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    And that last comment by pshakkottai simulates my minor concerns about using PCS as a standalone for funding essential social needs. Plus..what’s to prevent the Right from gaining control of the debate and exploiting PCS the same way they always have, and using it as a ploy to permanently fund right-wing initiatives, cover up tax [...]

  • The real issue will be if Boehner actually ALLOWS any final deal to be put before the House at all, since any deal that doesn’t placate the Tea Party thugs would violate the “Hastert Rule” of legislation having support of a majority of the Republican caucus. Either way, he’s probably gone as Speaker anyways.

    Looks more and more like we’re going over….and hopefully, Nancy Pelosi can flip 20 reasonable Repubs (if she can find them) to back a more progressive bill.

    The Progressive Caucus needs to flex some muscle here, and hold firm on preventing social spending cuts. If they allow the Democratic establishment to roll them over this time, all hell will break loose.

  • To be fair to the modern folks down in St. Martinville, this “Whites-only” potluck dinner invite was sent out by a rogue group before they found out that the official SMSH (St. Martinville Senior High) committee had decided to fully integrate their festivities. Also, the principal and staff at SMSH has fully repudiated that invite.

    A local report from ABC-TV Lafayette (LA) affiliate KATC-TV is here:

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    I hardly think that American Crossroads or the RNC or the other RW fundraising groups will abandon a seat that could give them the Senate majority. Besides, Akin is still highly popular amongst the Christian Right, and they will rally around him.

    I don’t think he’s going anywhere…and he still has an outside chance of beating McCaskell, who is not well liked even amongst Democrats.

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    Symbolic, David. Nothing more.

    Actually, you won’t even have to wait until Thanksgiving or a “lame duck” session of Congress for the fix to be in. The day after the SCOTUS kills the Affordable Care Act (or, at least, strikes down the “forced mandate” and Medicaid/CHIP expansion, there will be a huge bloc of cash now available, since Big Insura will see the ruling as a highball for restoring “preexisting condition” clauses and casting off policies for children under 21. That cash will probably be used to bust the defense sequester, even as the GOTP and their DLC Dem “rivals” work to avoid Armageddon II and find an out route to “temporarily” extend the Bush tax cuts in some form.

    Thanks in large part to the Wisconsin debacle, the Right has essentially won the ideological war among the bipartisan elite, and there is no effective opposition within the Democrats to stop the inevitable. Any attempt to say anything else will be just plain Kabuki theatre.

    Welcome to the 1890′s…with 2010 technology.

    Can we have our Independent Left now??

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    Here’s how I see it:

    The Wisconsin Dems did their best, and fired their best shot.

    Problem is, the national Democrats (Obama included) stabbed them in the back by not providing any means of support when needed, or even attempting to match the floods of money from the other side.

    Plus, Walker added the ground game and institutional support of the Religious Right and the Tea Party, who matched the Dems voter for voter. The result was a wash as far as increased turnout.

    The real blowback, however, is that the national Democratic Party has moved so far to the Right since 2008 that they have proven unable or even unwilling to address core economic issues, and this disheartening defeat will simply further that process by strengthing the Reaganite Right (which now dominates BOTH parties on economic matters) to further destroy the last vestiges of the welfare state and union protection under the cover of “shared sacrifice”.

    Scaring people about abortion rights and voting rights and SCOTUS appointments don’t work so well if you don’t provide essential economic basics…and on that note, the Democrats have been as abysmal a failure as they were in 1978-79 and 2002-2003. And we all know what followed those years, do we??

    Prepare for a Romney-GOTP sweep come November…then prepare to build a genuine independent Left as the resistance to fascism.

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    The only thing with that is that when they attempted to crawfish their way out of their own dung pit by conditionally refunding PPFA, they alienated the very wingnutters that they were attempting to woo in the first place…and they aren’t too happy, either. Already, folk like Erick Erickson and the Dobsons are calling for refunds of the donations they were practically drowning on Komen for their initial decision.

    So, Komen ends up trapped in both ends of a buzzsaw, with really no escape. Serves them right.

