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  • If Obama isn’t held accountable, he’ll continue going after the whistle blowers and letting his administration do all kinds of illegal and unlawful things for the benefit of the “aristocracy”–the monied class. Meanwhile we watch and do little more as our country builds up bigger weapons of mass destruction and pursuing the building of an empire. As we watch all those millions of Egyptians in the streets, and our friends and neighbors criticize us for openly bugging and spying on them, I think it’s time we the people, who are ultimately responsible for what our government does, start holding our leaders to account for their own illegal ways. Cheney needs to be prosecuted for planning the revelation of a CIA agent, Bush should go to the World Court for trial for war crimes, and Obama and his administration have done plenty to be held accountable for. Occupy, time to come out of hiding and take to the streets again, only bigger and better. Those that are guilty are becoming downright blatant. It’s our job to stop them.

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    Project for a New American Century rides again (and again, and again, and again–until we the people stop it)!

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    Which reminds me of the many embeds left behind from the Bush Administration. Seems like the Obama administration is playing with only about half a deck in every single way. Courts not being properly populated, and neither are other governmental offices. Now they’ve even banned recess appointments. This is truly a shameful way to treat a President even if he is weaker than he should be.

  • Yes, as I must admit, I never thought she’d do it. But credit where credit is due, thank you for doing the right thing, Ms Brewer.

    Now, I’ll tell you my story. Shortly after applying for disability due to emphysema, I went to the emergency room with what I thought was upper respiratory infection, but turned out to be for myocardial infarction which required a quadruple heart bypass. Since I had no income and no insurance at the time, medicaid saved my life. I never felt any negative stigma while in the hospital, nor afterward, but I do believe that “Obamacare” will be a first step toward single payer, which I am for wholeheartedly. Further, without that first step, no politician would have moved toward single payer for at least another generation had the first step failed. Better something than nothing.

  • We have an Attorney General who sees fit to look the other way as the big banks pillage the citizenry, and a President, the man elected to Execute the laws of the land who agrees that the Banks are Too Big to Fail and so their wealth must be maintained at all costs (to the serfs who finance them and their boss’s bonuses with their taxes)and now we know that the administration sanctions ignoring the fourth amendment (among others) because they live in fear. Yet they try to tell us we are still a free country, even though we only have the freedom to watch as our national wealth is redistributed upward and other countries spend less on healthcare and have better results in terms of death rates, better educations, etc., etc., etc. Shameful. Perhaps if they’d use their military prowess less to seek to colonize weaker states to build an empire through hegemony, and instead actually worked with others we could not only have the freedom we desire, but we wouldn’t be known as the ugly american. We should have known this would happen when we first saw those fenced off areas away from the political action with signs that said “Free Speech Zone”.

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    Please, please, please. Please be our hero once again!

  • Excuse me, but wasn’t the whole economic crash rooted in the Clinton Administration. They were the ones that supported the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act, and Congress is currently doing a very good job of resisting all efforts to reinstate the law that kept us from having an economic breakdown for more than half a century. They don’t want to ruffle the feathers of the monied 1% who own 40% of the national wealth and take home 24% of the national income.

  • To me it was a simple matter of we had a choice between bad and worse and we chose bad. There’s no convincing me Mittens wouldn’t have been worse, sadly. Although I don’t like having to make such choices, no other candidates stood chance of actually winning the Presidency, so.

    Wonder what happens when the progressive dems decide it’s time to start impeachment proceedings on Obummer for failing to enforce the laws of the land, for the use of drones (too much collateral damage in countries we have vested interests in), or for a number of other disgraceful things. Personally, I’d rather have Joe Biden (he should be much more compliant once he sees what happens to Obummer) or Bernie Sanders or Grayson or Elizabeth Warren. Can’t wait till the end of term; too much damage can be done till then.

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    I’m not so foolishly audacious as to say, “no one could have predicted” what would happen. George Orwell, and many other before and since, predicted it with humbling accuracy.

    What’s scary is, you wouldn’t have needed to predict or read George Orwell or any other booksellers, because the principals wrote it all down in a major document. The Statement of Principles of the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) was written June 3, 1997. The American people have been allowing this to happen for way too long, either out of disbelief, apathy, whatever; we were not paying enough attention. Democracy, like marriage, requires work and communications. Too much of our communications are $. Great post, cocktailhag.

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    I totally agree. Al Gore was a man crying in the desert trying his hardest to get people to understand the importance of the weather changes that were coming. He even made an academy award winning movie on the subject that started making a dent. We lost a lot when we let Georgie’s brother Jeb [...]

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    Or, gee, maybe S&P are the only rating company that lowered the US credit rating from AAA to AA+. Could it be that this suit is just a little exercise in muscle flexing?

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    I guess I’m somewhat confused. Isn’t this the same case that Eric Holder personally announced yesterday? Also, isn’t this a civil case, as opposed to a criminal case where someone goes to jail? Of course, as I see it, holding S&P responsible while at the same time ignoring all the various signs of the banks’ [...]

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    So sorry to hear about your beloved kitty, but I had something similar happen to my oldest cat a few years ago. I hunted throughout the house for about an hour or longer, but couldn’t find her, and she was hardly ever late for a meal, even though she had been losing weight. I still [...]

  • Only The Shadow knows… :~)

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    Well that’s frustrating!

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    The guy at work was endangering everyone he works with. The nurses at the hospital remarked that the halls are full of patients waiting for a room due to the flu outbreak (I didn’t have flu). Said they hadn’t seen it so bad in previous flu bouts. Does this mean you all have no paid [...]

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    Better, but still leery of driving, tire easily, but getting better. After three or four days they decided I had pneumonia,but that’s on top of what is termed as “end term emphysema” which just means the early part of stage 4 emphysema. I think I had a light case as pneumonia goes, because I believe [...]

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    Good morning, Margaret, etal. I haven’t been around for awhile altho I’m usually lurking because by the time I get here and read all the comments, it’s too late. However, my animal story this week is about how my two poor kitties had to shift for themselves for my five day hospital stay. I think [...]

  • Any action plans to tell Reid how constituents feel about this Democratic abdication of responsibility and sell-out? Is there time to change minds yet?

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    Loved your post, Eli! I watched that Frontline piece yesterday, not to mention “Inside Job” which also documented the whole mess very well, and the blatancy of the whole mess is astounding. Thanks for this.

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