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    They weren’t under Mrs Thatcher’s leadership!
    She introduced charges that were later scrapped by the subsequent Labour government. These charges of course went against the stipulations of many bequesters.

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    Best article about her I’ve seen today.

    She was our MP in North London in the early ’60s and one thing I will say is that she was always consistent and strong in her contempt for the ordinary British worker, even turning down a grant application from our very elderly WW1-veteran neighbour, reminding her that she “should have had more foresight and saved for a rainy day”.

    Lady T met a millionaire husband before she ever had the chance to get a proper job (as a chemist) – a husband with powerful friends who found in the pretty, fluffy Margaret a great foil for their Machiavellian ideas.

    The media loved her: after all, she possessed ‘the mouth of Marilyn Monroe and the eyes of Caligula’ – this ambitious, bitter, wannabe lawyer with the millionaire hubbie – such giants we will never see the like of again. Seriously?

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