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    On the one hand, I do think that Glenn Greenwald is being red-baited and blackballed by Obama loyalists way too much and his consistent civil libertarian stands and critical stance towards Obama’s obvious faillures being distorted by people who obviously have an axe to grind in defending a center-right Democratic President.

    On the other hand, however, that does not excuse in any way the boosting of Ron Paul as a “progressive” alternative who will somehow expand the political spectrum by discussing anti-imperalism. At best, he will narrowly expand a pre-existing “American nationalism” which historically has been against foreign expansion and the military-industrial complex. But, at worst, he will do so solely within a reactionary, far-Right, antebellum context that denies the reality of race, gender, sexuality, and the need for equality.

    The real failure of a bonafide independent Left that combines the true civil libertarian/antiimperialism that Paul appropriates with a legitimate respect for the social diversity gains of the 20th century and a full-scale movement for economic equality and expanded democracy, is what has allowed Paul to be perceived as the “magic bullet” for promoting independent progressive ends. The fact remains, though, that he remains as he always was from the beginning: a reactionary Republican appropriating some Left ideals to promote a fundamentally Right policy.

    Far better for those independent progressives to hold out and build a genuine Left alternative that respects their principles, not merely glam on a reactionary merely because he may sound some of their objectives. The enemy of our enemy isn’t quite our friend.


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    Sad, sickening, and absolutely horrifying.

    Yeah, if a program ever qualified for the “death penalty” that was imposed on Southern Methodist University’s football program during the 80′s, it’s Penn State.

    But…I’d let the current year’s team play the season out. Why should they suffer because of the inaction and coverup of the upper brass??

    Then, after this year, the program gets booted out of the Big Ten Conference, and suspended for two years, and the entire athletic department gets a thorough cleansing.

    And the current players get to either continue their current scholarships and complete their degrees or transfer to other schools without penalty or hardship.

    As for Paterno….well, he can just go straight to Hell. Portraying yourself as Jesus’ coach while abetting a sexual predator for so long doesn’t make you anything more than a liar and a hypocrite, JoPa.


  • Of course, the usual Obamabots will respond that the Latino/Latina community should just get the hell off President Obama’s back now, since he’s already done more then they humanly deserve because he has to fight the big, bad Teabaggers and those awful Republicans enough. After all, what else can they do…allow Bachmann or Perry to get elected and watch them build the eletrified fence and shoot them all at will??

    Hopefully, I hope they tell him to go straight to Hell, and push the fight even more. People who are here legally and do no harm do not deserve to be the pawns of Apartheid.


  • The minute I saw the title of this post, I knew exactly where he got it from.

    It’s from an Obmabot blog titled The People’s View, from a post attempting to justify the debt ceiling “compromise” bill:

    Paul Krugman Is A Political Rookie… — The People’s View

    In fact, I posted over at my own blog a rejoinder to such nonsense:

    For People Who Insist On Seeing The Glass As Half Full… — Inventing The American Left

    So…has Deaniac83 picked up his check from OFA yet??


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    When a multimillionaire starts talking about how he wants to pay MORE in taxes, then usually is a hidden trap door. Buffett’s is that he wants to scrub the budget so that he can make a killing in investment bonds…and he’s no friend of entitlements, either.

    Sorry, but he is as much a part of the problem as is any other mooching billionaire. Tax his butt, too.


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    Sorry, but Ron Paul won’t last past Super Tuesday…his Fortress America message simply doesn’t chime well with the neocons, and Bachmann and Perry already have locked up the Christian Right/Tea Party share of the Repub electorate.

    Mittenz absolutely MUST win New Hampshire and South Carolina, then finish at least second in Super Tuesday, to have any chance.

    Perry should sweep the South, and Bachmann the Midwest…which probably means either a bitter fight to the convention, or perhaps a truce where Bachmann agrees to become Perry’s running mate in exchange for a GOTP Unity ticket. (I can’t see most older fundies picking a woman at the top of the ticket, not even Bachmann).

    In my view, it’s Goodhair’s race to lose.

