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    Being interested in immigration as an issue does not mean that respondents support the US Senate Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill. The immigration issue is covered with as much bias by the mainstream media as the conflict in Israel and Palestine. Years ago, I saw an occasional news item about the effect of H-1B high tech guestworker visas on US workers, but it’s been years. Yet, H-1B visas are a major part of the Senate immigration reform bill. Search engines have a huge bias in favor of corporations acquiring H-1B visa workers and against news about the opposition. I wonder how much Facebook engineers a bias as well.

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    Here deft argues the limitations of even good teachers when faced with an inappropriate curriculum. I met some talented workers overseas where vocational training was better received. A really well skilled lab technician had only 1-2 years of vocational training, yet was happy and well skilled in a soil chemistry lab. One advocate for enforced [...]

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    ThumbnailIt would be great to put some restraints on vulture capitalists.Remember the idea “It’s the economy, stupid!”?  Remember the concern about income inequality? Fast food workers are striking for better hourly wages, against wage theft, and for better advancement opportunities.  Other low-wage workers such as Walmart workers are also striking for better wages.  So, we have some discussion [...]

  • ThumbnailMichael S. Teitelbaum has a new book Falling Behind?:  Boom, Bust & the Global Race for Scientific Talent  about the job market in science and engineering. He identifies five cycles of alarm, boom, and bust in the science and engineering job market since World War II. These cycles include the Sputnik campaign and the Y2K programming campaign. A [...]

  • I agree. So, why have 160,000-300,000+ new H-1B guestworker visas each year to compete with US citizens at a time of already low demand for these skills? And why are universities already exempt from the national cap on H-1B visas even before passage of the Comprehensive Immigration Bills in the US Senate and US House? There is another visa program (not H-1B) for non-citizens with exceptional skills.

    Thanks for your posting.

  • Thanks DSWright for the post on this topic.

    I also recommend the following article:
    “The Myth of the Science and Engineering Shortage”

    That article is a preview to a new book also by Michael S. Teitelbaum:
    Falling Behind? Boom, Bust, and the Global Race for Scientific Talent

    The author is a demographer, a former Rhodes scholar, a fellow at Harvard University, and was on the faculty of Princeton and Oxford. The article and the book discuss the booms and busts in the science and engineering labor market since World War II.

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    Most news reports and public discussions about immigration reform consider only the non-documented (a.k.a. illegal) immigrants. The Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill that’s supposed to solve all the problems rolls together the non-documented immigrants (workers, DREAMers) along with the legal immigration system greatly increasing the number of guestworkers, especially the H-1B high skilled guestworkers. I do [...]

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    Thank you for the observation. I do not want a wall in Texas for the Republicans, nor do I want the Wall Street Democrats to take good middle class jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics using H-1B high skill guestworker visas as a form of eminent domain.


  • Thank you for the previous comments including the original post by Jon Walker. I, too, wonder what are the real goals for Emily’s List.

    Emily’s List supports US Senators Amy Klobuchar, Patty Murray, and Tammy Baldwin. I deeply question whether the current budget agreement is either progressive or liberal. Senator Klobuchar was the senator who formally introduced the bill to expand the number of H-1B visas, based on a claim that employers cannot find enough US citizens with the necessary skills even during a time of very high unemployment. Senator Baldwin was on the committee negotiating with US Rep Paul Ryan and she frequently writes letters about the glories of the budget sequester.

    Senators Murray, Baldwin, and Klobuchar all did good things for working people in the past, but times have changed. Are they any different now from the Log Cabin Republicans who support gay marriage (and maybe abortion), but share economic goals with Republicans (and President Obama)?

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    PS. That advertised pay of $31,000-35,000 per year is the full-time rate. Since the job is actually 50% time, the pay is $15,500-17,500 per year.

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    The issues you describe for teaching staff are becoming more common for research staff, too. It used to be that a Master’s in statistics and connections at a large university wouldn’t make you rich, but you would always be able to eat. Now, such jobs are very scarce. They advertise $31,000-35,000 per year, often requiring [...]

