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    This whole law was an absolute catastrophe. It should have focused on changing the incentives and size of the health care industry (providers and insurers/financiers). As has been pointed out a couple times, the way to start would be with medicare. Episodic or condition based payment structures would subvert a couple perverse incentives that are serious problems in the current health care industry. Medicare is the biggest player in the industry. Providers will adapt to it. Until the cost structures change, things will continue getting worse.

    As for expanding coverage, this is why we have medicaid. Just revise the means test. This should have been the route instead of the single-payer pipe dream.

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    Why are voters under 30 voting Republican?

    Well, perhaps because they found a candidate who will take action on the things they find the most important?

  • I was addressing primarily the ratio of soldiers to flag officers. I have never seen any statistics showing the change in ratio of officers immediately commanding soldiers. I did not state that and did not mean to misrepresent it. The command bloat has happened throughout the ranks though. There are more generals, commanding more colonels, etc going through the commissioned officer chain. This has not increased and decreased linearly with the enlisted soldier levels. Much of this has been attributed to specialization.

  • And the fact that the weapons systems will stay while the personnel to manage them will get cut

    I think this could be a good thing. Looking at the fattening of the military, the most glaring issue I see is the increase in the ratio of officers to enlisted soldiers. Since WWII, this has been growing dramatically, where there are more officers commanding fewer soldiers (current ~1:1700 vs 1955 ~1:5000). This same issue has occurred throughout the ranks. This needs to reduced. I would like to see a 30% reduction of the officers positions, with a competitive selection process to determine command of the combined units. This means demotions, which would be very unpopular. It would be best to deal with this through early retirement offers (which many officers and enlisted soldiers take anyway). It increases the transition cost, but also likely improves the performance of the transition. This has to happen for real cost reduction to happen in the military.
    (Some numbers to back this: http://thf_media.s3.amazonaws.com/2006/xls/troopMarch2005.xls)

    I want to see a dramatic reduction in military spending, starting with a reduction of our overseas operations. Real military diplomacy would be about transitioning our allies to military independence, and transferring control of our overseas bases to them. They need to know we are there to *help*, but they must also provide their own defense. Respect their sovereignty, and you will build real allies (I would expect shared access to these bases would be a cooperative byproduct). It also reduces military costs. It’s anti-empire, and alot of control freaks in Congress would not like it, but I think it is the best fiscal and diplomatic approach for the military.

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    The ratings agencies are just for political theater. Ratings are for regulators (aka politicians) to recognize capital ratios at banks. They *do not* affect bond rates. Those are determined at auction (by evil people, like pension funds). The bond buyers are concerned with what the bonds cover. In the case of sovereign debt, the bonds cover the ability to raise funding through future taxes in excess of current spending. This is pretty well documented for all developed countries.

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    I would disagree with that. Real tort reform is like any real reform. It’s not about one party getting exactly what they want. From reading this, I get a doctors vs. lawyers vibe, which is prevalent in much of the tort reform discussion. It is truly disingenuous to the discussion. That is just about leverage [...]

  • I keep wondering at what point people are going to start caring about their freedom again. The TSA searches are clear violations of the fourth amendment, as is any random or universal search. I pretty much don’t fly anymore, largely because I find the disregard for my freedom infuriating. And as for the whole terrorism [...]