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    I just learned you’re retiring and am wondering where I’m going to get the majority of my news. It never ceased to amaze me how thoroughly you managed to report on topics from foreclosure fraud, to Syria, to the federal budget, to too many things I can’t even remember. I’ve recommended your work to many people, always prefaced with “the hardest working person in journalism” and I simply can’t imagine that one person will be able to pick up where you left off. I joined FDL to support your writing; I’ll stay as a member, but will support wherever you land as well.

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    I watched my father relocate, leaving many friends behind. It was to be near two of his children (including me), and because he was lonely, and tired of reading in the obituaries about people he knew, or used to know (not reading the obituaries didn’t seem to occur to him). More recently, he relocated again, because he wanted to live with one of his children, and it wasn’t feasible here, so he moved to someplace where he knew almost no one except my sister, her family, and a few of her friends he’d met over the years. After two years, he’s lonely and wonders why nobody’s sitting home nights with him.

    He makes all the complaints about nobody calling him, etc.After the first relocation, he did make some limited efforts to meet people on his own. After the second, none. It doesn’t seem to occur to him that we only lose the capacity to make friends if we let it atrophy. I hope that never happens to me.

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    Mike Konczal has a decent post up about #occupywallstreet, trying to make sense of what’s happening from a theoretical point of view. However it’s backed up in theory, what they’re trying to create is a space of solidarity, something that’s been missing in this country since mass experience of the shop floor went away. Until we get that back, we don’t stand a chance.

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    In my one and only micro course, the professor (foreign national) when talking about markets finding solutions to issues, was asked by a (young) student, why does the post office still exist? He was stumped, and I supplied the answer that it’s in the constitution.

    When it was inserted, one function was to support a free press by facilitating distribution of newspapers. Well, that’s dead. But it shows why those keeping a watchful eye on control of/attacks on freedom in cybersphere are so critical.

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    “like a 401(k) plan. The individual manages the money and employers provide matching contributions.”

    Hello, not like any 401(k) in our house. No match required, and none given. The message is a loud and clear YOYO–You’re On Your Own.

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