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    The traitorous House and Senate Republican Tea Party Birther Racists, protectors of income inequality, protectors of the Rich and Corporations exclusively, the obstructionists and filibustering demonizing and haters of the poor, the sick, the elderly, the homeless, the disabled, the middle class and even Veterans, the TRUE TAKERS- are preparing to once again TAKE AMERICA HOSTAGE. They will undoubtedly takes us to the brink of disaster once again; something they learned from the last Republican Bush they had as president (and they are even hoping to run the last of pathetic Bush’s for president next time). American voters have learned from their lies, their hate, their racism, their bigotry, their misogyny, their greed and their disregard for America, American voters have learned that Republicans are willing to destroy America and Americans with agenda of Party before Nation. OUR Response is “Watching and Waiting for the NEXT ELECTION”.