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The Anti-Capitalist Meetup is an ongoing diary series that began in July 2010 with the goal of providing a forum to discuss the history, present day issues, and the future of the Capitalist system and its alternatives. The Meet-up embraces and encourages intellectual and respectful discussion.

At a time when a third of Americans tell pollsters they have a positive view of Socialism and when most Americans conflate Socialism with anti-capitalism, it’s time for the opponents of capital to claim their place at the center of discourse. The committee that organizes this diary is made up of socialists, anarchists, Marxists, unaffiliated organizers and seekers; we all share a commitment to the serious, searing critique of capitalism and that which will replace it. Therefore we invite the curious and those who question in good faith to engage with us in discussion, here and to participate in helping us build an anti-capitalist future.

The Anti-Capitalist Meetup gathers online at 6 PM Eastern Time (U.S.) on Sundays to discuss the week’s diary.

For those interested in contributing a diary or otherwise participating actively please contact the committee at dkanticapitalistgroup@gmail.com.

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