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  • Anais commented on the blog post Maine Gov. Orders Removal of Labor Mural at Department of Labor

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    Well, facts DO have a liberal bias. Guess that’s why Faux “News” has so few of them …

  • I hope and pray Gabby Giffords recovers and quickly, runs for Kyl’s seat, and WINS. Something positive is needed in this era of lies, deceit, violence and hate. I’m just sayin’.

  • Anais commented on the blog post Capitol Building Still Closed, Other Shenanigans

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    Badger Staters tell me Imperial Walker can’t be recalled until he has been in office one year, which means they must wait until January 2012. Boy, it didn’t take long for him to p*ss off a whole lot of people! Wisconsin folks, we are in support of your efforts to retain your workers’ rights! Don’t back down!

  • Anais commented on the blog post John Fund: Reagan “Willed Himself” to Overcome Poverty

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    Reagan’s father earned money in the WPA! This is the first I heard of it. Of COURSE you never heard one Republican even mention this key fact! I will be sure to remind all my Republican acquaintances of this whenever they bring St. Ronnie up. The importance of FDR’s programs should never been denigrated or underestimated. If not for them, my ancestors would not have survived the Great Depression and I would not be here to type these words. Oh, and BTW, about those Horatio Alger books: I actually read one or two. The hero works hard, yes. But his reward is NOT directly as a result of the hard work but as a deus ex machina, completely by chance, sudden stroke of LUCK. Horatio Alger is way overrated.

  • Let’s ask former STEELWORKERS how they feel about this lovefest for someone so undeserving. Tens — maybe hundreds — of thousands of steelworkers lost their jobs during the Reagan administration, and he didn’t lift ONE finger to help them. Don’t you think the Chinese government heavily subsidizes ITS steel industry? Reagan had no clue about how “free trade” isn’t free.

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    GEEZ! North Carolina!?! I am extremely disappointed. The DNC is really trying my patience here. Any of the other cities would have had union hotels and the DNC chooses the one that does NOT? How is that supporting the unions that have supported the party? Kaine was blinking a LOT, which to me indicates he was giving Mitchell a line. Bad, bad move …

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    I hope Bluetoe2 was being facetious. I saw a scientist on television talk about how global warming is actually RESPONSIBLE for all the snow. Something to do with warming and humidity; sorry I didn’t catch it all. But it is snowing again, a beautiful movie-type snow here in the Northeast. A pot roast may be in order tonight — all this talk of parsnips and kale has me yearning for some comfort food. Have a good weekend, all!

  • IMHO, if you scratch the surface of any libertarian or Republican, you will find a hypocrite. Thanks for further demolishing the myth of hypocrite Rand (the first was when it was revealed she based her philosophy on a serial killer. Ick).

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    It’s Giuliana Rancic. Surely the correct spelling was on the television screen. Anglicizing ethnic names is not cool and outright misspelling is worse.

  • Anais commented on the blog post Escaping Medusa: The Secret of Lightness

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    You’ve cited two of my very favorites, Italo Calvino and The Decameron. Thanks for the references and highlighting the beauty of the literature and its significance in these troubled times. I plan to grab my copy of The Decameron and look up the story of Guido Cavalcanti, then find Calvino’s essay later this week. We all need to counter the heaviness with the unbearable lightness of being. Countering darkness with light. Let us honor MLK this weekend with all the peace we can muster in our souls.

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    OK, firedogs, I’m late to this party (it’s breakfast time here, too) but I just want to thank Suzanne and firedoglake for posting this Muppets Show video. I saw it when it aired (shows you how OLD I am) but forgot Loretta Swit could really SING. It was great to see her because Miss Piggy was modeled on her Hotlips character from M*A*S*H. I miss the show, miss Henson’s vision and miss the squabbling Muppets who could rally together at the end. Can’t Americans do that, too, without killing each other? Gotta make coffee. Peace and a good Saturday to all.

  • Anais commented on the blog post WikiLeaks Media Files: Are They Definitely Fox?

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    Assange may have used “and” in one of at least two ways: 1.) to correctly give the impression that he has more than 500 cables referring to a media corporation separate from Murdoch and Fox, or 2.) to IMPLY that he has 500 cables on a different media corporation, but to throw listeners off the fact that Fox is the subject of all of them. Assange is a bit wily, so it may well be that Murdoch and Fox are the subject of all of them. But we shall see. I would love to hear what the subjects of all of these media-related cables are. What is so horrible that he is using them as insurance? Perhaps that more nefarious people than Murdoch are pulling the puppet strings?

  • Here I thought the pouting baby WAS Davey P, pouting because he didn’t have that fifth star. Why should he get that star? We are still enmeshed in two wars we can’t win, and our financial future is in the toilet as a result. Petraeus doesn’t deserve a star because he didn’t do the job, let alone do it well. I doubt Obama will give it to him if there’s talk Davey P will run against him.

  • Anais commented on the blog post “You Don’t Understand, This Is Amazing”

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    Wow. This speed of recovery really is miraculous. To begin with, the fact that Congresswoman Giffords’ brain didn’t swell is a miracle. But all of this progress she’s making … I teared up, too, from joy. A bit of joy in the midst of great sadness.

  • Anais commented on the diary post Sarah Palin, David Wynn Miller, and the Ministry of Truth by Phoenix Woman.

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    How insulting, to use a term associated with anti-Semitism, to make Palin seem like the victim here. Incredible, but then, it’s Palin.

  • I’d like to think the manufacturers took down the ad for the “You Lie” AR-15 lower receiver because it is tasteless in light of the volatile rhetoric and unbridled gun love that culminated in the horrifying deaths and injuries in Arizona. But I suspect it’s because of that unlawful use of the Congressional seal.

  • When you tell right-wingers Byrd disavowed his racist past, just say he “refudiated” it. Maybe then they’ll understand.

  • “People are overreacting to this.” — Kristol. How can people OVERREACT to death and injury associated with an attack on the foundations of democracy — a meet and greet with a Congresswoman that killed a chief federal district judge, a bright and beautiful 9-year-old girl and good-hearted senior citizens? Kristol is attempting to explain away this horror. He is UNDERreacting, which is disappointing and telling.

  • Anais commented on the diary post Protesting Too Much? Right-Wing Attacks on Sheriff Dupnik Are Tacit Confession on Their Part by Phoenix Woman.

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    Reagan was shot, but John Hinckley was not a liberal or leftist. He did not have any discernible political background, just a desire to attract Jody Foster. So when any conservative says the left is just as vitriolic, ask that person to name the leftists who have gunned down REPUBLICAN Presidents, Presidential candidates, or members [...]

  • Good for Congresswoman McCarthy. Though I doubt her efforts will have any effect on gun laws, it will show the American people just what little regard their representatives have for their own safety and what great regard they have for the NRA and the firearms manufacturers they represent. I still wonder why the words “well-regulated militia” have no effect on gun laws. And didn’t Rand Paul to a great job parroting all the NRA talking points? — “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” Jeez.

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