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  • Can be denied flying in british airspace

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    You are 100% correct – and “money” will bring our civilization to it’s knees. Don’t loose the faith – keep showing people reality and eventually they’ll get it.

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    is not the occupation of the airwaves (via citizen united) the same as occupation of a park. both are public domains – unlimited money can be spent on airways (citizen united/SCOTUS) as free speech. equating parks as airways, one only needs to avoid supporting a candidate directly. the medium for presenting your viewpoint in citizen [...]

  • Maybe even add the guns.

  • So lets copy exactly the actions of the tea party protesters (different theme of course). And if any arrests, etc. happen – then confront the politicians and police force why different results for the same action as the tea party people. Box them into a corner – who knows, the police might even back off, especially if the mayor is getting the heat and the publicity. Food for thought.

  • How about a dedicated “write in” campaign. E. Warren is one name that comes to mind. It wouldn’t be for the purpose of electing him/her, but rather a expression of what we want in a President. That is a vote I am willing to waste (or not?). In Syria, they are willing to be killed to fill in the blank – you would think that would give us the motivation to do the same, with no threat of our lives being taken for doing so.

  • Here’s the dilemma that I’m in. Listening to the Repub candidates, are we more in trouble having them in the President’s seat with likely a continuing repub house and maybe/maybe not senate dem. Because right now, I think this scenario is really scary (maybe because I am 62 and the wife 56). If the congress were strongly dem, then I would vote against Obama, but I said, that is not likely, and our only chance of any control, if even repub in nature, though not literally, is keeping Obama in office. What a nasty decision to have to make – the worst of two evils.

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    This is a site that has some very good info, give it a try.

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    Many points you bring up are valid. I would add that as many (and indeed “many more”) sign up because it is the job that pays ok, has reasonable benefits, etc., just like everyone else who need a job. The effects of military service end up being the same, but the reasons for joining, can [...]

  • Oil, Suadi Arabia, naval base. l

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    Am I to understand that every Islamic prisoner in our jails are given full rights to practice their religion, be it local, state or federal. And that if Bradley Manning was of Islamic faith, he would be given all rights, even when he was at Quantico (maybe he should have changed as soon as he was jailed).

    By dumping the body at sea, the President created many more problems than he solved. Most importantly, did Osama really die. I have my SEVERE doubts.

  • Have to agree with nslander, and for the same reasons. And I would like to throw in another reason. Obama will have lots of money for election and he has a very good P/R network, There are a lot of people who will see the death of OBL as a historical event, and this will carry over to the election if for no other reason than the repubs have been trying for 10yrs to get OBL and a democrat is the one who finally got him (if you believe that it was really OBL in the first place, but that is a whole different subject). Throw in Obama’s P/R network, and this might just be enough to carry the day, especially given the repubs candidates.

    Food for thought.

  • No witnesses; only the word of USG; body buried at sea, in honor of Islam practices (you got to be kidding that we would bury at sea, the only evidence to prove he is dead). This is wrong on so many levels. My guess – had him all along and pulled him out of deep freeze to help Obama in 2012 and get back at Pakistan.
    This is just too convenient, IMHO.

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    This is SO wrong!!! The videos of the tea party audience yelling at the Dem’s town hall meeting without arrest and then a video of Nicole Sandler’s arrest needs to be shown to the pubic. Good material for Rachel Maddow Show. Also agree totally with TCU on abuse of office and wrongful arrest. Maybe it [...]

  • So far, you have one of the best ideas, I have seen on FDL. E. Warren would get my vote. Russ Feingold is another person, as well as Bernie Sanders.

    Food for thought.

  • Ok, we have 4, delegates chosen randomly from each state and they are the final arbitrators of what gets cut and how much. They are much more likely to come up with a fair distribution of pain/pleasure than a whole capital building full of self-inflated egos (with a few exceptions) who call themselves politicians. Enough if this bullshit.

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    it’s time the Dem’s start educating the public – not by tv or talk shows – but showing real data, such as GDP in dem hands vs repub hands, the examples are too numerous (info should be neutral as to their source). people are not dumb, just biased, as we all are. but even biased, if the facts show different most of us will relent. in the larger scheme of things, the facts may not fit one’s philosophy (read that as bias). but if the dems pour on the facts and put the repubs in a position where they have to really spin or lie, and the dems just keep pointing out the facts with no heavy spin (no spin really), i for one trust people to recognize this and that is all we need. people are really getting tired of being lied to or played as ignorant.

    food for thought.

  • I may get slammed for this comment, but done right, nuclear power might
    work. Specifically I am talking about the new generation of micro-reactors that are used in rural areas in other countries. They will supply enough power to light up a city, and because they are so small, if an accident were to occur, potential damage would be very small (in comparison to say TMI, or Japan) and manageable in all probability. Storage of spent fuel is still a problem (they say that the micro-reactors can store 60 years worth of spent fuel – the supposed life of the reactor). For final storage, since Yucca mountain didn’t make it, how about trading the Air Forces Norad in the Rocky Mtn for Yucca. The Norad ctr. is suppose to take everything short of a nuclear bomb, and Yucca is about the same, only with a geographic fault included. Surely the Air Force can handle a little fault easier than a nuclear storage facility can.

    Anyway food for thought.

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    How about now – I would vote for him over Obama; for “themalcontent”, appreciate your information, but ANY Democratic politician who wants to stay in politics in some form or another is probably going to have to be somehow involved in the Democratic Party. At least he seems to be on the correct side of issues.

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    OIL, OIL, and OIL !!!

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