionals who know how to inculcate a love of learning in our children. But the “education reform” movement represented by No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top blames teachers for the problems in our public schools. [...]

  • Published originally at Truthout. Raising the minimum wage is an idea whose time has come. Long an important grass-roots demand, campaigns to raise the wage are taking place throughout the country. Even the national Democratic Party has recognized it as it winning issue that its candidates should embrace. Yet, although a minimum wage boost is long overdue, [...]

  • Amy B. Dean wrote a new diary post: Can We Make Progressive Mayors Work for the People?

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    ThumbnailThis article originally appeared at Truthout. Can grassroots pressure keep mayors like Bill de Blasio working for progressive causes? It has become a cliché for progressives to vow that they’ll hold politicians accountable after they help get them elected. But if everyone knows the fight doesn’t end on Election Day, fewer people grasp what it actually means [...]

  • ThumbnailIt can be isolating to be a progressive Jew in North Carolina. In a state where just 1% of the population identifies as Jewish, it can be tough just to find a religious community, let alone a politically active one. Although older Jews who may have been activists in the civil rights movement of the 20 th century [...]

  • ThumbnailTake a stroll through most grocery stores, and many of the products claim to be organically grown or locally sourced. The foodie movement has swept America in the last decade, thanks in no small part to the work of journalists and intellectuals who have championed the cause online, in print and on the airwaves. Author Michael [...]

  • Amy B. Dean wrote a new diary post: Setback for Scalia in Attempt to Curtail Labor Rights

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    Thumbnail Justice Antonin ScaliaLast week the Supreme Court decided against ruling on a legal decision from a lower court which, if broadly applied, could have undermined some of the few remaining effective union organizing techniques: neutrality and  card check agreements. These standards allow employees to organize in relative peace, without the threat of employer intimidation that is endemic [...]

  • Amy B. Dean wrote a new diary post: Will the Tea Party Pay for the Shutdown?

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    Published originally at Truthout. The Tea Party lost big by forcing this fall’s government shutdown, and it is slated to take a major hit in next year’s midterm elections. Such is the current wisdom, in any case, among mainstream political pundits. But this analysis is too easy. It imagines that progressives will make gains without the hard [...]

  • ThumbnailPublished originally at Truthout. Jewish organizations are beginning to support the struggle for immigrants rights. Jews understand what it means to start a new life in another country. As a nation of immigrants, the US welcomed and protected generations of Jews who fled persecution, famine and poverty in Eastern Europe and the Middle East to begin a [...]

  • Amy B. Dean wrote a new diary post: North Carolina, Come On and Rise Up

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    ThumbnailThis past summer, “Moral Mondays” in North Carolina emerged as the locus of one of the country’s most insistent state-level movements against extremist efforts to slash the social safety net and roll back civil rights. But what has become of the protests in the past two months? And what’s next for the movement that catapulted Moral [...]

  • ThumbnailThis article originally appeared at YES! Magazine . National Domestic Workers Alliance and similar groups are empowering laborers in new ways. Domestic workers have had some breakthrough wins over the past two weeks. Up until then, these workers were excluded from protections such as a guaranteed minimum wage, paid breaks, and overtime pay. On September 17, the Obama [...]

  • Amy B. Dean wrote a new diary post: A Top-Down Urban Revolution

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    This article appears in its entirety at In These Times . At a time when federal lawmaking is at a near standstill, with Republicans in Congress blocking any bold responses to economic stagnation, cities appear to be the last remaining places where innovative policy-making can still occur. This is something progressives have long recognized—since the 1990s, community-labor coalitions have [...]

  • Amy B. Dean wrote a new diary post: A Jewish Fight for Public Education

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    ThumbnailOriginally published in the Jewish Daily Forward. Jewish activists have been a part of the recent fight for public education. Jews hold education sacred, and for good reason. An educated citizenry is a necessary precondition for any democracy. Similarly, for Jews of the rabbinic era — characterized by, among other things, a devolution of authority to local [...]

  • Amy B. Dean wrote a new diary post: Alt-Labor Day, 2013

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    ThumbnailFast food workers in dozens of cities staged a national day of strikes on Thursday, August 29. The action sought to galvanize public support for a living wage of $15 per hour, and respect for fast food workers’ right to organize. Employees from restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King called on other retail workers around [...]

  • ThumbnailAs host of All In , a weekday prime-time show on MSNBC, Chris Hayes has emerged as one of the most prominent progressive commentators in the country. Still in his thirties, Hayes earned distinction in the 2000s as a labor and political journalist for magazines such as In These Times and The Nation . Given that labor journalists are an endangered species in [...]

  • ThumbnailThis post appeared originally in  Tikkun. Hannah Gelder is moving into a new office. Since she has to pack boxes, keep her appointments with seniors concerned about their Medicare benefits and attend community meetings on how to make sure companies doing business in Illinois are paying their fair share of taxes, the only time she has for [...]

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    Originally published at The Nation . Showdowns in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City and beyond have turned out parents and teachers in droves—and revealed how out of touch education reformers really are. Protest March By Teachers and Students “As it stands now, if nothing changes, the schools are going to have to open without any adults in [...]
  • ThumbnailOriginally posted at Truthout.org. Are squeegee washers become an organized labor force? In major urban centers, car washing is an industry that relies on full-time labor. Like many other low-wage jobs in the American service economy, the workers who perform this labor are mainly adults with families to support, and they are often recent immigrants. Once considered [...]

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