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  • angel commented on the blog post Top 10 Surprise Losers of Election Night

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    Guess who in the world is really rejoicing about the fact that Republicans won enough seats to probably guarantee that it will be at least 4-6 years before the Democrats can take back the House….Answer: China…..Why?….Answer: Because the Republicans will pretty much guarantee over this time that there will be no real US government investment in the future worldwide market for green, clean, and renewable energy that will amount to MANY TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR, pretty much guaranteeing that China – via past, present, and future MASSIVE government spending and investment in this area – will pretty much own this worldwide market very possibly for the rest of this century and even beyond.

    Google with quotations marks the articles “The Green Rush Is On In China” and “Optimism Over China’s Green Technology Market” to read about how big this market will be even in just China and therefore why Chinese government is spending and investing so much money.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg as to how this Republican landslide will lead guarantee that the US is screwed in terms of being able to compete in the future world.

    Oh, what could have been.