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  • anntink commented on the diary post Downgrade of Kansas Bond Rating Offers Another Warning to Wisconsin by WI Budget Project.

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    The bond rating agencies are a joke. Their “ratings” are simply used to try to apply pressure to governments that are reluctant to put the screws to their less wealthy citizens. Remember the AAA ratings they gave to the Wall Street junk bonds? The rating agencies are part of the scam and they give the [...]

  • anntink commented on the blog post #AskSnowden What Edward Snowden Didn’t Answer

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    I don’t tweet… but, Mr. Snowden. Thank you for your service to our country.

    Do you have any information on the Trans Pacific “free” trade agreement that the President and the Chamber of Commerce are secretly negotiating with Europe? If so, would you please make that information public NOW before the government sells out our few remaining rights to Wall Street?

  • I have been walking this earth for a long time and I am so ashamed of what my country has become. We no longer have patriots in charge of our government; its become a criminal cartel and protection racket, no better than the mob Kennedy tried to destroy.

  • anntink commented on the blog post Senator Sanders Wants To Know If NSA Spies On Congress

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    Bernie Sanders is a good man and should be given credit for at least trying to do something. I don’t know that he has the authority to demand hearings on his own… and, I don’t believe he’s on the committee that is supposed to over-see NSA. Sanders is most certainly NOT going to get help from any other members of Congress, who must all be quaking in their boots, in fear that NSA will leak something about them that will affect their careers, their power and lucrative paychecks.

  • If our government is the best the world has to offer, then the planet is indeed in deep dodo.

  • anntink commented on the diary post The European Union Catches The Banks Holding Hands by J. Iddhis Bing by GREYDOG.

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    “NOT” well. There will be no US regulators cracking down on the criminal banking cartel.

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    No well. I’m sorry.

  • anntink commented on the diary post Affluenza, the New Name for Aristocratic Privilege by Ohio Barbarian.

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    I understand the rationale for not releasing the name of a minor, but surely some media experts can come up with the name of his parents! Their pictures should be on page 1 of every paper in the country. Must be someone very well connected to be able to keep his name out of the [...]

  • I remember reading when Bush II left office, that he was packing the government with his people to make sure his policies continued, and they obviously have. This makes me wonder just how much independent thought and/or action the US president truly has. From the looks of it, it appears he is handed a script and follows it without question. I wonder who wrote the script and why he follows it so willingly.

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    We don’t have “capitalism” in this country and as far as I can tell, we never have. We have a form of crony capitalism, whereby the government uses the military (staffed by the 99%) and the taxes (paid by the 99%) to protect the wealth and privilege of the 1%. If government was doing its [...]

  • Ah.. now I understand the recent flurry of activity to “rebrand” the banksters. Charlie Rose had Hank Paulson on last night, explaining what a brilliant person he was and how he single handedly saved the country. And, I’ve read several articles within the past couple of days, explaining how the banks have been reformed and are so much better now… NOT! Re-writing history at warp speed.

  • Israel just granted Dick Cheney’s old company (Genie Energy) exclusive drilling rights in the Golan Heights, a former part of Syria now occupied by Israel as a result of the 6-day war.

    I’m just glad the missile strikes are on hold, albeit temporary.

  • No, the “Natural-Born Citizen” Clause for President does NOT need to go. Multinational corporations have too much influence in our government even WITH it. In fact, I’d go even further and prohibit those with dual citizenship from serving in government – at least at the higher levels.

    It wouldn’t be too difficult for a government in another country with big money to get all of their people “in” positions of power in the US government – and then our elected leaders would be serving who?

  • I don’t think it’s a fear of “opening their books” that has prompted the banks to respond so vigorously to eminent domaine. If this idea catches on, it has the potential to destroy the big banks. As it is, for instance, they can show an asset worth $500,000 on their books. If they are forced to sell at fair market value, they can only show, maybe $100,000. Multiply that loss by the millions of junk mortgages they hold and it will become quickly apparently that they are not making record profits at all; they are just cooking the books.

  • anntink commented on the blog post Bolivian President’s Plane Grounded On Snowden Fears

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    too funny! I belive the world leaders, including those that run the EU and the UN, are terrified that their own spying and corruption will be disclosed and they’re all running scared. They’ll all gang up on Snowden -

  • anntink commented on the blog post Breaking: Snowden Not On Flight To Cuba

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    Wherever he is, I hope he’s safe. Thank you for your service, Mr. Snowden. God speed.

  • anntink commented on the blog post Rahm Emanuel Is Losing Control Of Chicago

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    I think that may be the point… destroying the country, that is.

  • It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.

  • Soooo, don’t blame the economists for their sloppy work… blame the “authors, journalists and commentators” who did not catch the mistake made by the economists.

    Larry Summers exemplifies 100% what is wrong with the way the ruling class thinks. Blame all your mistakes on someone else; collect your bonus and move forward with no accountability and no punishment for screwing up the lives of millions of people on the entire planet.

    And… he’s teaching our children to think the way he does; God help us.

  • anntink commented on the blog post Economy Still Not Working For Young Americans

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    All I heard over the weekend on the talk shows was that this economy is not working for OLDER people; some even had to lie about their experiece because too much experience acutally put them out of the running for jobs. So which is it?

    Exactly who is it that is benefitting from this economy? Nevermind… I already know the answer.

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