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    My question was how many corners did the kid turn? He walked and/or ran for 5 minutes and ended up 30 yards from where he started. I want to know why. Please go to Google maps and check out the satellite view, read the transcript of the 911 calls and figure out for yourself where things happened and when. I do not want you relying on what I say…

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    I have spent the last few hours mapping out the times and events that happened that day using Google Maps. Looking at the record and the times that things were alleged to have happened, there is no way that the media portrayal of this incident is correct.

    I suggest you do as I did and mark off where and when each event took place and then think about the timing of the calls. All of this info is widely available.

    Here are some interesting facts:
    - Trayvon ran away from Zimmerman and was lost to Zimmerman’s view for 5 whole minutes. Trayvon’s father’s condo was only 100 yards away, why didn’t he go and stay there?
    - Trayvon’s girlfriend talked to him for 4 minutes AFTER Zimmerman had already lost sight of Trayvon.
    - How did the heavyset Zimmerman ever catch up to the athletic Trayvon? Especially since Trayvon had a 5 minute head start (Zimmerman lost Trayvon for 5 minutes)
    - What does Trayvon’s stepbrother say about that night? He was at the condo and the two kids were supposed to watch the All Star game together. Did he hear the gun shot?
    - If Trayvon ran from Zimmerman for 5 minutes, how did he not cover the 100 yards to his house, and how did he end up only about 30 yards from where he ran past Zimmerman in the first place?

    I personally think Trayvon ran away and then came back. I cannot otherwise explain the fact that he did not run straight home, 100 yards away.

  • Flashback: Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) compared Republicans to Goebbels LAST MONTH.

    Looks like both Republicans and Democrats could use a stern talking to from some Holocaust survivors…

  • “it’s not a good season to be a tyrant”

    True, but an elected politician supporting the legal passage of a bill in the legislature hardly qualifies as a “tyrant.”

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    “spontaneous demonstration of the traditional Democratic base.”

    HA, spontaneous! How much did you have to stretch the definition of that word to include protests where the protesters are bussed in by their unions! If corporations had bussed in tea-partiers to their rallies, you would have been all over them for astro-turfing…

  • “Keep in mind, police (and firefighters) are exempt from the collective bargaining restrictions in the bill, which is a nakedly cynical effort to keep some of Governor Scott Walker’s backers happy.”

    So of course you feel the same way about all of the healthcare law waivers President Obama has granted to various parties.

  • Ugh, both the actions of Themis and this post are crap. Themis used military jargon in order to make a sale, that is all. This stuff is obviously targeted at male buyers of their services.

    Trying to tie in “free speech” rights (and the oath that military members swear) doesn’t add anything to the fact that what these firms were trying to do is sleezy. Since these are private firms, nothing the veterans could do would in any way infringe on a person’s constitutional rights.

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    And of course so are probably all governments, non-profits, and any other organization that relies on people to be at their desks…

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    Um, you might want to check your history. The Federalists didn’t feel the Bill of Rights was necessary because in their view the Constitution didn’t provide the federal government the powers to legislate in the areas covered by the Bill of Rights.

    The Anti-Federalists were prescient when they insisted on a written Bill of Rights in order to stop government overreach.