• angryblackguy commented on the blog post Voters Need to Know Who Cut Their Benefits Before 2012

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    Before we get started cranking out ads and putting out publicity and generally going slightly insane about the benefits the evil Obama and his band of merry henchmen have cut, it would be helpful to have something actually cut first.

    The idea that we are taking any proposal generated by either side as anything other than posturing right now is a bit absurd. People have been floating ideas and proposals that they know will be unacceptable now for weeks and portions of both the left and right fall for the bait every time.

    Better idea: direct as much attention as possible on the real bad guys, the republicans and if Obama the Terrible sells out all of our seniors and the sick and the baby kittens too, THEN you can have at it.

    Otherwise this post just sounds like people who already don’t like Obama finding yet another reason to blast him before he’s even had a chance to screw it up.