    Unless, of course, St. Sarah of Wasilla decides to enter through the back door..and then all bets are off.


  • Last time I checked, Texas was still a state of the Union, located south of Missouri. And they have this governor named Rick “Goodhair” Perry, who has money and pretty deep backers.

    And if I remember right, he’s now in the race too.

    He’ll sweep both the South and the more misogynisitc Christians who simply won’t stand a woman at the top of the GOTP ticket. If Bachmann can’t win Cali and the Northen states, she’s toast.

    Bachmann’s a threat, of course…but my money’s still on Goodhair to pull it out.


  • That may be true…but given the overreliance on cars for our well being and our “just-in-time” society, it would be a major inconvenience for most workers to shift away from cars…especially if where they work is further away from where they live.

    Plus…auto insurance serves a vital purpose: it allows for quick payment and resolution of auto accidents by creating a pool of money from insurees. The more people insured, the bigger the pool, and the easier to replace and repair cars destroyed in accidents. Asking car owners to pay a bit extra for auto insurance is not even close to being a huge burden.

    Removing the forced mandate for health insurance would make the health pool that much smaller, since insurers would simply bump up their premiums to make up for the loss of people getting insurance, and/or reinstate “preexisting condition” clauses in order to keep from paying out claims to to the insured.

    Private insurance providers, like all other private firms, exist first and foremost to make a profit for themselves, and that would ultimately take precedent over providing quality health care or expanding the base of the insured.

    There really is no substitute for single payer, backed by a national public health system. The private for-profit system of “health insurance” is the problem, not the solution.

    Not to mention that getting rid of the greedheads and middlemen would really do a number on the debt and deficit….as in $7 TRILLLION over the next 10 years ALONE.


  • Probably not, because the TeaKKKluxers only love THEIR Medicare, they just don’t want those freeloading Black “gangstas” and “welfare queens” and Brown “illegal aliens” to mooch off them.

    They probably would prefer Medical Savings Accounts so that they could “play the market”, and vouchers for the poorest. The rest?? Well, if they didn’t live right by (their) God, then they get what they deserve. Plus, they need to work harder and longer for less, anyway, so that the “free market” system can flourish.


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    Keep in mind, though, that these elections were fought exclusively in heavily REPUBLICAN districts, NOT statewide. These were districts that had even bucked the pro-Obama wave in -08 by still staying Republican even then. That two of them did flip and a third came within striking distance of flipping was indeed a n accomplishment, however [...]

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    Uhhhh…FDR was elected. Hitler and Stalin were NOT.

    Hitler was appointed to his “presidency” by the ruling conservative party under former chancellor von Hindenburg in 1937. The Nazi Party never had a majority.

    And…Stalin assumed command of the Communist Party in the former USSR after the death of Lenin.

    FDR’s rejection of “compromise” was more due to the pressures of forces to his Left, such as the Populist movement (see Huey P. Long) and a still strong militant labor movement. Those forces were more of the key in pushing Roosevelt further leftward.


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    The problem with that, though is that the provisions in subsection (e) (1) specifically state that the original rules state that any bill based upon the “Super Committee” report cannot be referred to a committee, but would (under subsection (e) (2), basically replace the bill that the other body would be considering….unless the bill being considered included revenues, in which the House would be allowed to refer it to the House Ways and Means Committee (which usually handles budget bills).

    In that case, while it may not be amended or debated, it STILL could be simply tabled and killed by the Republican majority, and thus starved until a no-revenues bill was reported out of the “Super Committee”.

    In other words…if a report with revenues came out of the SC, the House would simply table it to death. This is their ace-in-the-hole, along with the appropriation process, that they can use to blackmail the Dems into more severe budget cuts and extending the Bush tax cuts.

    All they need is one deficit hawk Dem to go along, and it is history.


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    Both House Progressive and House Black Caucuses (Allan West excepted, of course) are now committed NO votes. Good…I hope they stand their ground, and then some of them start defecting from the Democratic Party. That would be an excellent foundation for a new Left Party (along with labor and the Greens and the antiwar Left, [...]

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