  • Thanks much DSWright. Yes, President Obama led this mess, but he had sincere help from the US Congress. I don’t like the fundraising advertising now for “Progressives” in Congress that were instrumental in promoting the sequester and other austerity programs, and the guestworker/H-1B stuff precisely at a time of a bad economy and already high unemployment.

    President Obama and certain members of congress were marketed based on a history of progressive voting records. Some of these members of congress did have legitimately progressive records. Yet, they as a group collaborated on all those projects you list to depress the 99%. The news media helped in these bad actions. Thanks to FireDogLake and other independents for news and a forum to circumvent the newsmasters.

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    Immigration Reform is back in the headlines.  Kevin Gosztola wrote a thoughtful piece that considered various aspects of the situation and attracted several comments. President Obama himself put this issue in the news .

    If they want to chop that thing up into five pieces, as long as all five pieces get done , I don’t care what it looks like,” [...]

  • Yes, it is interesting. Do you remember how the news could easily find a tiny handful of Tea Partiers near any protest, but rarely had any worthwhile coverage of the 50,000+ peaceful protestors at the same event? It is interesting how ABC interviews Mark Zuckerberg for his “new” push on Immigration Reform with FWD.us, a push that is already many months old.

    In the same way now, the news highlights any protest of sympathetic young people and undocumented cheap workers blessed by corporations. I sympathize with these vulnerable people. Yet, the news conveniently censors the guestworker issue of H-1B visas and migrant farmworkers. Universities promote “deserving young scientists,” while configuring jobs for researchers and adjunct faculty to avoid providing health insurance.

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    Thanks much shekissesfrogs for your comments. I am grateful that some readers here at Firedoglake are aware of the problems from H1B visas and the STEM job market.


  • Thanks for the thoughtful information. It is unfair to put hardworking poor workers and college age youth in such vulnerable situations.

    Please recognize that the Immigration Reform Bill of the US Senate addresses these issues, possibly in a clumsy way, but also adds the Trojan horse that no one discusses. Provisions for guestworkers with H-1B visas (and similar farmworkers) are deliberately targeted to break farm worker unions and to promote tremendous harm to the job market for those who studied science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). There’s lots of corporate money sloshing around to facilitate age discrimination through these H-1B visas. The major networks including NPR and PBS censor any discussion of the H-1B visas.

    No, I’m not promoting a wall on the Texas border. I’m just asking that legal immigration more reasonably reflect actual needs rather than fantasies of rich corporations. There is no skills gap!

    Yes, let’s talk about the vulnerable immigrants, but also raise the issue of the H-1B visas and those of us who have been left unemployed because Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, Infosys, etc. want cheap, exploitable labor.


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    Thumbnail Calvin an Hobbes We’re all being “entertained” now with the game of Calvin Ball in Washington, DC, a game played by comic strip characters Calvin and Hobbes who will feature soon in a documentary about the comic and its creator ” Dear Mr. Watterson .”  The two characters competed to carry a ball and would constantly change [...]

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    Thumbnail austerity It is easy to point at the very rich, the 1%, as recipients of unnecessary charity.  Robert Benmosche, the CEO of AIG, offended many when he compared taxpayer complaints about bonuses paid while his company was receiving a federal bai lout to “pitchforks and their hangman nooses.”   Today, Yves Smith writes that Jaimie Dimon had a private [...]

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    ThumbnailRemember back when the George W. Bush White House leaked statements about Iraq to the New York Times , and then quoted the same New York Times for White House Press Statements? Maybe the same disinformation is happening right now in regard to high skilled jobs (and H-1B visas in the background). What future in big data? Predicting job hiring [...]

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    Didn’t these same captured-by-the-Dems union bosses sign off to support the H-1B provisions of the US Senate Immigration Reform bill with some vague promise that their unions would be allowed to recruit these immigrants into their unions? It sounds like health insurance reform and immigration reform were both foolish agreements.

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