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  • The only other group of Americans with as high a number of annual suicides is military veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Does that tell you anything about how much fun it is to be LGBT in the public school system?

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    Don’t be absurd. “Himalayan Pink Salt is ordinary rock salt. Halite. Laboratory analysis of it shows it contains 98% sodium chloride and 2% gypsum. It’s for hipsters and people with ice on their driveway.

  • Best Republican President since Eisenhower.

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    What’s entirely missing here is any real effort to manage, to govern the country.

    This is like having two football teams out on the field shoving each other back and forth, throwing the ball, going for advantage, going for touchdowns — while asking them to consider the needs of the nation and future generations.

    Their reply will be, “Not now, we need to get down the field!” All that matters to Congress and the two Parties in DC is getting power and using it to get more. And it is all done with corporate money.

    What about managing the country? What about governance?

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    @alan1tx — Social Security IS a public welfare program, designed to guarantee a minimum fixed income for life to retirees, elderly, disabled, orphaned — you know, the people who used to beg and starve in the streets. Who used to die in charity wards of poor houses and in prison because they stole some bread or [...]

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    Recall that fears of a core meltdown at Chernobyl had engineers mining out space beneath the reactor core to freeze the ground with liquid nitrogen and build in a new layer of containment. One trip into those mine shafts to fill and bring out a bucket of dirt meant death.

    If there is a leak at Fukushima, the risk is widespread poisoning of the water supply — which means food grown in the entire surrounding region is also poisoned, and likely a great deal of seashore and seafood will be poisoned for human purposes as well.

    If there is a leak, it will be down into the living Earth that sustains us all.

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    What these pundits get by spouting the words that serve the ultra-rich is they get to keep their word-spouting jobs long enough to accrue a nice retirement. If they started telling the facts and the truth they would be out of a job in short order and in dire need of Social Security when their [...]

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    Joe Biden and the US Chamber of Commerce are both vociferously backing Mubarak, so I guess this revolution is over.

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    This has been the highly successful approach taken against neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It definitely works.

    And the general public respects the rulings that come out of these cases. Nothing quite like it to vaccinate the public mind against more of this fear mongering.

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    @greybeard — there is a McMansion stripped out like the one you describe on the highway into town. It was originally the showpiece home for a whole development that has now pretty much been repo’d, one by one.

    The lovely things that came out of that McMansion were sold at the local Habitat for Humanity all during the summer.

    Now, wasn’t that nice of the bank? And people say they’re such greedy SOB’s . . .

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    Food safety got lost in this bill, as was intended, just as national security got lost in the Patriot Act, as intended.

    “Food safety” is the cover story for vastly enhanced, self-policed corporate control of food, just as the Patriot Act used “Terrorism” as the cover story for vastly enhanced, self-policed corporate control of national security — the Department of Homeland Security is the second biggest corporate teat to ever exist (the first being the Pentagon). The FDA will be handing out fat corporate contracts to private companies who will spend billions going through the motions of food safety the way the TSA goes through the motions of airport security.

    Fact: if the onerous reporting, tagging and tracking regulations that are imposed by this bill were applied to a small truck farm they would be out of business by the afternoon. Which is why they were written that way in the first place by the Big Agriculture lobbyists who crafted this bill to give their paymasters a tighter grip on all food production, handling and sales in America.

    Monsanto in particular wants the growing local food movement squashed and redefined into terrorism plain and simple — selling your garden’s wares, fresh eggs, or organic fruit at the local Farmer’s Market was originally defined as criminal activities in the original drafts of the bill, before food activists fought back and got the Tester Amendment inserted at the last minute.

    Even the current bill, which allows for the survival of small producers, is only a temporary compromise from Big Ag. When they come after the local food producers next time, it will take just as big a fight to keep local farming legal and affordable.

    When this bill comes up again, watch these corporate lobbyists remove the Tester Amendment late at night, on a technicality. Then the fight will have to start all over again.

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    There are hidden profit streams to foreclosing.

    When mortgagees stop paying, the stop paying insurance so the bank starts paying it to the insurer, who happily increases the rate by 10 times or so. It’s all good — it all goes on the mortgagee’s tab. And oh yes, the insurers are owned by the banks, so really, it’s all good. Everybody who matters wins. Screw the homeowner.

    When mortgages are declared in default (say, over 14 cents, or over a misplaced payment, or via phony HAMP modifications that “don’t work out” in the end) there are immediate payoffs to the bank from Credit Default Swaps written on that mortgage — sometimes several of them, so that the bank gets several complete payments of the original loan. Then they get to go after the mortgagee for their equity, property and deficiency payment if there’s anything left to pick over.

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    Reminds me of the scene from the movie, “The Outlaw Josey Wales” where Lone Watie describes all the Indian chiefs going to Washington to complain about broken treaties, and in reply were encouraged to endeavor to persevere:

    “We thought about it for a long time, “Endeavor to persevere.” And when we had thought about it long enough, we declared war on the Union.”

    Power is not asked for, it is taken or not taken. Geithner’s weasel words mean far, far less than nothing at all.